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Two time World Reserve Champion Barrel Racer and several time world average record holder, Jill Moody, of South Dakota, has been working with EquiMedic USA, and her professional barrel racing colleagues, to help us design a new “down and dirty”, top notch, functional, equine exclusive first aid medical kit.
A close friend to EquiMedic USA, Jill Moody  has been using and traveling with EquiMedic first aid medical kits for several years now. Emmo's Pet First Aid - Be prepared for occasional accidents, and prevent the minor from becoming major.
This lite weight, handy and economical blanket folds compactly into a very small unit to fit into your kit, yet when unfolded (54" X 84") can totally wrap a human to trap and hold in body temperature and hold the sun''s heat for added warmth.
And many of us only want to deal with the care of wounds and injuries, at home.  The Small Wound Care Medical Kit has been created for horse owners to tend to wound care at home.
This compact and affordable item can be the difference between life and death, and can be used on your horse as well: where two might be better to insure enough coverage.

This medical kit is complete with the various dressings, wrappings, compression bandaging, cleansing, tools, equipment, ointments, topical dressing application tools, and the all essential blood abatement product. Jill  has literally" been there and done that": barrel racing, training prospects, re-training sour barrel horses, traversing the continent, and conducting barrel racing clinics. Moody has experienced about everything that a horse owner could in the way of emergency scenarios. This medical kit bag has one center carrying strap and easily opens and hangs with the attached swivel metal hanger,  so this well designed medical bag can offer you plenty of ability to organize your medical supplies how they will best suit you when you need to find them in an emergency.
Jill  has had a strong hand in the direction that this kit has taken, and what has gone into it. Both mesh and clear vinyul pockets are located inside for easy access to your medical supplies.

Differing from all of our first nine equine medical kits, this new equine medical kit contains no products for humans. This kit is packed in our triple section, soft sided kit bag, and offers you pretty much everything you will need, to care for you horse's injuries and issues.
If you are a serious horse owner, who intends to be the first responder to your equine partner's injuries, and sickness, this is the kit for you.

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