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Given the title, I fully expected "Fat Guys in the Woods," a new docu-reality series about wilderness survival launching at 9 p.m. The premise as promised by that eye-catching title: Three fat guys learn to rough it in the wild packing in only a little water, bow-saw blades (but no bow) and a fire-starting kit that their guide, Creek Stewart (not a fat guy), promptly throws away.
The three FGs in the premiere (shot somewhere in the wintry Smoky Mountains) are Matt, Ben and Jesse, three bros from Los Angeles, a place made to sound so soft and squishy and unmanly on this show it's no wonder its residents can't handle having a pro-football team.
By that first morning, though, Stewart has already patiently taught the men how to make a fire and build a yurt-like dwelling made of stems and seeds. Throughout the episode, on-screen graphics track the falling temperature and, oddly, the barometric pressure.
On the hunt, a snare is set for what is believed to be a wisely hiding squirrel, then the group sets off again for more prospective prey. So fortified by the rabbit-eye-and-other-parts "calorie boost," the men are ready for the solo-night test. The next day, the men part solid in the knowledge that the skills Stewart has taught them mean that they might not die if they ever get a flat tire in Griffith Park. Stewart is the ideal tenderfoot-trainer for this show, approaching his task in an easygoing-but-ever-aware-of-nature's-perils manor, much in the way you'd hope a corporate team-building-retreat facilitator would do it. Full gratuitous and obviously unnecessary disclosure: I'm so far from the outdoorsy demographic, my idea of roughing it is a hotel room farther than 20 paces (or a 10-second low-crawl, as conditions dictate) from an ice machine.
Paul has a fairly extensive history in the survival circuit and has some great videos on YouTube that you should check out some time. I thought you would appreciate knowing about a small company that takes pride in what they do here in the good ol’ USA. As a former Marine I carried a Ka-Bar for several reasons (probably the most important to me at the time was that I could point at it in later years and say “I carried taht knife through a war.”).
I actually got the opportunity to compare the Becker and the OKC bayonet today side by side. Plz answer back as I’m looking to create my own blog and would like to find out where u got this from.
Mike and I haven't been able to stop talking about our outstanding adventure with you today. One of my favorite skills of the entire 1st Season of FAT GUYS IN THE WOODS was when Zach, Opie, Joe and I made a paracord survival net and used it in conjunction with a hand built rock weir to catch fish in a Tennessee river valley. Methods of catching fish similar to this have been around for centuries so I take no credit for the concept.
Opie, Zach, Joe and I were able to find a perfect choke point in the river upstream from where we were camped to give this ancient time-tested method of catching fish an honest shot. In the case of a circular dip net, these paracord strands are tied all the way around the frame about 1″ apart.
The next step is to tie (using a simple granny overhand knot) the inner strand of one hanging pair to the inner strand of the neighboring hanging pair and do this all the way around the frame. Below are some photos from one of my courses at Willow Haven Outdoor of students making both circular dip nets and flat gill nets. Lisa, just finishing the 1st step of tying all the strands on with Lark’s Head knots.

