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Use the Wrench to knock out incorrect answers, improve your chances to answer correctly, and help you save lives! The Board recognizes its responsibility for safeguarding the lives of staff and of the children entrusted to them during school hours. Lockdown refers to the securing of a school workplace when there is a major incident or threat of school violence within the school or in relation to the school.
Shelter In Place refers to the protection of occupants from an external situation such as a chemical spill, blackout, explosion, or extreme weather condition.  In this situation, it would be necessary to keep everyone at the school.
Primary Zone Schools (Nuclear) refers to schools that fall within a 10 km radius of a nuclear site (St. Nuclear Emergency Preparedness Plan refers to a systematic plan of action for a nuclear incident for schools located in the primary and secondary zones.
Crash Bag refers to a collection of prescribed items that would be useful in an emergency situation (e.g.
ABC multi-purpose dry chemical powder forms a coating layer over whatever is burning and therefore separates the oxygen from the fuel. The powder also reduces the heat and interferes with the chemical reaction combustion process. Extinguishers rated ABC multi-purpose provide the required protection for all of the Classes of Fires below.  All schools are supplied with an ABC multi-purpose extinguishers. Know the location of the fire extinguishers and the type of fire each is designed to extinguish.
Do not store flammables and combustible materials like furniture and chemicals in any boiler room or electrical room. Where rooms have sprinklers, storage must not be piled higher than 18″ below the sprinkler heads.

All aisle ways, doorways and stairways must be kept clear of materials.  Hallways and stairways (including under stairs) in schools must not be used as storage areas.
Check if the collapsed person is breathing by looking, listening and feeling for signs or breathing. If there is circulation, continue to breathe every six seconds, and re-check for circulation every minute.
When I was a kid, kindergarten was a half day program so you either went in the morning or the afternoon. We had story time, playground time, and nap time but there really wasn’t a whole lot to it educationally speaking.  No spelling tests, no book reports, and no homework when I was in kindergarten. Sure, there was the occasional potty emergency or “mm…this paste SURE tastes good!” emergency but since the main objective was just to introduce kids to the idea of being in school and away from home, the kindergarten learning curve just wasn’t very steep, if you know what I’m saying. Obviously, Jo’s future is a long way off and the China thing seems pretty feasible.  By the time she’s my age she’ll probably be able to tele-port herself to China for lunch and be back within the hour. All I know at this point is that she seems to have learned more in 4 weeks of kindergarten than I learned throughout my entire freshman year of college. Handout that youth can use to get familiar with the question pool and to gain confidence in thier ability to learn what it takes to get their license. Feedback form to solicit input from participants to see what they like , did not like and would like to see in the future.
Morse Code handout; suggest that you print the phonetic alphabet handout on the back of the sheet. Bright, colorful Morse code poster for all to see; useful for the various activities that use Morse code. This is an example of the points we award for the various activities available for Youth Lounge participants.

Since one Scavenger Hunt isn't enough to keep young, curious minds busy all day, here's a second one. A number of activities to get youth familiar with Morse Code and give them practical experience to go towards prizes. The ARRL is a member-society and International Secretariat of the International Amateur Radio Union. Furthermore, the Board believes that emergencies are best handled when prior plans are made and all relevant parties are aware of expected custom essay writing service procedures.  Please refer to the Policies and Procedures section for all emergency measures. Before attempting any emergency care, shout for assistance and, if you have access to a telephone, call 999.
If the person is not breathing, dial 99 for the ambulance if you haven’t done this already. Whether you’re 1 or 21, a Youth Lounge is sure to offer something that young hams will enjoy. The ambulance service will be able to support your efforts at resuscitation with advice on the phone, until help arrives. Pinch the nose closed, take a deep breath and breathe into the patient’s mouth twice. Come to chat with other hams, listen to music, grab a snack or participate in one of many activities, such as fox-hunts, scavenger hunts, Morse code fun, a QSL card designing contest, crafts, prizes and more.

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