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MINING GUIDE 1-50Mining Leves Locations:In the leveling guide below, I recommend doing Fieldcraft leves for some of your levels. Recommended Leveling Path from 1-50:At any given point, Fieldcraft Leves are generally the best method for leveling up mining.
Levels 9-13: GrindingFrom levels 9-13, you can grind off of Zinc Ore and Obsidian, which is found at the same nodes as the tin ore – just south of the “East Hammer” on the map.
Levels 33-39: Provision Missions, Leves, GrindingIf you have a lot of leves to burn, this will be the fastest way to move through this level range. Levels 43-50: Provision Missions, Leves, GrindingIn this last stretch of levels, by far the fastest way to level up is via leves and the daily provision mission.
Once you hit level 30, even after the boost to leve rewards it still takes 5-6 leves to earn a single level. If your leves are getting low, you can grind on Mithril Ore.In the southeast area of Sagoli Desert in Southern Thanalan (against the bottom border, in between the mid point and the corner of the map), you will find an area with 4 nodes that contain Mithril Ore. Black Alumen has good resale value and sometimes can get quite expensive, so this makes grinding in this level range very profitable.

Note that you will occasionally have to stealth to get the southernmost node if the boar is in the way. You can get a level up in about 30 minutes doing leves, whereas it takes about an hour and a half of dedicated grinding to get a mining level, even after the experience points buff patch.If you are out of leves or want to make gil, you will want to mine Electrum Ore just south of Camp Bronze Lake in Upper La Nosea.
Coinach’s Find in Mor DhonaNote that in order to unlock level 15 and beyond leves, you have to first complete the “Leves of ‘Camp Name’” quest offered by the Levemete. Mithril has good resale value and the nodes themselves are fairly close together with no aggressive enemies around.
However, grinding becomes very slow at this point – expect to spend about an hour a level grinding.
Ignore the one node that offers bonus gathering attempts (you will not qualify for them until level ~48 anyway) as it is too far out of the way.I do not recommend leveling the Electrum Ore camp even when you reach level 49, as the Cobalt Ore (level 47 item) camp is too far spread out and has an aggressive enemy nearby. Unless you only play 15 minutes a day, you will quickly burn through all your leve stores.As a result, we will have to conserve our leves in order to level up quickly and efficiently. You can make about 50k gil during these 4 levels just mining silver, so the grinding is not so bad.

I recommend ignoring the westernmost node and just running a loop with the 3 easternmost nodes. It is much faster (and more profitable) to just keep mining the Electrum Ore all the way to 50.Electrum Ore is the most expensive of the easily mined ores (at least on my server), so if you grind all the way from 43 to 50 you will end up mining a few hundred thousand gil worth of ore (no exaggeration).
Check your “timers” (main menu bar) to see the current provision mission.At the same time, the survival manual really starts to lose its shine.
It will only last about 1 full level of grinding at this point, so unless you are close to the seal cap, it is not worth using here.I would recommend skipping these level range with Leves if you have them available. Shards tend to be fairly valuable, so you can make a few thousand gil during this leveling process.

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