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The Fire Piston in a primitive fire starter which uses rapidly compressed air to heat combustible substances to temperatures as high as 800 degrees yielding HOT embers for fire making.
Simply open the pressure release value, completely compress the piston, then close the valve to ensure the piston shaft is held securely in the piston casing. For security purposes, we ask that you enter the security code that is shown in the graphic. Making a slingshot arrow gun: this child's toy can easily be re-purposed as an accurate tool for hunting, fishing, and defense.

Our Hospital Pamper Kit is a great alternative to the flowers that many hospitals no longer allow in the ward. Products may be changed to those of an equal or greater value due as a result of stock availability.
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First, It’s notched to firmly secure the rubber O-ring which ensure and air-tight seal.

The O-ring also increases longevity of the fire starter as the O-ring can be replaced as needed.

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