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Written by author Marshall Corwin, with a foreword written by Bruce Parry, this Extreme Survival Guide includes tons of information on how to survive in some of the worlds most dangerous places. After spending the summer in the Breton sun, the team from lost in the swell are already preparing for their new expedition.
I’m 33, I’m from Brest which is where I met Ronan and Aurelien who I spent a lot of time surfing and getting wasted with! We are currently in the test phase of our next project, and we’re also researching partners. Before leaving for such a trip, it is important to do your research about the destination, the climate and the dangers that you will come across. Mosquitoes and other insects can make life very difficult in tropical countries, what advice would you give to overcome these kind of worries?
For mosquitoes and other insects, there’s nothing like spending the evening around the smoke from the camp fire!

You should warn the people around you, as well as the people out there (embassy…), of the route and journey time. What advice would you give to avoid coming face to face with unpleasant species while we sleep?
Finally, food must be a real problem on expeditions, Would you have a solution so we’re not confronted with this problem?
There are different solutions, depending on where you go, the mode of transport you use and the duration of your adventure.
Never arrive on the conquered territory, enjoy the moment, the meetings and the places overdraft. This Extreme Survival Handbook features chapters on how to survive in the Arctic, the Jungle, the Andes Mountains, the Desert, and the Amazon. The best thing is to contact locals who can give you more information and can tell you what to do or what not to do!

So to avoid making things worse, there’s nothing like rest, a good diet and regular care of your wounds. As for us, we try to carry as much water and starchy foods as possible and we fill up on water and food at every available opportunity.
Featuring hundreds of beautiful photographs, this book is perfect for young adults getting ready to embark on an adventure!

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