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Here at Wildside Survival we aim to teach you the key skills to live comfortably in the great outdoors, Our courses are run in a lovely part of West Sussex which is only an hour away from London. Wildside Survival’s main instructor is Kevin Wadey who was bought up in the local area of West Sussex and spent most of his childhood learning about the outdoor life.
To gain this qualification Kevin had to show an Understanding of the natural environment along with various teaching skills, legislation and Health and Safety and of course Bushcraft. Wildside Survival School - providing a range of survival skills and bushcraft courses in the Sussex countryside.
We at Woodlands have lots of exciting Survival weekend to keep you, your family and friends entertained for hours on end over the weekend.  At Woodland Ways all our instructors and other staff are skilled to a high level and have all the safety training to keep you and your group safe. You’ll learn plenty of new survival skills in our Survival weekend course and will expand your horizons and meet new people. Woodland Ways Blog - Bushcraft and Survival is proudly powered by WordPressEntries (RSS) and Comments (RSS). As well as operating our National Award Winning courses, Woodland Ways operates the Completely Unique Woodland Ways World of Bushcraft Centre in Bedford. Open 7 days a week, a physical place where anyone young and old can visit, research, discuss and purchase all things relating to Bushcraft & Survival.
The centre is located on the upper floor of the Chandlery Buildings at Priory Marina, Barkers Lane, Bedford. As you leave Barkers Lane (the yellow road on the map) into the entrance to Priory Country Park, before you enter the park gates there is a turning on your right to head towards the Premier Inn Hotel. Not only is Woodland Ways recognised as the largest provider of adult and family based Bushcraft & Survival Courses in the United Kingdom we are also held in the highest esteem for the quality of our instruction. We offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of bushcraft & survival training courses both in the United Kingdom and overseas covering the whole spectrum of skills from the basics up to advanced skills. The Woodland Ways Weekend is our intermediate Bushcraft and Survival Course, and has been our most popular course for many years! Our gift packs make a great present, simply select a value and we'll post you a beautiful presentation gift pack, or email it to you.
Woodland Ways operates award winning, fun, practical and realistic Bushcraft and Survival courses throughout the UK and overseas.
Winner Best Bushcraft Course, Best Bushcraft School, Best Bushcraft Retailer Online, Best Bushcraft Retail Store. Finalists for Best Bushcraft Course, Best Bushcraft Instructor, and Best Bushcraft Online Content in 2013.
Finalists in Best Bushcraft School, Best Bushcraft Course, Best Bushcraft Instructor and Best Online Content in 2012. Finalists in Best Bushcraft Retailer Online, Best Instructor and Best Bushcraft Online Content. Our courses and instructional team have appeared in The Daily Express, The Daily Mail, TNT Magazine, Foodepedia, The Great Outdoors (TGO) Magazine, Round and About, SGB Outdoor, and Talk Business aswell as too numerous to list Radio programs and local newspapers. The courses on this website are aimed at individuals and groups who have an interest in the skills we teach, but in addition we also deliver courses in the UK and overseas for education establishments, youth groups, charities and other organisations.
Further to this we have a comprehensive suite of corporate packages for both large and small businesses as well as offering bushcraft courses such as foraging course and many more award winning survival courses for private groups such as birthday parties, stag and hen groups. We can offer a wide range of bushcraft courses packages to suit your budget, everything from our most popular Woodland Ways Weekend, through to flint knapping, woodland crafts, tracking, to off -road driving!
Basic outdoor Survival skills are the foundations for the knowledge that we pass on, but we go much further than this on each and every course - into the realms of Bushcraft and indigenous skills. Bushcraft, for us, is about making the most sustainable use of the natural resources available to you in order to work in harmony with your environment, through this ethos you will not only survive but to start to thrive within the environment you are working within.
You can either join up as an individual, as a small group of friends or you can get a larger group of friends together and tailor a course just for you. Our woodlands are also alive with wildlife and resources, we will provide you with the highest possible quality of course, and the most amount of fun you will have had in ages!
Woodland Ways got award for "Best Bushcraft Course for Families 2009" - Share new experiences together on our Family Bushcraft WeekendCourse.

