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Note: If you intend to use an image you find here for commercial use, please be aware that some photos do require a model or property release. Our peanuts are an essential part of many garden birds diet giving a high energy, oil content feed of the highest quality, Aflatoxin tested.A  This attracts Great Spotted Woodpeckers, Blue Tits, Great Tits, Long Tailed Tits, Jays, Siskins, Nuthatches etc. Sunflower seed is very rich in oil providing much needed energy during the cold Winter months.A  A great favourite of Sparrows, Chaffinches and the Tit family.
High in energy, protein and natural oils, mix with other seed blends for an energy boost!A  Serve from a seed feeder or a bird table.A  Attractive to many garden birds including blue tit, coal tit, great tit, woodpecker and Jay.
Add some style to your garden and make the birds happy.A  Will attract most species including members of the Tit family, Finches, Robins, Nuthatches, Woodpeckers, Dunnocks, and Wrens.
A flurry of snow reminded me this morning that we are still in the grip of Winter, and that wild garden birds still need feeding. Appreciated by most garden birds all year round, especially robins and blackbirds, and work well placed on a bird table. You can make your own fat balls, and you can buy fat balls in pet shops and garden centres, and they tend to come in mesh bags.
Fat balls are most appreciated by garden birds in the winter, when fatty food sources are hard to come by. Putting out large chunks of bread during the breeding season (spring and and summer) should be avoided at all costs in case of natural food shortages. Nuts should always be put out in your garden either in a special nut feeder (as above, taken at the amazing Inshriach Garden Centre near Aviemore) that only allows birds to take little nibbles of nuts, or crushed into very small chunks, as again nuts can pose a choking hazard.
Soft fruits, porridge oats (uncooked), grated cheese, cooked pasta and rice, soaked currants, raisins and sultanas, biscuit crumbs and pastry crumbs are all great foods to feed to garden birds. You can also use soaked cat and dog food, and tinned pet food, however it is worth bearing in mind that the use of these may attract cats. Food scraps should always be placed on a bird-table as sprinkling on the ground can attract rats and mice. It will be much appreciated by all birds if you put out a supply of fresh drinking water by your table in a shallow container. Clean your feeders, tables, water pots, and bird baths regularly to prevent the spread of disease in wild bird populations, using a mild disinfectant liberally diluted in water. Once you start feeding garden birds for the first time it will take a little while for the birds to find it, so don’t expect swathes of birds instantly! Have fun and do remember to report back here and let me know what birds you have seen in your garden!
You can find everything you need for year-round bird feeding here at really reasonable prices. It comes to attract beautiful wild birds into your garden, there are many things you can do and you just need to do any of those things. If you have some big trees or other things to hang those feeders, you just need to get feeders for wild birds, you want give a complete supply to your feathered friends, there is no doubt that you should all the kinds of feeders, such as, seed feeder, peanut feeder, fat ball feeder, drinker, offer them the complete supply you can offer. Like birds, you can offer them food and water to attract them into your garden instead of catch or buy some placed in cage. We have talked about how to make an outdoor living space in garden and make an amusement park for your kids, today, we will make our promise and discuss how to make a paradise for your pets in your garden. At first, there is no doubt that you should get some dental ball or bones for puppies or dogs, this can make their teeth more healthy, also make them recreate by themselves when you are out at the same time.
First, you should get a portable home for them, maybe a pop up tent which is designed for small animals, grassy nest, tunnel, etc, they can be placed in your house, if you are free and can play with your pets, those portable houses also can be carried into garden and let your pets enjoy sunshine. Next, your little pets also need something make them recreate by themselves when they are alone. Most people like to experience the pleasure of feeding birds and attracting some of beautiful wild birds into your garden. With these instructions and tips, I think you must know how to make your garden become paradise of yours pets. As we enter autumn and then winter, the availability of natural food in wild habitats becomes less and less and our birds have to work harder to find their fill. Make sure there’s water available when it’s freezing – If you can fill a bird bath with warm water you will attract all sorts of thirsty birds that will take advantage of available water when most is solid ice. Think what you are feeding – Give a mix of scraps and high energy foods such as suet, and oil bearing seed like sunflower hearts, peanuts, as well as the usual seed and cereals. Don’t forget to catch up with all the best advice on Autumnwatch, which starts on BBC 2 tomorrow (October 29th). Welcome to Wilko Life, our exciting blog that’s all about sharing with you the best of what we do.

