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This course covers Basic Life Support skills and includes skills for Adult, Child and Infant as well as healthcare variations on infant CPR. The course is valid for one year, complies with the latest ERC and UK Resuscitation Council Guidelines and can be done 100% online, blended or classroom based. The content of this and all our courses has been independently certified as conforming to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) guidelines and come with a Certified CPD Statement as well as a ProTrainings Certificate and for online courses an Evidence Based Learning statement.
First Aid at Work courses are available in venues across Bury St Edmunds, Thetford, Stowmarket, Ipswich, Diss, Newmarket, Norwich and many more within the Suffolk, Cambridge, Norfolk and Essex Area. The Lifesaving Society First Aid Instructor course teaches candidates how people learn and various teaching strategies required to instruct first aid.
Participate in a skill screening on the first day of the course to ensure that resuscitation and first aid skills meet the standard.
In order to achieve certification as a First Aid Instructor, the candidate must complete the required apprenticeship (1 Standard First Aid full course AND ONE of the following - AED Responder course, CPR-HCP course or SFA Recert.) within 3 years of the completion of the FAI course.
Candidates that have shown the pre-requisites and successfully completed the course and required apprenticeship(s) will be issued a certification card from the Branch office.
Please contact us if you have not received your permanent card within 60 days of sending in you apprenticeship forms. All appointed FAI’s and FAI Apprentices (not completed co-teaches) must attend an FAI Recert clinic every three years (from date of certification or from the course date for FAI Apprentices).
Please ensure that your keep the branch office informed of your current email and mailing address. Safety Training Seminars Opens a New American Heart Association CPR Certification Training School in Berkeley, CA. Safety Training Seminars is proud to announce the opening of their fifth Bay Area American Heart Association CPR certification training school in Berkeley, CA. Many lives could be saved if Berkeley residents take an American Heart Association CPR certification class. Safety Training Seminars is proud to announce their newest Berkeley American Heart Association CPR training school in Alameda County. The American Heart Association estimates that 92% of sudden cardiac arrest victims die before reaching the hospital. In celebration of the opening of our new Berkeley CPR Classroom on May 1st, 2012, Safety Training Seminars will offer Free CPR Keychain Masks to all students who attend a CPR certification class in Berkeley during our first month in business.
Safety Training Seminars is proud to provide American Heart Association CPR classes to the residents of Berkeley, Oakland and Alameda County. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
Santa Clara County offers many different options for taking an American Heart Association CPR and First-aid certification class.
The American Heart Association has organized a Heart Walk in Redwood City on September 18, 2013. Safety Training Seminars is able to provide these CPR and First-aid certification training courses directly at a company’s location. An AED (automated external defibrillator) is a portable, battery-operated device that is able to check a person’s heart rhythm and if needed, the AED can deliver an electric shock to the person’s heart. After taking an American Heart Association BLS or CPR class, students either receive the AHA CPR manual or the eLearning book which can be viewed for up to two years.

