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In under 3hrs, CPR KiDS teaches you the skills to potentially save the life of a child.  Our courses cover Paediatric CPR and Paediatric Basic First Aid in accordance with the Australian Resuscitation Council Guidelines. You are being taught and instructed by a qualified, registered emergency paediatric nurse who has had real life experiences.
You will be given time to actually have hands on practice and ask as many questions as you like. Our YouTube channel CPR Kids TV for refreshers on what you learn, and a copy of the book  “A life.
Sarah came to our place, which was great for three expecting couples, and shared her knowledge and experience in a way that was easy to understand and remember, even for those of us with absolutely no previous training or idea about CPR or First Aid.
I always had a vision of standing, gasping, clueless and helpless as someone lay dying at my feet. I used to be so scared something would happen to my kids and I wouldn’t have a clue what to do. Kids First Aid is an Australian company that has successfully developed a first aid programme specifically for parents and carers of children 0-16 years. The Kids First Aid course presenters are front line medical professionals, working in the field and have day-to-day exposure to emergency situations. The sessions are fun and entertaining (making them memorable) - without taking away from the seriousness of the content. This month we welcome to Confidence Boost Tutoring to our Professionals For Children Directory.
I Can Read Enmore joins our Resources For Parents Directory, read about these great services below. There are no lock-in contracts, no big groups (we tutor students in pairs so that they have support and motivation for faster results), and no pre-programmed lesson plans. Familyfoodworks provides parents with the knowledge, guidance and advice to feel confident in feeding their children. Learn to read with the I CAN READ system, developed over 20 years by educational psychologists. Little Learners - A child-centred programme with an emphasis on expressive and receptive English. Thinking and Creative Skills - Based on a multiple intelligences approach, this programme is designed to stimulate the imagination, encourage cognitive growth, improve verbal confidence, and introduce phonological awareness. Preliminary Reading Skills - Covers all the prerequisite skills needed to become a good reader, including phonemic awareness and phonics. I CAN READ A multi-sensory structured reading programme which uses a unique method to teach the student to read and spell quickly and easily. Weekdays 12 - 3pm The amazing I Can Read system in Enmore now offers the new Little Bears Club programme, for children from 2.5 years of age.
Call 8971 0004 to book a free assessment at I Can Read Enmore or contact us for more information.
Magdalen Rozsa Speech Pathology Services A mobile service for families living in the inner west.
For further information on the services that Magdalen Rozsa Speech Pathology Services can offer, or to make a referral please contact us. Peace of mind knowing that your children are being looked after by a caring adult in the comfort of your own home. You won't have to rush home or forego events because your day care centre is closing and you have to pick up your children. On completion of the course you will be fully qualified in Child Care First Aid, Apply First Aid & CPR.