Stone Age Weekend - At Woodland Ways weekend bushcraft course we offer the Stone Age weekend. Our outdoor survival courses are conducted in beautiful woodland locations near Oxfordshire, Bedfordshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Lincolnshire. And don't forget about Wales’ Medieval and Victorian fayres that bring to life the many charms and traditions of Christmases past. The Llandudno Christmas Fayre has a Dickensian atmosphere and is one of Wales' largest Christmas markets. To get into the festive spirit the Aberglasney Winter Fair offers all visitors a free mince pie and mulled wine to enjoy as you stroll around the fair.
From riverside rides to thrilling forest trails, Wales is a great place to bring your bike. Ghost-haunted lakes, defeated giants and wizards: myths and legends await you around every corner. Ten great places to sample Welsh produce and buy oddments you won’t find anywhere else. We want all our customers to have fun and to go away from our course with a sense of achievement. Get all the hands on experience you need with many of our weekend survival courses; we have the 18+ course which is run at the Oxfordshire site and one at the Derbyshire site.
You will be guided through fire lighting techniques, fish and animal training, Natural Navigation, Natural Cordage, tree and plant identification, filtration and purification techniques, knife selection methods and care, tinder preparation and choice, sanctuary construction, water collection and many other things which are important in the Survival weekend at Woodland Ways UK. Join the UK's leading Expert of Bushcraft courses, survival courses, wilderness weekend, foraging courses, family bushcraft weekends, bushcraft equipment and outdoor survival skills training course.
With UK courses and expeditions spanning the globe the historical research required, skills training, travel research and equipment choice has always been vital in being able to operate at such a level, and now all this information is available to you. Each day the centre is manned by very experienced staff and there is a very regular instructors presence, we hold regular workshop activities including basketry and friction fire lighting for you to have a go at.
MK41 9DJ and there is convenient parking both immediately outside aswell as in the neighbouring Priory Country Park. We have appeared in Countryfiles top 10 foraging courses review, TGO (The Great Outdoors) Magazine alongside comedian Ed Burne as well as our regular features in Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine.
We have experience of running courses overseas for young people including courses in Switzerland and Morocco. We are one of only a very small number of companies in the UK who you can class as really full time.
This is the backbone of all of our courses, but we try to make your experience fun and informative, this is one of our aims. Our ancestors of the past knew how to accomplish the tasks for their own survival and by practicing the ways of the old wildreness skills in our survival courses in the UK , we can connect with our understanding of them, and that of nature.
The Woodland Ways Weekend, one of our most popular is our introductory bushcraft course for learning essential survival skills - covering the four key principles of survival, fire, food, shelter and water. On this weekend bushcraft course we are joined by Karl Lee, one of the countries leading Flintknappers, (making of Prehistoric tools), and Primitive Technologists. Located throughout the pedestrianised streets of Cardiff city centre, including St John Street, St John's Church Area, Working Street, The Hayes, Hills Street and Trinity Street.
Over 100 stalls will line Modoc Street selling a feast of local food, handmade gifts and arts along with craft demonstrations and a Santa's grotto for the children to enjoy. The grounds of the mansion are filled with stalls selling handmade Welsh gifts, crafts and Christmas decorations. This qualifies Kevin to take groups of people out for walks in lowland britain (Kevin is hoping to do his Mountain Leaders award some time in the near future) Kevin also holds a creative craft certificate which involves wood carving and he is also a qualified First Aider. Generic drugs that do so should have the same therapeutic effect and therefore the same benefits as their brand-name counterparts, but at less cost.
Until now there has been no-where available in the UK where in one place you can go and research a particular fire lighting technique, speak to someone who has lived with a massai tribe, test a woods mans axe before buying, source a specialist piece of kit from Sweden or discuss with experienced instructors the pro's and con's of all things outdoors until now. The entry gates to the Marina are straight in front of you, drive through these gates and park up on your left, we are through the double doors and up the stairs.

You only have to check our calendar to see that our full time instructors are really out there, teaching skills, 7 days a week- not one weekend a month. In our surival courses, you will learn how to source water, light fire, build shelters & find food in a variety of desert environments.
Woodland Ways's Family Bushcraft Weekend Course is a one-day and one night course aimed at parents and children who want to learn how to live more comfortably in the wilds. An ideal starting survial skills course for the beginner and for those who wish to try their hand at something different. This weekend bushcraft course focuses on making tools and stones to prepare the equipment need to prep your meal. It's perfect for present hunting and is also only a short stroll from Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland. Enter the Castle's mighty walls and enjoy the festive atmosphere with stalls selling unusual gifts and crafts, tasty food and delicious drinks.
The Fine Food and Drinks Hall will be filled with seasonal foods, perfect to stock up on for the holiday season. Our team of instructors will work with you to move beyond the confines of pure survival into the world of Bushcraft. Yes, thats right, we currently employ 6 full time permanent instructors along with 2 back office support staff. The course is designed to be a family friendly course, enabling parents and children to discover together some of the delights of learning to live with the resources available to us in the wilds. Learn about skills such as fire-making, building a waterproof woodland shelter using only natural materials, primitive weapons, snaring, survival kits, fire without matches, preparing wild food, improving hunting and fishing skills, forage in the wild and collecting, filtering and purifying your water in our survival skills course. From catching you prey to making tools to skin you prey to cutting it and cooking it, all will be learn in the great Bushcraft Stone Age weekend. Not only that though, our outdoor survival courses will teach you how to make it safe to drink through the sourcing, collecting, filtering and purification of the resource.
All bushcraft equipment sold by us has been critically inspected and tested by our expert instructors, with the advantages and disadvantages of each bushcraft equipments honestly noted on each bushcraft product webpage for your information. UK Christmas markets are popping up across the country so get in the mood for Christmas by visiting a Christmas market in Wales. Or maybe you wish to venture further afield, if so every year we run a desert survival training course in the Sahara Desert, we live with the Masaai Warriors in Kenya, teach people how to cook on Safari in South Africa, track bears and wolves in Croatia and teach Canoeing and Campcraft in Sweden. Our Family Bushcraft Weekend Course takes place on the beautiful Catton Hall estate in Derbyshire, or within our 250 acre woodland in Oxfordshire. Teenagers Fundamental Outdoor Bushcraft Course - This outdoor survival course is aimed for teenagers from 12-17 years of age.
Throughout the weekend our instructors will work with you to identify animal tracks and signs, moving further into the realms of tracking we will also develop your stalking techniques to allow you to move silently through the woodland.
We run this survival courses in near Appleton in Oxfordshire and Catton Hall Estate in Derbyshire. We cover skills for everyone including shelter building, campfire cookery, tracking skills and games, choosing materials for and lighting your own fire, knot work, natural navigation and making damper bread. This survival course is designed to promote self responsibility and a responsibility for the outdoor environment, within a woodland setting. Our survival courses covers the basic skills required to survive, and is based on the four main principles of survival- fire, food, shelter and water. Parents are welcome to join this outdoor survival course if they wish although we actively encourage teenagers. Through out the day you will learn how to build an emergency shelter, collect and purify your water, prepare your own food, and how to light a fire. We cover the fundamental skills of bushcraft including fire lighting and management, campfire cooking, Navigation techniques, Tracking, Fire, Shelter & Water plus much more.

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