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Enjoy our trail while learning from experts on birds, Acadian Forest, water purity and other things.
One day a week for eight weeks in a row a kids outdoor daycamp will be held by the Elgin Eco Association, starting July sixth. Do you need a new challenge and find that the Elgin 80 is good, but would like to test your stamina?
Elgin has a number of community organizations which add to the vitality and variety of our home place.
The Community Endowment Fund co-sponsored by the Elgin Eco Association and the Elgin Womena€™s Institute currently has over $25,000 saved for developments and improvements in Elgin. Now, more than ever, set aside some time to make the Elgin area an even better place to live.

An affiliate of the New Brunswick Federation of Senior Citizens, our local seniors club meets on the third Thursday of each month at 2 p.m.
Memorial cards are now available for both the Elgin Eco Association and the Elgin Womena€™s Institute.
On Saturday March 31st 2007, the Elgin Eco AssociationA presented the results of their local history project. There is a 120km Marathon Race for the fittest of riders, in fact we dare you to try the 120 km event, which is the toughest mountain bike race in Atlantic Canada!  We also have 80 km, 40 km and 20 km distance options, which will challenge you too.
On this website, you can choose your race length and then we can put you in the appropriate category when you sign in at race day! Everyone benefits - from parents with young children to seniors to those simply looking for recreational exercise and fun.

Memorial donations will be acknowledged and forwarded in care of the Community Endowment Fund. Copies of this book can be purchased directly from the Elgin Eco Association (call 756-3339) for $25.
Aux dires des responsables, les coureurs doivent s’attendre A  en grimper un bon coup.

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