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Dynamic instruction in Olympic style fencing with emphasis in safety, athleticism, sportsmanship, form, strategy, and ultimately…fun. I am an artist specializing in advanced body modifications, scarification, body suspension and precision body piercing of all kinds. I have been practicing body art since 2001 and attended seminars with the Association of Professional Piercers in 2003, 2011 & 2012. I am available for guest spots, training workshops, demonstrations and guest spots by request.

I am a progressive artist specializing in advanced body modification, scarification, suspension and all kinds of precision body piercing.
It meets the regulatory and credential training requirements for childcare workers, teachers, foster care workers, youth leaders and others responsible for children. I tour Canada twice per year and do international guest visits on the side, as well as offer training seminars and workshops for existing professionals in the industry looking to expand their knowledge base. I have personally hung over 200 times and facilitated thousands of suspensions for others over the years.

I spend much of my time time traveling, teaching, performing freakshows, playing with rope, longboarding, playing music, building things, volunteering and writing for various publications.

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