Enrolments need to be in as soon as possible to enable you to complete the online work book prior to the course.
Participants WILL learn functional treatment strategies to utilize at school, in clinic and at home AND come away with a deeper awareness of why these students react and respond the way they do. Frontrunner provides a free diagnostic assessment so you know exactly what your child needs in tuition.
We have the support of paediatricians, Speech Therapists and other child professionals to best help your child achieve their own personal best. Join Einsteinz Music for a FREE trial at any class in the Inner West, which has available spots, in the first week of Term 3, (Monday 15 - Friday 18 July), with a view to enrolling in the remainder of Term 3 classes (15 July - 20 September).
Einsteinz Music is a music school for babies and children 6months - 4yrs, in which parents and carers interact and spend time with their children in music appreciation classes taught by professional musicians with live music. The way we behave with our kids will have a big effect on them, on what they do, how they feel about themselves, and how they turn out. Many fathers and soon to be fathers have lots of love and good intentions to offer their families. Edspecially 4U is very excited to announce: We are bringing our fantastic School Readiness Classes to Concord. To enter simply email us and tell us how you have used our directory to find child care or child related services. Beyond Limits Special Needs & Educational Services Thinking of tutoring or extra assistance for your child? All Inner Cor teachers are highly qualified, having completed 350 hours training with post graduate qualifications, up to date working with children certificates and first aid. Liz and Nikki have been studying yoga for 17 years and 15 years respectively.  Both girls completed their teacher training with Inner Cor and have been teaching with us for approximately 18 months now. If you’re a parent or about to become a parent, a carer, a grandparent, anyone who looks after or loves kids, then CPR KiDS is the course for you. The perfect course to instruct you on Child and infant CPR and the most common first aid scenarios affecting infants and children.
This course was AMAZING and in a couple of hours I now have complete faith in my ability to save a life. She teaches with stories and lots of hands on practice so there’s no way any baby brain will forget what you learn. Find out what’s on for kids in Sydney and discover great daily activities for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and kids including library storytimes, playgrounds and indoor playcentres and find your nearest toy library. Each session is a one-off 3 hour programme and because they are flexible about both where and when you can arrange it at a time and place to suit you and the others you want to attend. At your first (free) lesson, we spend time with you and your child getting to know them and mapping out a plan to ensure that they get the best results from tutoring.
We achieve this through individual consultations, nutrition talks and specific resources provided by Eve Reed and associates. Eve is a leading paediatric dietitian with an extensive background in child nutrition, early childhood care, childbirth education and breastfeeding counselling. Eve now works in private practice in Stanmore and Crows Nest, runs Familyfoodworks and is a consultant in children's nutrition. Empowering students to take control of his or her own reading progress in a fun and easy way, incorporating: spelling, phonics, reading, comprehension, grammar and creative writing. A Demi Pair is a female student coming to Sydney to improve her English while combining her course with paid work for an Australian family. The host family is expected to provide the student with accommodation, meals, internet access and a small allowance for pocket money.

If your child has difficulty catching, kicking or throwing a ball then Judo might be the sporting start for them. The course covers Asthma & Anaphylaxis specific topics as well as CPR and Apply First Aid. We teach school-aged children what they need most in school and help them in English, Spelling, Comprehension, Grammar and Mathematics. Studies have shown that children whose fathers spend time with them and show that they are interested in them do better at school, are happier and more confident and have higher self-esteem. They have completed their postgraduate in Children’s Yoga, hold Working with Children certificates and are first aid qualified. She covered all the essentials, in such a practical way – the perfect balance of real stories with hands-on demonstrations.
I’m so pleased that my husband and I had the opportunity to do Sarah’s course before our baby girl arrived. It’s spacious, requires minimal concentrationThe Best Fenced Playgrounds in SydneyBy Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist One less thing to worry about!
We are committed to seeing children succeed, because when children feel successful, they are motivated to learn and improve. Eve was a senior member of the department of Nutrition and Dietetics at the Children's Hospital at Westmead for over 13 years. Classes are kept small, a maximum of 6-8 students, no student has failed to significantly improve with the I Can Read system. Little Bears Club focuses on activities that stimulate imagination, allowing a child's perception of the world to flourish as language and oral communication skills are developed. All students must have an intermediate level of English and previous experience with children. Along the way Miffy and her friends meet all kinds of animals and together they have a fun adventure!
Liz is a qualified integration aid, making Liz a perfect teacher for our children’s classes. Sandy was relaxed and friendly, but highly knowledgable and a great communicator of the program. Most importantly you will gain the confidence to deal with an emergency situation if it ever occurs. Please quote this Local Child Care & Services Directory free trial offer at the time of booking to be eligible. Dedicated yogis, the girls have a passion for yoga that is reflected in every class they teach. And to be able to do it for the right price, in an afternoon, at home, means I’ve now finally done it instead of continuing to put it off.
Both Liz and Nikki follow the classic style of yoga, each perfecting their own special techniques and approach toward the art.
We offer preschool soccer lessons for children 2-6yrs inMums: Get Paid $$ For Your Opinion in Market Research Studies by The Purple CorpGet Paid for Your Opinion! Cooking however, has goneReasons Not To Miss Kidtopia; A New Generation Family FestivalBy: Marie Ashworth, ellaslist Come on, how many of you were festival-goers pre-kids?

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