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For many people, extended family camping produces lifelong memories.  Of course, the hope is that these will be happy camping memories. Parenting styles are different even in extended families.  But keeping a few simple rules consistent will reduce friction among kids and parents. Extended family camping can be fun for everyone.  Good communication, planning and an occasional bike ride can get your camping trip heading in the right direction, right from the start. Be sure and visit Jessica on her blog, Bring The Kids, where she and her husband are proving that your adventures don’t have to end when you have kids. For the purposes of temporary shelter, most basic underground bunkers will perform as hoped.
There are various types of underground bunkers that are commercially available and potentially affordable by an average American.
When considering the costs related to any bunker project, it certainly makes sense to have some sort of insurance policy in place to cover the bunker and its contents from loss due to theft or vandalism. Of course if money is no object, you can purchase a sophisticated military-grade bunker costing millions of dollars, which will reliably serve the purposes related to long-term underground habitation during long-term disaster scenarios. These a€?bunkersa€™ are designed by experts and incorporate technologically advanced life support systems, as well as various military-grade security measures, also costing hundreds of thousands of dollars and more. Too many people wrongly believe that you can survive long-term underground in the cheaper underground bunkers. Another common misconception among survivalists and Preppers is that any bunker will be a secret from other people. Tactically speaking, ita€™s also important to give careful consideration to what you would do during long-term crises if your bunker was discovered while you were occupying it. Considering the use-rate, the costs and the risks, bunkers are not the slam-dunk solution that many people would have you believe. As a matter of fact, if you’re a DIYer, chances are good you have some lying around from past projects.
Whether you need a place to store your bow or would like a lightweight rig to take with you to hunting camp, this bow stand is a piece of cake to make and won’t tip if you fill the bottom with sand or concrete. Of course, concrete will make it much heavier so keep that in mind when you’re building it. It has enough room for up to 4 bows and also has a couple of places to put your arrows so that the tips aren’t sticking out to hurt anybody.
Though this is shown being used with strawberries, you could use it as a plant stand for many different types of hanging or climbing plants. Great if you’re trying to garden in a limited space or if you just want your plants close together for easy care and harvesting. Bows are expensive and can break, but this PVC longbow is durable, easy to make and perfect for the person who needs a weapon in a hurry.
If you’re in a survival situation, you can make this weapon quickly and easily with no power.
Square foot gardening is a great way to help many people get more freshly harvested food to the table.

You can save yourself some serious watering time, as well as help keep the water to your plants regulated, if you use this PVC grid watering system. It’s extremely simple to make and you can use either a traditional water hose or hook it to your off-grid watering system.
We hope that you’ve gained some value from these ideas about how to use PVC pipe for your homesteading projects. If you have any useful ideas that you don’t see here, please feel free to share them with us in the comments section below!
About the Author Latest PostsAbout Theresa CrouseTheresa Crouse is a full-time writer currently living in central Florida. These are very creative way to use pvc pipes for more environmental friendly projects at home.
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However the technologies that affect bunkers have changed radically over the past 20 years!
And when it comes to shelter from a passing tornado, even some homemade bunkers are adequate for the few hours of shelter needed. In most cases these bunkers involve what is essentially a large steel culvert (10-foot diameter pipe) that has been modified to include some amenities, basic entrance and exit, and a very basic air filtration system. However, given the locations of most bunkers, most insurance companies wona€™t offer any kind of coverage, so the capital investment that is made for the bunker and its contents (which might exceed the costs of the bunker) will not be insured. They also incorporate sophisticated measures that help to prevent mental issues from developing during such long-term underground stays, where morale can be critically affected leading to serious social and security problems. As just one simple example; most people dona€™t realize that a family of four people will produce anywhere from 5-7 gallons of water from respiration and perspiration into their environment every 24 hours.
I am sorry to break the news to these people but, OPSEC in this and many other matters has been dead for a long time.
All you need is PVC pipe, some pipe insulation or other material for the grip, a string and a hacksaw. If you want to build a chicken coop that’s affordable, and even possibly portable, then this is the project for you. Another beautiful aspect of this project is that the coop would be easy to expand if you get more chickens. If you’d prefer, you can modify this plan to suit any size garden as long as you adjust the size of the squares. She was born and raised in the hills of West Virginia, where she learned to farm, hunt, fish, and live off the land from an early age. Instead of throwing away excess pipes in the garage, I can now make other useful tools from it. Such pre-made bunkers may cost in excess of $50,000.00 plus the costs to transport and bury the bunker in the desired location, with a total cost under $100K.
This moisture will condense on the walls and ceiling of any underground structure and will over time collect on the floor (lowest point in the bunker) of the bunker.

In regard to bunkers; there are hundreds of advanced satellites that are orbiting the earth which are looking-down all the time. Using simple store-bought infrared vision devices aggressors can locate; any infrared surveillance that might be used by the bunker to detect approaching people, the heat signature of a bunker including its air intakes and exhausts, as well as entries and exits.
You could grow everything from herbs to lettuce and peppers in here depending upon the size pipe you use. The best part is that the project is so simple that you don’t even need detailed instructions; all you need is the visual!
She prefers to live off the grid as much as possible and does her best to follow the “leave nothing behind but footprints” philosophy.
Some look self-explanatory, sure, but projects like the canoe dolly obviously have small parts that aren't strictly PVC and it would be great to have a parts list and instructions.
In reality, there are few applications where the owners of such a bunker might receive a reasonable return on the investments made into such an underground bunker. After a week or so, the water that has condensed becomes foul with fungus, bacteria and viruses and the smell of this toxic liquid will permeate the environment. For the past 20 years, some of these satellites have been scanning the ground looking for resources such as oil, water and mineral deposits, and in that mission, they collect and store mountains of data related to the properties of the ground below. Once these items are noted, the bunker can be approached and overtaken using various methods; simply blocking the air vents will force the occupants to come out after a time.
For fun, she enjoys shooting, kayaking, tinkering on her car and motorcycle, and just about anything else that involves water, going fast, or the outdoors. The most logical utilization of such a bunker based upon statistical occurrence of natural disasters would be to escape tornadoes, which are of course short-term events. The equipment required to prevent this (just one of many problems) from happening is not only expensive, but requires a lot of energy to operate, continuously. This complex data can and is being re-accessed using re-tooled search algorithms that can be designed to find and catalog any underground facilities, even as small as a car buried underground. Of course there is also the very real risk that debris could cover and permanently block the entry and exit to a bunker, thereby trapping the people inside, at which point a bunker becomes a tomb. There are potentially a few other scenarios where a bunker might serve a statistically logical purpose, however the odds of such events are remote.
And now with the advent of the newest super-computers, conducting a search of the archived date and cataloging (with Latitude & Longitude data) these search results are very simple and easy for any government organization.
And in any case, there are multiple reasons why the occupants of such bunkers will in most cases be unable to stay underground long-term for more than a couple weeks. In fact, much of the satellite data can be purchased by private parties as well as foreign entities and the same searches can be undertaken.
Just one aspect of this data (and new data being collected now) is being used to locate small underground tunnels at the U.S.

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