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Previous Previous post: 5 creative DIY paper gift ideas to try this Father’s DayNext Next post: Should I vaccinate my child? Why is it that we feel like the walking dead when getting off a flight but celebrities and models breeze of a plane looking red-carpet ready? Exfoliating your face removes the top layer of dead skin and allows you to fully absorb your moisturizer.
Airplane cabins and poor ventilation have a way of drying out your hair and making it frizzy. Apply a leave-in conditioner to hydrate hair and wrap your it in a head scarf to keep bacteria out.

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Reach for a pack of exfoliating wipes to prep your skin without even leaving your seat, then liberally apply a hydrating face cream.
You'll step off the plane with beautiful locks, all the while channeling your inner Brigitte Bardot.
Here, find out how fashion girls turn an airplane cabin into a spa without the person next to them even knowing. Follow these tips.

Avoid reclining your seat and sitting for too long—this causes your body to retain fluid in all areas, including your eyes. Instantly relieve puffiness by using an eye roller or an ice cube and don't forget to stretch often.

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