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Agricultural and rural training organisation with selection of courses from chainsaw, FEPA and pest control to tractor and forklift truck.
On successful completion of the final assessment candidates are awarded an Approved First Aid at Work certificate which is valid for three years. Newlands Training have been delivering First Aid Training for my team for the last 5 years.
First Aid at Work Norfolk will be running a Pet First Aid Course on the 31st August 2016 at 1000-1300. The cost of the course will be ?25.00 per person, call Andy on 07773510980 to book a seat on this amazing opportunity to save a your pets life if the situation arises. The aim of the course is not to take away the vets bills away, but make the animal safe and stable until the vets can be called or the animal taken to the veterinary practice.
All 4 delegates showed real enthusiasm, despite having sat on many First Aid courses in the past, they were all keen to learn new skills and brush up on existing knowledge. All 3 delegates showed great enthusiasm and had an burning desire to brush up on existing skills and learn new ones. A further 0.8 million former workers (who last worked over 12 months ago) were suffering from an illness which was caused or made worse by their past work. 2,538 people died from mesothelioma in 2013 and thousands more from other work-related cancers and diseases such as COPD.
76,000 other injuries to employees were reported under RIDDOR, a rate of 293 per 100,000 employees. 611,000 injuries occurred at work according to the Labour Force Survey, of which 152,000 led to over-7-days absence, with rates of 2,030 and 500 per 100,000 workers respectively. This accredited qualification is ideal for those already working or preparing to work within industry wishing to become a First Aider in the workplace for the purposes of the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 and the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations (NI) 1982.
That looks sore Nathan, dealing with serious bleeding is part of the Emergency First aid at Work level 2 course. Congratulations on Norfolk Radio staff completing Emergency First Aid at Work Level 2 Course. 4 staf from our counties radio stations have completed there Emergency First Aid at Work Level 2 course. Emergency First Aid at Work Norfolk will be running an Emergency First Aid at Work Level 2 course on the Wednesday 25th November 2015. Tina Westlake, 34, said her son Kane, now eight weeks old, “wouldn’t be here” were it not for the actions of 24-year-old Emily White who administered emergency first aid she had recently learnt and carried out CPR until paramedics arrived. Kane stopped breathing after choking on milk after being laid down for a sleep at the family home in Foulsham, prompting a panic-striken Mrs Westlake to run out into the street to scream for help, carrying her son in her arms.
Neighbour Mrs White, who was on her way to pick her daughter Jorgie up from school, heard the screams and ran back to put into practice skills picked up at a course run by First Aid at Work Norfolk, based at Ringland Road in Taverham. The mother-of-two, who went on the course to help her secure a job as a first-aider for Fakenham-based Med PTS, said the “excellent” training she received meant she was able to calmly deal with the unfolding emergency.

He spent four days at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital following the ordeal but is back at home now having “bounced back really well”. Mrs White has encouraged others to take the same first aid course, as has Kane’s mum who has described her neighbour as a “guardian angel”. Mrs Westlake, who lives at Aubrey Rix Close, with her husband Lee, 40, and other children, Leah, two, and Casey, eight, said: “I will be forever in her debt. The drama unfolded shortly after lunchtime on Tuesday, June 2 – Mrs Westlake’s birthday – when Kane started to choke. Mrs Westlake said: “I just went running out of the house with him in my arms screaming and shouting. Describing the moment she took over, Mrs White, who lives with her husband Craig, 28, and children Jorgie, three, and Mason, two, said: “He was just blue and limp. Mrs White said she was able to remain calm after remembering the training given to her at the First Aid at Work course earlier in the year. Mrs White, who has encouraged other mums she knows to take the course, said as many people as possible should undergo first aid training.
First Aid at Work Norfolk will be running an Emergency First Aid at Work Level 2 course, on the 08th June. First Aid at Work Norfolk would like to congratulate one of its former student, Emily White, for her fast thinking and acting in an emergency situation. Hi Andy its Emily, I done your course a few months ago and recently done a refresher with you with rob Willis!! I just wanted to thank you, today I have saved a 5 week old babies life if it wasn’t for you and your excellent teaching I never would have had the confidence to carry out cpr an rescue breaths today!! First Aid at Work Norfolk would like to congratulate all the girls that attended the 12hr Paediatric Level 3 course over the weekend. Well done girls and thank you for an enjoyable course, look forward to seeing you in 3 years time. First Aid at Work Norfolk would like to congratulate the 4 young ladies that attended the HABC FAW Level 3 course this week. A big well done to Willy, Stephen and Mike for passing their EFAW level 2 course, some really interesting stories exchanged on the course, which gave the whole first aid experience some depth.
Really looking forward to getting my hands on one of those traditional bow and arrow sets Stephen! First Aid at Work Norfolk has trained all the new staff in First Aid from a fantastic new gym that is about to open this Saturday in Norwich. First Aid at Work Norfolk has just delivered Emergency First Aid training to 18 members of staff at AC Bacon Engineering. A great day was had by all, the guys all learnt new skills, despite some of them having done First Aid courses before. Analysis of strains from 2012 shows the parts of the pertussis bacterium that the vaccine primes the immune system to recognise are changing.

But experts stressed the vaccine remains highly effective in protecting the most vulnerable young babies. The outbreak led to 14 deaths in babies under three months of age – the group who are most vulnerable to infection. Rising figures prompted health officials to recommend vaccination of pregnant women so immunity could be passed to their newborns – a strategy that a recent study showed was working well. But there has been much debate among experts about whether the introduction of a new vaccine in 2004 has been a factor in rising rates of whooping cough. In the latest study, researchers analysed the genes coding for the proteins on the surface of the pertussis bacterium responsible for the UK outbreak.
They found proteins being targeted by the vaccine were mutating at a faster rate than other surface proteins not included in the vaccine. Potentially it means the bacteria is changing quickly to get around immune system’s defences put in place with immunisation.
But the researchers are still trying to work out what the changes mean in reality – for example do the mutations boost the ability of the bacteria to cause infection.
Options to consider include adding more or different proteins to the vaccine, adding novel adjuvants – chemicals which boost the immune response, or even revisiting the old-style whole cell vaccine, he said.
Only 60% of pregnant women have had the pertussis vaccine and we should be doing more to raise awareness of its benefits, he said. This week on Wednesday 21st January, First Aid at Work Norfolk will be running day 1 of the two day HABC First Aid at Work re-qual and day 2 will take place the following week, Wednesday the 28th January. The instructor is very professional in his approach to the tuition of the subject but at the same time maintains a friendly manner.
Rob Hamilton always turns what can be a fairly dry subject into a stimulating, informative days course.
The guys displayed some great skills throughout the day, demonstrating that they could deal with any First Aid scenario thrown at them. Holly, Jules, Shelly and Laura all showed fantastic skills and demonstrated that they were confident in carrying out life saving techniques. If you would like further information about this course or any other of our courses running please feel free to get in touch. Andy’s knowledge and practical advise for when medical supplies may not be available was invaluable. The best course I have been on, Andy enthusiasm was was brilliant, I would defiantly recommend Andy to anyone who needs first aid training.

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