Epistaxis, commonly known as nosebleed, is a fairly common occurrence of hemorrhage from the nose. Many tiny blood vessels are located in the nose that easily bleeds especially when irritated. It is strongly advised for parents to take first aid and CPR courses in cases of medical emergencies.First aid training offers valuable information for various everyday first aid scenarios, such as headaches, fevers and nosebleeds. This course package includes both the Security Guard Course and Private Investigator Course to take a student beyond the Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services requirements.  Students will enjoy learning through a variety of multimedia including instructional videos, field scenarios, photographs and other methods of bringing a student into real world situations.
ABOUT USSecurity Guard Course is run by industry professionals who are committed to the success of our students. Food poisoning is a sudden life-threatening condition that can occur immediately within minutes or it can be delayed for several hours depending on several circumstances such as the type and amount of toxin present in the food substance, the quantity of food ingested with the identified toxin, and the elapsed time it took for its initial effects to show clinical signs and symptoms.
Botulism is the most serious form of food poisoning which can kill an individual instantly if not given proper care and treatment. The key treatment approach to managing and treating emergency cases of food poisoning is identifying the source and type of food poisoning. Food and gastric contents, vomitus, serum and fecal material are collected per medical institution’s protocol in food poisoning emergencies.
Measures are instituted to help support the respiratory system especially with toxins attacking the pulmonary system. Because large volumes of essential fluids and electrolytes are lost through excessive vomiting and diarrhea, it is imperative that fluid and electrolyte balance should be carefully monitored regularly. Measures to control nausea and vomiting is very essential to help curb excessive fluid loss. After the nausea and vomiting episode subsided, clear liquids are encouraged for the next 24 hours and the diet can be gradually progressed to a low-residue, bland diet. The course includes: Safety, precautions, initial assessment, recovery position, CPR, compression only CPR, CPR handover and choking.
The course can be run at your own premises or at our training venue in Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk. The new location will be located at the corner of University Avenue & Shattuck Avenue near the Downtown Berkeley BART station.
Safety Training Seminars teaches these classes in offices throughout the Bay Area including: San Jose, Concord, Berkeley, Redwood City, San Francisco, and Novato. This event will feature a Health Expo, raffle prizes, and rewards to those participants who raised the most money. This can be a huge time saver since all the equipment, manikins, and first-aid supplies can be brought in. Administering an electric shock to the heart may be necessary in order to restore the heart’s normal rhythm. National CPR Week would be a great time to refresh the skills by reviewing the course material. When the membrane linings the inside of the nose become dry and irritated by the air moving through the nose, crusts form. Only visit a doctor when severe bleeding occurs, although this is highly unlikely the case.
Although there are many other kinds of food poisoning such as intentional and unintentional  incorporation of known hazardous chemicals into the food preparation.

The victim’s respirations, blood pressure and level of consciousness, central venous pressure (if appropriately indicated), muscular and neurologic activity is closely monitored. Depending on the toxin associated with food poisoning, there is no straightforward rule in the management of food poisoning emergencies and that the most effective way to treat individuals is generally prompt care and a comprehensive health assessment and history.
This is ideal for nurses, care workers or medical professionals needing annual updates to complete professional membership.
The American Heart Association classes offered to the public will be CPR, BLS for Healthcare Provider CPR, First-aid, ACLS, PALS, and phlebotomy classes. The class is about five hours long and the training is usually on a Saturday or Sunday so the entire family can take the course together. The Redwood City Heart Walk is designed for adults to choose a healthier and more active life style – one step at a time.
The price of AEDs have dropped significantly over the years and now it is possible to purchase one for about $1200.
Or there are many YouTube CPR videos which offer a quick refresher of how to perform CPR properly. Nose may begin bleed when these crusts are irritated by rubbing, picking or blowing the nose.
However, botulism remains to be the most dreaded kind of food poisoning reported around the world. The suspected food should be promptly brought to a medical facility for toxicology examinations to identify the toxin involved. Normally, victims suffering from food poisoning will exhibit several clinical signs such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and moderate to severe stomach cramps. Hypovolemic shock is one of the most common complications when severe vomiting and diarrhea is not controlled.
For mild nausea, the individual is encouraged to take sips of carbonated drinks, tea or tap water. In most cases this course is ideal as an online only course but if you need a practical session as well we have a network of approved instructors where we can offer the course as blended including a short practical session. Students will receive official American Heart Association CPR certification cards after their training. Children are also welcome to take the course, but they should be over 10 years old in order to compress the chest deep enough while performing compressions.
It is very important that a company’s staff be properly training to respond to an emergency in the work site. The victim is continuously assessed for signs and symptoms of dehydration and electrolyte imbalances such as changes in orientation, weakness, lethargy, rapid pulse, fever, hypotension and delirium. Laboratory examinations such as serum electrolyte levels are obtained for future comparisons.

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