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Affection!  Show some love to your pet, hug your significant other, hug someone in need.  Give a little love, get a LOT.
TIME OUT!  In a good way.  When things get you to near boiling, step out and find a spot to be alone to diffuse the negativity. Music does wonders, but pick something with a slow tempo that will bring your heart rate down. And if you want to try #7 from a professional, and I know you do, we’re here for you.  Have fun and be safe this holiday season!
Holiday’s can be filled with joy, laughter and love; or, stress, chaos and confusion! They can also be filled with all kinds of old unresolved trauma’s, that trigger grief, anger and anxiety.
A family structure is a highly complex web of different individuals, with different life path’s to unfold.
Emotional balance, to help keep you feeling sane and emotionally balanced in any chaotic situation!
Wholistic Overload Release, to help you to, release the tension not just physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.
Digestive Support, which is designed to help support your whole digestive system, from overload.

TestimonialsI was introduced to Heilkunst at one of Andrea Coulters seminars and for the first time saw a holistic practice that would consider me as a whole person spiritually, e.Constance BalsanoHomeopathics and good regimen have been a large part of my life for a long time (over 10 years). Focus on what good is happening in your life instead of staring down the barrel of negativity and disruption. Stainless steel red and white stripe flask with red stripe in the center with message in white. My Ultimate Wholistic Holiday Survival kit is designed to help you not only cope with the complexities, but to soar with grace and love through every event. Answers about who we really are, why we are here and how we can become our most amazing self!
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