To view this site as it was intended, please consider upgrading to a modern browser.In your current browser, some pages may not function or display correctly. As winter approaches, more people start feeding their garden birds and purchases of seeds increase dramatically. Much of the food we supply is imported from abroad, however, so the food miles are high, and producing all this seed requires a great deal of land that could be used for human food consumption.
So it is important to ensure that feeding birds is part of the overall management of your garden, and that you provide natural food to reduce their dependency on artificial sources. Losing seeds to squirrels and rats is environmentally damaging and increases the numbers of both in your garden. Place baffles below seed tables to stop cats leaping onto them, or put a plastic sleeve on the pole. Long-tailed tits are becoming an increasingly common garden bird (they’re now in the top 10 species). Marsh tits are most likely to be seen in gardens adjoining woodland in southern England and Wales. With large numbers of birds in one area, good hygiene is imperative, both for the birds and yourself. Our newsletter brings you all the latest in wildlife photography, news and giveaways straight to your inbox.
By clicking on the 'Sign Up!' button below, you are agreeing to Discover Wildlife's terms & conditions. My most exotic visitors are long tailed tits- though they are the cutest liittle balls of fluff so I don’t feel too hard done by. Coming up to winter, food getting scarce for the brave birds that stick it out here in the north so it’s great to know there are people out there supporting our wildlife through the toughest season! But since more houses have been built we don’t get many birds are we doing something wrong. If you do, I don’t think you should miss the chance to attract many beautiful birds into your garden and watch them eating or drinking. Generally speaking, if you get a feeding station, you get some place to install seed feeder, peanut feeder, drinker, etc. By buying feeding station & feeders and feeding wild birds you will be helping to save lives, and in return you will experience the pleasure of attracting many beautiful birds into your garden. If you have, I think you must know they like running in your garden or rolling on your lawn. Almost all of dog owners want to have a smart, obedient dog, so we should train them as early as we can. Such as, small animal activity bridge, tunnel, play bridge, climb tower, natural rope bridge and others, they are nice choices.
GardenMore offers a large range of wild bird feeders and accessories to meet your needs, such as feeding station, or peanut feeder & drinker, etc. This brings more and more birds into our gardens seeking out what treats they can find to help them survive so it’s key that we provide what we can as often as possible. From the latest stories on what’s new and what’s hot, to picking out all those hidden gems that make us so unique.
After the unusually cold weather in early June, which killed a lot of songbird nestlings, we have experienced some warm and dry weather for two weeks now.  Many of the Great and Blue Tits, which lost their young during the cold spell, are feeding their replacement broods now, while Pied Flycatchers, which were still incubating during the cold, survived it better and have now fledged their young. In fact, while I was watching this nest all 5 young left within 90 minutes in the middle of the day. After losing their first broods to Hooded Crows two pairs of Fieldfares settled in the garden, maybe looking for improved security? In the past, like 10-20 years ago we had a breeding pair every year in one of the nest-boxes in the garden. Dick's deep interest in birds, raptors in particular, started during his early childhood and ever since he has built his life around this passion.
About two-thirds of British households feed birds at some time in the year – in 2003, we bought more than 60,000 tonnes of nuts and seeds to feed our garden visitors, and there is good evidence that this benefits bird populations.
Nyjer seeds, for instance, are cultivated in Ethiopia, India, Myanmar (Burma) and Nepal, countries not exactly famed for their food surpluses.
