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Important note for site admins: If you are the administrator of this website note that your access has been limited because you broke one of the Wordfence firewall rules. The reason your access was limited is: "Access from your area has been temporarily limited for security reasons". If you are a site administrator and have been accidentally locked out, please enter your email in the box below and click "Send". As outdoor dining season is getting into full swing in Philly, here's an updated look at some of our very favorite open-air dining spots around the city. With "garden" right there in the name, it would be a serious letdown if the outdoor space at this Aimee Olexy spot was found lacking. The patio (also known as the campo) at Abruzzese gem Le Virtu is one of the best things about summer on East Passyunk (especially when they start grilling up the arrosticini, simple little charcoal-fired lamb skewers that are a classic roadside snack in Abruzzo). The outdoor space at ASB has a genuine backyard feel that goes perfectly with beer in cans, uncomplicated (but thoughtful and well-executed) sandwiches, and frequent events that recreate homey backyard BBQs about as faithfully as any restaurant could hope to. Marcie Turney's Midtown Village love letter to South Philly red-sauce Italian features courtyard seating for about 40, modeled after Nonna's (that's Italian for grandmother) backyard — even down to the line-dried laundry.
Barbecue just tastes better eaten outside on picnic tables — and Fette Sau's barbecue tastes awfully good to start with. Now in its fourth season, Morgan's Pier has quickly become an integral part of summer in the city.
Outdoors at Opa you'll find the bright and cheery Drury Beer Garden, which offers tons of great beer, wine, and summery drinks, plus a compact menu separate from the restaurant. Le Cheri brings its own unique charm to the patio at the magnificent Wetherill Mansion, which has been a standout no matter what restaurant has taken up residence in the space.
If you need somewhere that can accomodate a crowd, there's tons of room on the relatively vast patio at City Tap House (which pairs nicely with their similarly expansive tap list).
This relaxed Old City spot boasts a lovely and secluded garden space that's a perfect fit whether you're looking to graze on a cheese plate or settle in for a full dinner or lazy brunch. For those that prefer their beer gardens permanent rather than pop-up, Frankford Hall is the full package, with a loud and bustling indoor-outdoor atmosphere, games, casual German food, and of course, no shortage of beer to keep it all going. On the internet, you’ll find tons of articles discussing about their own list of essential outdoor furniture. Sectional Patio Furniture – Primarily used indoors, sectionals are now placed outside because of their ability to withstand damaging outdoor elements.

Outdoor Ottoman – It may not be the most popular type of outdoor furniture, but most likely you’ll realize that an ottoman is the most useful piece you can get.
Outdoor Coffee Table – A coffee table does not only provide table space, but an additional room for storage as well.
Patio Umbrella Stand – Because most outdoor living spaces have tables, you want to maintain a good amount of shade, especially if your furniture is out in the balcony where no source of shade is available. All-Weather Wicker Daybed – you can transform your outdoor space into a personalized resort. The choices on outdoor furniture are virtually endless but for most homes, these are the most essential outdoor furniture that is strongly suggested.
Copyright of all content on this website is held by Preppers Shop UK unless otherwise stated. If the email address you enter belongs to a known site administrator or someone set to receive Wordfence alerts, we will send you an email to help you regain access. Below, you'll find some of the city's most welcoming patios and gardens, with vibes that range from grills-and-picnic-tables to top-flight fine dining. Luckily, the highly stylish garden seating area doesn't disappoint, providing a perfect spot to enjoy farm-to-table food against a backdrop of fresh herbs and fruit trees, right off Washington Square. That could come across as gimmicky in less capable hands, but it's really a lovely space with an especially intimate feel.
There's just one table tucked away in the backyard of Nick Elmi's intimate tasting menu-only BYO. Top-quality meats, picnic-perfect sides like broccoli salad and killer baked beans, and summery desserts like key lime pie complete the picture.
Expect a casual, outdoorsy menu that goes way above and beyond your typical backyard barbecue (heading up the kitchen for 2015 is chef Nick Elmi, of Laurel and Top Chef fame), the beloved watermelon ricky, and a lively, clubby scene at night. With the recent arrival of new executive chef Bobby Saritsoglou (formerly of Santucci's), Opa's menus have received an overhaul, and Drury plans to debut some new eats this season, too.
From the owners of beloved BYOB Bibou, Le Cheri has earned three bells of its own, and has the perk of a solid, well-priced wine list. Luckily, Fairmount's La Calaca Feliz also serves its deft Mexican dishes on a lovely patio (with the added perks of sufficient shade and substantial elbow room).
Summers are always chock-full of events out here, from live music to all-you-can-eat crab fests.

An outdoor living space is not complete without the essential outdoor furniture for seating, entertainment, and table space. What sets them apart from the normal couch is that it makes togetherness possible – not to mention that they bring out sophistication that other types of furniture fail to provide. Ottomans with hollow structure make a perfect space for storing small stuff like game CD’s, yard tools, and the likes. Most of the time, they are placed in front or at the center of several chairs that may or may not match the table itself. Whether it is made from cast iron, bronze, or cement material, an umbrella stand is an important addition to your patio furniture.
Purchase one from your trusted online source today to keep your patio looking fantastic while you spend quality time with the family or you can visit the nearest stores so that you can have a firsthand experience to narrow down your choices.
Head over the Eater Philly Al Fresco Heatmap, which tracks the best pop-ups, updates, and new additions over the past year or so. Outdoor tables are first-come, first-served, which is a huge bonus when all the indoor seating is booked. If you find the restaurant fully booked (hint: it's always booked), get a small group together and call the restaurant to inquire about availability for this private dining option that can be yours for the whole night. How you choose a particular piece or pieces depends greatly on the size of your family, the frequency of the arrival of guests, and your preferences with regards to entertainment. Apart from giving a comfortable place for your foot to rest upon, an ottoman can also provide an additional seating space when necessary. Some homeowners are satisfied with fairly priced tables and chairs; while others may crave for more luxury that sectional furniture can provide. But expensive or not, buying outdoor furniture with excellent quality guarantees the great look of your patio for a decade or so.

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