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We provide a number of services to our clients covering all aspects of Health and Safety in the workplace including First Aid, Fire Safety and Health and Safety training. We offer a wide variety of  Courses which are either Health and Safety Executive (HSE) approved or comply with Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) requirements.
We can deliver on site training at your premises, or at a venue of your choice. This may be your own premises or another suitable location that is convenient for your business.
Open Courses becomes cost effective when you are looking at four or less staff being trained.
As a long term Training Facilitator our growth is in reflection to the commitment we strive for to ensure that your business complies with all legislation in Health and Safety. We are flexible regarding start times for training and also facilitate training at weekends were required.
Did you know that we can deliver Health and Safety Courses directly in your workplace in London or anywhere in the UK!
We deliver Fire Safety Training, including, Fire Warden Training, Fire Awareness Training, Fire Extinguisher Training, Fire risk assessment training, Fire Risk Assessments and risk assessment training.
We deliver manual handling training for inanimate objects and we also deliver Moving and handling of people for the Care sector.
Did you know that we offer fire awareness training  and Fire Marshal Training for the construction sector? If you would like to make an enquiry regarding any aspect of your training requirements or make a booking for one of our First aid courses please call us - we would be happy to discuss your training needs. This is a comprehensive three-day course covering a wide range of first aid emergencies and providing practical experience. The course includes scenarios and role play to build candidates knowledge and confidence, enabling you to qualify as a First Aider for theworkplace. All employers in the UK have a legal obligation to have First Aid provisionfor their employees. Assessing the situation and circumstances in order to act safely, promptly and effectively in an emergency. Administering first aid to a casualty who is unconscious (including seizure), choking, wounded, bleeding or suffering from shock. Recognising the presence of major illness, including heart attack, stroke, epilepsy, asthma, diabetes, and providing appropriate first aid.
Providing appropriate first aid for minor injuries, including small cuts, grazes, bruises, minor burns, scalds and small splinters. Recognising the signs and symptoms of anaphylactic shock and how to administer first aid, including the use of the epi-pen. Candidates are assessed by SCAS trainers continuously with a practical skills test on the third day by independent examiners. First Aid Online is the innovative market leaders in providing first aid products to businesses and industry of the highest quality. First Aid Online will supply the correct first aid kit that is cost effective, practical and to legal requirement.

At First Aid Online, we have a dedicated and passionate staff compliment geared to our customers need for exceptional and quality service and products.
We provide a range of safety gear including Safety Signs, Fire Extinguishers, Safety Shoes, Hard Hats, Gloves, Safety Bibs, Stretchers, Spine boards, Portable Oxygen, Head Blocks, Harnesses and more, Please contact us with your requirements and quantities needed. Thank you First aid Online for developing a First Aid Product that is to our satisfaction and to our customers approval. We are proud specialists in the sign industry, providing our customers with high quality products at competitive prices. With a dedicated team, we pride ourselves in customer service adding value to everything we do. Our unparalleled industry knowledge enables us to help and advise on legislation and regulations whilst our extensive range of products (available for next day delivery) means that we are a one stop shop for all your signage needs. We can print any sign.simply type "custom made" intothe search bar and choose thematerial and size you require. Our signs are made to last and with so many to choose from in stock, you can find the sign you need quickly and easily.
First aid monitoring records is register of the first aid kit box medicine checking visually to ensure sufficient quantity of medicines & matching of date of medicine expires of each first aid kit box of organization has deployed on various area.
First Aid kit is the primary treatment of the workman, in case of any accident happen in organization, the quick medicines are available to patient to avoid more critical injury of workman, each treatment information are records in the first aid register which is put along with first aid kit box as same timely checking are done by responsible persons to ensure the medicines are in sufficient stock.
Organization need to define frequency for the checking of each location’s first aid kit box and same assign duty of timely checking for the same, responsible person note down information which collected during visits that is first aid monitoring records. Requirements of the first aid monitoring records is not standards, but almost all the concern information should be cover to verify and easier to handle.
The Emergency message will appear when a message is typed in this space and the "remark" tags removed. If you have not completed your security questions, then you can contact the Help Desk to have your password reset. Requirements are the documents that you must submit to the Financial Aid Office in order to apply for financial assistance. If this is your first time logging in, refer to the Steps For First-Time Users on the left side of this page. Victoria Beckham has made our make-up dreams come true by posting a step-by-step tutorial on how to get her trademark beauty look. We also provide a consultancy service to small and medium businesses to ensure businesses, charities and other organisations have systems in place not just to comply with legislation, but to aim for best practice in the particular field in which the business operates. We also offer First Aid training for outdoor pursuit activities such as Mountaineering, canoeing, skiing and yachting.
Open courses are ideal for Staff that you have identified to be First Aid trained but resource constraints within your business does not allow them all to be released all at the same time. This incudes Epipen and Jext pen training, where delegates are shown how to the auto injector Epipen. As well as delivering Health and Safety Training throughout the UK we also specialise in delivering all aspects of training anywhere in London and throughout the UK.

Some of the more popular first aid courses London include: One Day Emergency First aid at Work, Three Day First aid at Work and the two Day Paediatric First Aid Course.
We deliver a variety of different Health and Safety training courses, these include bespoke courses for each industry sector and also CIEH and IOSH accredited training courses.
This course follows the guidance given by the Health and Safety executive of 5 steps to risk assessment and expands on the basic principle. The qualification gained on this course meets the statutory requirements of the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulation 1981. Focusing on the business interest and applying acceptable first aid practise is to the benefit of public and personnel. Meeting mandatory requirements and implementing acceptable first aid practice is the fundamental in handling any incidents. We continually strive to ensure we are adding value to our customers through our service offering and product quality.
We use only the best materials with leading edge manufacturing processes to supply you with signs that meet the latest designs & regulations.
Here ready made format are available for download, after download edit, remove, and add fields are possible.
The most common course we deliver in the Workplace is the one day emergency first aid at work course (EFAW) which is HSE approved. Our Training is delivered by Highly Professional consultants who have an in-depth knowledge within the subject they are training. Proactive first aid implementation will not only save the life of a person but also potentially the life of a business in the event of an incident. We aim to attain long standing relationships with our clients because of the services we offer, as this is in the best interests of our own business and also the client.
Our pricing policy is aimed at being as competitive as possible, whilst maintaining the quality of the courses we deliver. We also deliver the HSE approved Three Day First aid at Work course (FAW) which is popular, particularly in the construction sector. This training lasts two hours and is delivered in conjunction with Basic Life Support training. If you have a commitment to safety like ourselves, contact us and we can work together to improve your organisations occupational health and safety. You can have flexibility regarding start times and we can also deliver training at weekends if you decide to have on-site training. Our trainers include paramedics or ex-paramedics, current or retired fire fighters and nurses.

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