Lisa in the photos above made an awesome handled dip net that she left behind at Willow Haven.
Hopefully these extra detailed photos and descriptions make this skill easier to understand and practice at home.
Creek and Clint do everything they can do to make sure you understand and can accomplish the skills they are teaching . Soon after I published my 1st Survival Manual, I conducted my first Survival Clinic at the age of 21.
15 Years later, I now own a fully functional Survival Training Facility – Willow Haven Outdoor. Whether you are new to the idea of studying survival or have years of experience, there is a place for you here at Willow Haven.
Creek Stewart is a survival expert who has honed his survival skills through his lifelong study of outdoor living and thousands of hours in the field. In 2014, Creek became the host of the original series, Fat Guys in the Woods, on The Weather Channel.
The knife I had for some time came with a terrible sheath, maybe chicken-leather or similar. I had one too, and as you said the sheath was horrible, this one looks very practical and tough. Many of you have asked for more details about the Live Capture Box trap that Bill, Dave, Andrew and I used to catch the Quail.
Below is a trap almost finished using a natural reverse wrapped yucca leaf cordage – just like we did in the episode of FAT GUYS IN THE WOODS.
The other ends of the trip lines should be tied to the back 2 corners of the box trap – in this case, an egg crate. In the episode when we caught the quail, we used rose hips as bait and thin yucca fibers as trip lines.
The basic principle of this trap design can be applied in all types of environments, both urban and wilderness. It's actually got a lot of heart and soul and learning and bonding and brotherly fist-bumps, and I liked it way more than I expected to, even though I don't usually like any of those things, either in real life or on TV.
Working under an Other Brother Darryl haircut, Stewart is an expert in turning tenderfoots into badass-foots, or at least not-killed-by-hypothermia-foots.
So, the expectation is that the other two will strangle him for talking them into it as soon as they wake up after the first night of roughing it in the freezing cold to discover there is no coffee or wi-fi where they've camped. Upon rising and shivering awhile, the party takes a walkabout to track and maybe trap some brunch. Also the total time elapsed on the weeklong experience, which builds to a "solo" excursion during which each of the FGs goes it alone for a night.
Things don't end well for the rabbit, though Matt, Ben and Jesse are respectful of its ostensibly lifesaving sacrifice in the total absence of quesadillas. He could probably snap my neck like a yurt roof-beam, so I take back the Other Brother Darryl observation. Partly because none of the participants, bucking the current trend in docu-reality survival TV, are ever naked.

All rights reserved (About Us).The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of NOLA Media Group. I have to say that after seeing them next to eah other I will be purchasing the Becker simply because of the thickness of the blade.
I personally felt that Creek truly wanted the whole group to leave willow haven with the hands on skills he taught us not just showing his group how to but having us do them.
He started leading survival skills courses at the age of 21, and is the owner and founder of Willow Haven Outdoor Survival Training School, located in Central Indiana.
In every episode of Fat Guys in the Woods, Creek brings three average Joes back to the woods to survive for a week with only one objective: to teach them the skills that make a man, a man. In fact, after he came home he was in our backyard building a dakota fire(I think it is called that?). As recorded by "Blair Witch Project"-style night-vision hand-helds, they keep warm through the night by murmuring affirmations about themselves, the experience and the lifestyle changes they'll make when they get back to squishy Los Angeles. What are you thoughts on using a flat ground bayonet as a survival blade when also carrying a smaller blade for basic tasks and detailed cutting? I found it to be a good weapon and a versatile tool, however, I feel that the OKC USMC bayonet I was issued was a much better survival tool for many reasons. In 2013, Willow Haven was named one of the “5 Top Adventure Trips in the US” by Chicago Magazine and one of the “Top 10 Survival Schools” by MSN Travel. You know, lots of huffing and puffing and shots of butt-cracks and maybe some weeping and begging for a Hot Pocket just a few minutes in.
My only camping experience is a couple of miserable father-son (I was the father, sadly) nights at a Cub Scout camp, one with a chow hall and a staff nurse. While it functioned as a bayonet, I found that secondary to its functionality as knife and as a tool. I (and the group) were able to address (and practice) any weaknesses with our gear, skills, and review our plans. They did a great job of answering any and all questions both during and between the scheduling training sections. He had been saving his money for a while and could not be happier about his knife he got at your store.We cannot thank you enough for allowing Griffin to attend your class. We were all able to build our knowledge base, practice a variety of skills we knew and learned a tremendous amount more (with hands on practice).
This has been a passion of his for a long time and to be able to attend a class on survival skills meant so much to him. Also, the end of the grip is sturdy enough that you can hammer on it or use it as a hammer in a downward striking manner and not destroy it.
I used my Ka-bar in this fashion on several ocassions and then had to stop because of the denting and pitting that was occuring to the end cap of the handle.

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