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Geelong first aid delivers the professional and contemporary training services you require.
Whilst the need for face to face practical supervision is not eliminated, Geelong first aid courses allow greater flexibility for people to learn and study according to their needs. Why Take a First Aid Training Course and why Geelong First Aid is the Best Choice for this type of training?
It doesn’t really matter what kind of work you have and what you are specialised in, it is always a good idea to have first aid training.
When it comes to the training process, people should know that these classes can be taken individually or in groups. As we said before, because of the importance of this type of training in the last decade there is a growing number of institutions and organisations that provide first aid training classes .If you want the practical training that you deserve Geelong first aid is the answer. Geelong First Aid provides first aid courses monitored and managed by true professionals with field experience. When somebody requires First Aid attention the first few minutes are the most important ones.
Yes, Geelong First Aid is available to everybody that is willing to learn the necessary skills. This Geelong First Aid unit of study is available to students looking to attain their Level 2 First Aid Certification.
We do require that all people attempting their first aid certification attend a short classroom segment at our Geelong classroom.
And the accreditation can make a significant impact on your career, as many establishments actually mandate that all employees and new hires be trained in first aid. Life-saving techniques taught through our courses have enabled many thousands of people to prevent excessive injury to their friends and family.
If you want to make a difference in the lives of those around you, then first aid training is one of the best ways to do so.
First aid training, such as that taught in this course, is essential to making the work adornment a safer place.
But accidents do happen, and sometimes emergency situations are unavoidable without the proper foresight. If you want to reduce workplace accidents and ensure that injuries that do occur are not as severe as they could be, then training your workers in first aid is essential. First aid training’s primary benefit is to save lives and reduce discomfort and injury for victims.
You are also making certain that your employees are standing tall and out front on the global and local market. This coursework gives them full accreditation, and it is recognized not only all throughout the country but all around the world as well.
Courses and kits are tailored to suit a variety of workplaces and situations, from the home to industry.
We are committed to customer service and one of our friendly team is waiting to give you all the advice you need. This 2.5 hour infant first aid course covers topics like infant CPR training, how to best respond to choking, drowning, seizures and more. This is a 4 hour paediatric first aid course which encompasses all content from the 2.5 hour course, as well as other infant first aid training on allergies and anaphylaxis, head injuries, burns and more.
Nationally Accredited courses in Asthma & Anaphylaxis Awareness provides knowledge on the recognition and management of asthma and anaphylaxis in emergency situations for early childhood educators and carers.
We are happy to host a private session in a home, school, playgroup, daycare centre, kinder or a mothers group - wherever or whatever is requried we are happy to work with you to accommodate a need. All courses are taken by an experienced paediatric ICU nurse, in accordance with the Australian Resuscitation Council and Royal Children's Hospital guidelines.
Find out more about the locations we service, and take time to read through our list of frequently asked questions.
To register interest in one of our courses, ask a question or enquire about holding a personalised course to meet your needs, don't hesitate to fill out our enquiry form or contact us.

