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Every home and every car should carry a well-stocked first aid kit, as you never know when you might require one to treat a family member, friend, colleague, or even a stranger. It is a very well established fact that the majority of first aid kits available to the public tend to contain a very small range of items, many of which are of a very poor quality. Our kits contain 4 wound dressings, which help to stop bleeding quickly and have been used worldwide for approximately ? of a century by ambulance services and the military. Elastic crepe bandages are used to treat snake bites, some spider bites and some marine envenomations too.
Many antiseptics are strong and must be diluted before use, so as not to cause pain and even local tissue damage and delayed wound healing. Most first aid kits these days contain an emergency blanket, designed to wrap up patients suffering from shock or hypothermia.
Unlike many first aid kits that are quite bulky, the Family First Aid Kit is supplied in a nylon bag that is quite flat, light and exceptionally portable, so it is ideal for the home and also every vehicle.
In summary, the Family First Aid Kit, designed by a former ambulance officer and refined constantly over an 18 year period, contains a wide range of quality items that can help to reduce pain and suffering and even save lives in certain cases. This first professional level certification will give you the training required to be able to answer students questions, supervise students in training, plan and execute dives, plan and arrange dive logistics, assist PADI Instructors, crew a dive vessel, lead and supervise dives, and much more. The Dive Master certification will give you the knowledge of an Instructor and the skills to be able to demonstrate skills to the highest standard.
These valuable skills and additional areas you will be trained in, will put you in a great position to seek employment in any one of PADI’s 5800 dive shops and resorts around the world.

Self study is a great way to learn and the PADI Dive Master course allows you to continue working with any busy schedule.
Perth Scuba recommends a 6 week time frame to complete your course, however if time is an issue you will have 12 months to complete your course from your initial sign up date.
The PADI Dive Master course with Perth Scuba includes 4 Boat dives, 8 Open Water dives, (2 of which are continued education courses) and PADI eLearning Pass.
Contact us┬áto book onto Perth Scuba’s massively rewarding and fun Dive Master Course.
Assistant InstructorExpand your employment opportunities by becoming a PADI Assistant Instructor at Western Australia's only PADI Career Development Centre. The majority of first aid kits these days do not contain any wound dressings at all, or sometimes contain only one, which is often inadequate when treating a serious wound or where there is more than one injured patient.
Our kits contain only antiseptic that does not burn and is generally safe for use on children. These ice packs are often not supplied standard in first aid kits, or only one is provided. However there is often more than one injured patient to deal with, especially where traffic collisions are concerned. You can become a PADI Divemaster with Perth Scuba for only $995 with courses commencing every month! We want you to be able to finish your course and be totally ready for job placement or employment within the industry.

Perth Scuba employ our own trained Dive Masters and Instructors, that’s why we have the best instructional team in Perth. Sit exams as you like, discuss subjects with Instructors or Course directors at Perth Scuba anytime, let us know when you are available to assist students with your internship and we’ll fit you in. You will have full access to Perth Scuba’s extensive Dive library of both DVDs and textbooks as well as access to any of our instructional team at any time. And as we are part of the Dive Locker group of stores, we are even able to offer employment within the group to the right dive professional.
With courses running every week, you could have your Dive Master certification in as little as 2 weeks! As a Perth Scuba qualified Dive Master, you have now become one of the most sought after and employable Dive Masters in WA. Not only have you successfully taken your diving to the next level, you have done so with the best Instructors available.

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