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The common sailboat comprises eight essential parts: hull, tiller, rudder, mainsail, mast, boom, jib and keel.
If you think of the tiller as the steering wheel, then the sails and the keel are the engines. The mainsail is the larger sail that captures the bulk of the wind power necessary to propel the sailboat. The prized possession of Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tom Perkins, the Maltese Falcon is like a sailing computer, equipped with fiber-optic networks, microprocessors and touch screens that have converted the brain and muscle of sailing into a computerized control panel. Its symmetrical shape balances the sailboat and reduces drag, or the backward pull caused by friction, as it moves in the water. Its vertical side attaches to the mast, a long upright pole, and its horizontal side secures to the boom, a long pole parallel to the deck. Now, the only manpower required to hoist and lower its 26,000 square feet of sails is a touch of a button. Inside of the hull in the stern, or back of the boat, is the tiller, which is attached to the rudder in the water.
Sailors can rotate the boom 360 degrees horizontally from the mast to allow the mainsail to harness as much wind as possible.

Likewise, the football-field-sized yacht completed in spring of 2006 is the most expensive and technologically advanced of its kind today. With a price tag hovering around $130 million, the Maltese Falcon navigates more like a video game than a 1,367-ton boat.
To maneuver a sailboat to the right, for example, you pull the tiller to the right side of the boat, causing the rudder to alter its direction. He's working on a sports submarine to house on the Maltese Falcon in case he ever wants to play with some whales or manatees deep in the ocean. The keel, a long, slim plank that juts out from the bottom of the hull, provides an underwater balancing force that keeps the boat from tipping over.
In smaller sailboats, a centerboard or daggerboard serves the same purpose as the keel, but can be raised or lowered into the water to allow for shallow water sailing.

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