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Since the update of the 2.3 patch, Final Fantasy XIV provides more options into raising the iconic yellow companions known as chocobos, but these feisty pet birds require an enormous amount of work to groom and maintain until they reached their maximum level.
Unlike other foods or crops that may raise minor attributes, this magical onion actually increases the chocobo’s level by one but does not exceed above the 20 maximum capacity.
During these summer days in the virtual world, several botanists and others search for the perfect formula and ingredients to create this special but rare object through the trail-and-error method in gardening.
For those who finally wish to know this needed recipe, please cross-breed either (Sylkis Bud or Royal Kukuru) and Broombush in grade 3 Thanalan soil to acquire a Thavnairian Onion bag.
Also, don’t forget to ask friends to join and help since Final FantasyXIV will be free for this whole weekend!

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As such, finding these rare treats has rapidly become more problematic after the recent update, resulting in the dramatic shift in marketing. Sometimes, the farming yields surprising results, including creative tities like the Eggplant Knight, etc.,  but these findings also turn into frustration when reports provided false rumors. For detail seekers who want an actual confirmation, I cannot provide the original source due to secrecy from an informer, but the results should make people smile and end this overwhelming desire and challenge. Numerous days and hours are spent into cross-breeding and growing selected vegetables to feed chocobos, but the most demanding item is the Thavnairian Onion and its seeds.

Despite this miserable waiting and annoying end results, someone with enough patience, seeds, and fertilizer has found the correct combination to retrieve a bag of this vegetable. Because online users either cannot afford or do not care to spend their money in the growing market, private companies or hardworking individuals turn to an alter direction.

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