Advanced first aid is the course for people that are employed in a more high risk workplace or are deemed to require more in depth training for their industry or other qualification. So if all those components have been changed, what makes this advanced first aid I hear you ask. Advanced first aid now contains all the components that you would complete in Provide first aid and expands on them a little further.
We have also added advanced resuscitation techniques to our course to ensure that students get more value from their training time. At Emergency First Aid we do require that you have an existing first aid qualification of Provide First Aid HLTAID003.
Our advanced first aid has been developed by an ambulance paramedic and is instructed by ex ambulance personnel so that you not only have interesting and relevant content but your practical session will be conducted by experienced and professional pre hospital care staff that have a wealth of on the job experience.
This is a 2 day practical course with an online component that must be completed prior to attending the training days. We utilise many scenarios to allow you to demonstrate your competency in the practical aspects of advanced first aid and debrief each session. Our Advanced first aid course will test you but we will also coach you through the difficult areas. The flexible delivery replaces the typical two days by around five hours of comprehensive practical training. Geelong first aid provides first aid courses that are suitable for people regardless of their age and it is very useful for everyone because accidents and emergency situations can happen anywhere at any time.
The group training is quite often for employees in companies where business owners have realised the importance of first aid training. We have the necessary experience, knowledge, skills and ability to pass their knowledge to students of any category regardless of their motives to learn this life-saving technique. Our courses include First Aid Training for individuals who want to help protect their friends and families as well as businesses that want to provide a safer working environment for their employees.
First Aid Geelong offers the training you need to become accredited and to learn invaluable life-saving skills. This portion of the course is monitored by an instructor who delivers hands-on training that will help you be able to use the first aid techniques taught in this course. This coursework and the accreditation hat follows are recognized across the country, so you won’t have to retake a first aid course to have certification elsewhere in the country. The Apply First Aid course that we offer allows you to attain accreditation that is useful all over the country. They may not know what to do, and their friend or loved one could become seriously injured or die as a result.
Emergency responders cannot always arrive fast enough to stop further injury or prevent death.
First aid training gives your employees the ability to spring into action when one of your employees is injured.
When you employees receive Geelong First Aid training, they are put into an elite class of workers who are able to perform life-saving techniques. Once upon a time it contained an oxygen component and delved into the use of analgesic gases (depending on your location in Australia) and included the use of airway adjuncts.
We do this because we believe that you need to understand the basic concepts behind first aid. You will not walk out being a paramedic but you will be more confident, you will know when to use oxygen equipment and all the safety factors surrounding it. Geelong first aid courses are available via workbook or internet componant format where you can now complete knowledge course components in your own time according to work commitments before attending the practical session. But it also ensures that when an emergency arises you will be able to act quickly, decisively and effectively.
So no matter what injury a person has sustained, you will be able to help them in at least some way. They are more aware of the ramifications of their actions and how their work practices can affect those around them.

While these techniques are mandatory in many cases, not every company is complying like they should. Having someone trained in first aid and a well stocked first aid kit could make all the difference in a potentially life threatening situation. It also made sure that you had a basic understanding of first aid by having a pre requisite of apply first aid. The new HLTAID006 course adds to the amount of scenarios that you must complete and has triage knowledge within its content. Provide Advanced Resuscitation Techniques HLTAID007 adds to CPR and defibrillation by including oxygen administration. This does not mean that we won't accept your registration if you do not have a first aid certificate, we will just require you to complete some additional online or workbook components to get you up to speed. We start simply and then build up your skills to allow for better retention and understanding. You will be able to look after a patient with a suspected spinal injury and give a handover to ambulance personnel that will make you look like a pro.
Geelong first aid cover all your first aid training needs in the Geelong , Bellarine , surf coast , Golden plains areas and more. All other materials that are required are supplied on the day of the practical face to face session. You don’t need to spend much time, so you should be able to find the necessary time to participate in our one day course to benefit yourself, family and friends. Just get through the coursework on your own time before you start on the classroom application portion. Your action could mean the difference between whether someone is able to live after suffering an injury.
Making sure that your employees are up to date on their training and capable of using first aid makes them better employees and gives your company a good name.
Then they can come to our classroom to finish off their training and receive their accreditation.
We will help you prepare and be confident in the event that you need to apply your first aid skills. You will also learn about basic childbirth and use our childbirth manikin to assist in the delivery of a brand new bouncing baby manikin! It has basic airway management using an oropharyngeal airway, which you will get to place in an airway manikin and also get to demonstrate competency in various scenarios using different oxygen masks and equipment like a bag valve mask and use of suction equipment. By the final scenarios on the second day, you should have the confidence to be able to deal with the first aid situations that you are given.
The best part is that you will be confident and be able to take control of a first aid incident.
If you live in Geelong, you are probably aware that there are dozens of organisations offering first aid training classes.
Just knowing that they have the power to save lives lets them work with confidence and become surer of themselves. The course reflects on dealing with the aged and children in a first aid situation and ensures that you are conversant with workplace procedures and documentation.
You can have your employees just do the work at their own pace and ensure that they are comfortable with the coursework.
Finishing a good first aid training session can be quite useful although you probably won’t realise that until you witness a medical emergency situation.

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