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Part 1 IntroductionThis gives you a brief overview of homeopathy, its history and its development. Part 2 Homeopathic principlesThis explains the basic principles of classical homeopathy, so that you can understand the philosophy underpinning its application and what healing outcomes to expect.
Part 3 First steps to using homeopathy for animalsWe introduce a commonly used remedy for you to start using straight away, prior to undertaking your main study.
Part 4 Animal case receiving and prescribing guidelinesThis gives you guidelines on receiving the case, assessing symptoms and finding the most appropriate remedy (prescribing). AnswersThis section holds all the answers to the self-assessment questions and cases and should not be looked at until you have attempted the questions yourself first.
AssignmentsOnce you have worked through the course, having completed all the self-assessment questions, watched the DVD and read the books, you will be ready to tackle the assignments.

Everyday Homeopathy for Animals, by Francis Hunter MRCVS, VetFFHomThis very practical book will be of great help in giving indications of remedies are that commonly needed in certain conditions. Get Well Soon, by Misha Norland and students of the School of HomeopathyThis little gem of a book is perfect for getting started in homeopathy and as a quick reference guide to acute and first aid homeopathy.
Homeopathy, A Rational Choice in Medicine, by Mo MorrishThis book will help you learn more about homeopathy and how it stacks up against modern mainstream western medicine.
The Pet Remedy Kit from Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy contains 24 homeopathic medicines in 30c potency and 10ml of the liquid flower formula SOeSsence.
Part 5 Animal case examplesTo help you learn more about homeopathy and casework, we have included 21 sample cases.
It also gives a great deal of information on conditions common to types of animal as well as the special challenges of prescribing to animals (who can’t tell you verbally how they feel).

It is fantastic for helping you deal with accidents and common ailments at home quickly, safely and effectively. It helps to dispel some of the myths surrounding homeopathy, enabling you to make more informed decisions about healthcare. The movie chapters follow most of the course sections, so you can watch the relevant chapter on the DVD as you work your way through the course. It will become your main reference for prescribing and should be kept with the remedy kit.

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