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When you are running around in the morning it’s hard to remember to start dinner, but with just a few minutes you can have this dish ready to go!
This is literally a dump recipe…frozen chicken, enough water to coat the bottom of the crock pot, packet of taco seasoning and small jar of salsa.
Survival School Black Locust Robinia pseudo-acacia - Survival School Call Us Today! Courses Including The Free Instructional Manuals, Members Area, and train with members from all around the world. Let me take this opportunity to welcome you to my Home Study Master Classes in Online Self Defence Martial Arts and Special Street Combat Survival Skills.

With these online self defense training courses you can learn how to prevent an attack happening to you and defend oneself. Click here and find out how you can apply for a Certificate and other information regarding the courses.. Our one-half day workshop covers non-contact safety techniques specifically tailored to seniors. Our experts provide step by step directions on how to avoid potentially harmful situations and proven techniques in street survival that do not rely on physical contact. We provide key information and awareness training aimed at making senior years less stress-filled and safer.

Adapted from decades of experience and the latest research, trainees are amazed at how practical and easy our techniques are to learn and how effectively they work in the streets. We designed this course especially for the elderly individual that cannot or does not want to undertake demanding self defense training but wants the self confidence of knowing what to do in a bad situation.

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