If you are using a mix of which some isn’t taken and goes to waste, change the mix (or the supplier).
If you have a problem with these mammals, experiment with baffles, cages and other devices to keep them away. Inevitably, local sparrowhawks will be regular visitors to feeding stations, and they’re great to watch, but you do not want to lose too many birds to them.

Experiment with electronic deterrents if cats or foxes focus their activities on your garden. If putting out household scraps, avoid anything salty, which will cause severe dehydration in small birds.
An obvious strategy is to plant berry-producing bushes and trees, but you can also grow docks, teasels and thistles. Affected birds may drool, have difficulty swallowing, regurgitate food and show laboured breathing. Old seed can go mouldy, increasing the risks of disease, so aim to top up your feeders regularly. Cookies perform functions like recognising you each time you visit and delivering advertising messages that are relevant to you. In other words, just like this Feeding Time deluxe wild bird feeding station from GardenMore, it is fitted with twin fixed hangers and two additional hangers, you can freely decide what you want to hang there, seed feeder, peanut feeder or fat ball feeder, anyone is okay or hang all of them. When you are enjoying your summer leisure time under the proof of sail shade, you also can watching birds flying, eating and drinking, you will find that it is interesting and worth it. So it is the necessary that get some interactive toys, such as, floating Frisbee, flying saucer rubbers, etc. Therefore, GardenMore stocks a large range of dog training agility equipment for you and your puppies, like  hurdle, tunnel, hoop jump, fly ball etc. This will make sure the feeders and tables are really clear of mould and old food that has the potential to kill the birds especially at their most vulnerable time. During the last days I have been following the doings of the birds in my garden, which is a nice break from all that headless running in the woods of late May. When leaving they are fully fledged, and one of them flew 15 metres and landed quite successfully high up in a tree. One pair built their nest on top of an occupied swift box, the other 1,5 m up in a small tree just outside the house.
Putting out large amounts of seed that is not eaten is expensive, financially as well as environmentally. Also avoid desiccated coconut (it swells in birds) and whole peanuts in spring (they can choke fledglings).
Be it summer, autumn, winter or spring, birds need food all year round and you will be amazed at the wide variety of wild birds that will come to the feeder throughout the whole year.Bird FeederHowever, experts disagree if bird feeding will really help bird populations.
The co-existence works fine, after I trimmed some of the long grasses hanging down in front of the nest hole. But bird feeding will certainly help individual birds in your area.Feeding wild birds in your backyard is not as difficult as you may think. In my view, it is perfect to get a feeding station if there isn’t any big tree or other plants allow you to hang bird feeders. Generally, you have to respect the first rule that says not to feed wild animals when it might cause harm, but when feeding birds there are only a few situations in which we can speak about harm being caused. Most wild birds do not need your seeds in the summer.Usually, in the summer, it is the nesting time and they prefer to feed their young with insects. Therefore, do not place the bird-feeder near a bush or in a tree.The best is to place your feeder at least twelve feet from any bush or evergreen tree branch.
However, you can ask a neighbor or a friend to maintain your feeder.HOW to PROTECT BIRDS to COLLIDE with WINDOWSBecause windows are transparent and reflect the sky and the environment, can confuse birds and therefore, can be a real danger for them. They see a window as a clear flight path not as an obstruction and then, collision is inevitable.You can prevent these kinds of accidents if you place your feeder away (at least 30 feet) from a window. There are many ways to alter the appearance of your windows such as placing static-cling strike prevention decals that reflect a visible for birds, ultraviolet light or hanging streamers. Human foods are completely unhealthy and unsafe for them.For example, bread has no real nutritional value for birds and it can even harm them.
However, you need to know that steel, glass or plastic feeders are easier to clean than wood or ceramic feeders because their non-porous surfaces.Also, small feeders are easier to maintain than the big ones.
With patience and passion, you can attract numerous species of birds.You will enjoy seeing and hearing them.

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