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To protect health and safety, workers working inside confined spaces like sewers, pipes, water tanks should be equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment and safety equipment in accordance to recommendations by the specific confined space risk assessment. Confined space workers must wear full body harness and lifeline for rescue purpose during emergency situations.
Workers must wear ear protectors such as earmuffs or earplugs in confined spaces carrying noisy operations to conserve hearing. Safety shoes may protect wearer's feet against various hazards by having different features - the steel toecap, steel midsole, sole which is slip, heat or chemical resistant.
Under most situations the standby person outside the confined spaces are not able to observe the workers inside. Fences, Traffic Cones, Sign Boards - Avoid persons and vehicles nearby to enter the confined space.

Communication Device - Maintain communication between the personnel inside and outside the confined space. Tripod, Winch - Assist personnel outside the confined space to rescue worker therein by lifting up the worker during emergency situations.
Resuscitator, Oxygen Cylinder,First-aid Box, Stretcher - For first-aid treatment on victims after removing them from the confined space. Buy Ouphetim Drawer Pattern Medicine Organizer Pill Box Online, Wholesale Price #508250573 Ouphetim Drawer Pattern Medicine Organizer Pill Box China Suppliers, Wholesale Price Factory Direct Accept Mixed Orders of Customized Products, Custom-made Logo Imprinted. Apart from supplying breathing air, breathing apparatus can also protect the respiratory system against dangerous gas, fume, vapour and suspended particles.
One end of the lifeline must be attached to the full body harness and the other end must be hold by a standby person outside the confined space.

Workers should wear safety shoes at all times, particularly inside confined spaces where the floor situation is poor as in tunnels under construction and in water tank. Personal alarms can either be manually activated by the wearer or automatically triggered when the wearer is not moving (unconscious or when trapped) to alert the standby person for rescue. If there is height difference between the confined space and its entrance, workers must wear full body harness with fall arrestor attached to a lifeline to prevent falling from height.
No drilling or painting should be allowed on the helmet as these will affect the integrity of the helmet.

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