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This course is designed for small and or low risk business's and can be easily adapted to suit the companies activities. There is no formal exam at the end of this course all students are continually assessed by the tutor and all students will be awarded a certificate on successfully completing the course to required standard. First Aid Consultancy & Training Services will provide a manual free of charge along with this course. The Certificate issued is valid for a period of 3 (three) years however Health and Safety do strongly recommend that training at least a half day is taken every year. THANKS to all of you who kept me and my horse Joe ( I’m Cotton-Eyed Joe) in your thoughts and prayers after his recent colic. Due to a scheduling mix-up, the stem cell treatment for my horse was due to arrive at BREC before we’d had a chance to schedule an appointment for it to be injected. I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much we appreciate all that you for our babies and for us! And a huge Thank You to the entire staff for all that you do to help owners provide the best care available to our equine friends. I have been a client of Blue Ridge for close to 25 years and have always been very satisfied with the care and service I have received. Just thought you might like to see pictures of Willie and me checking out the ACTHA trail at the Horse Center. AboutEstablished in 1979, Blue Ridge Equine Clinic is a full service equine veterinary clinic serving Central Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley. Hound & Horse is excited to be attending an equine first aid course at Bicton College in Devon today! This course is for you if you are an adult students and are looking to gain the qualifications to allow access to university, to study nursing at a higher level.
The course content covers Biology, Psychology, English and Maths as well as Health Studies and Sociology. Successful students have gone on to gain places in all branches of nursing and social work, along with teaching and business degrees.
We offer accredited vet care courses that range from Veterinary Care Assistant Diploma courses to the pre-veterinary Nursing qualification for those who want to qualify to study for the Veterinary Nurse course. The ABC Awards Level 3 Certificate in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals is a regulated qualification that has been developed with the overall aim being to prepare learners for a career working as an Animal Hydrotherapist.
The Veterinary Care Assistant Course has been designed to prepare students for work as a Veterinary Assistant. The Veterinary Practice Receptionist course is for those interested in pursuing this career and for anyone already employed as a Vet Receptionist wanting to enhance their knowledge. The Animal Handler Certificate course was created to help handlers to gain the essential skills of effective and humane handling and restraint.
Veterinary careers may include working with companion animals, wildlife or livestock in a variety of roles. Many of our vet care courses consist of theory units and practical units and this enables students to obtain hands-on experience in a veterinary care setting.
This course will prepare you for work in the floristry industry or to run your own floristry business. English and Maths is something which is very important for you during your studies and beyond. If you have an otherwise healthy horse and suspect dust to be the cause, this can often be cleared up by flushing the eye 2-4 times a day with an equine eye wash. I highly recommend that you keep a bottle of 'Clear Eyes' Sterile eye-care solution for horses and ponies in your horse first aid kit.

Find out what items you need to build a well rounded horse first aid kit for your barn, your truck and on the trail.
Equestrian Safety - This is a straight forward practical guide to keeping you and your horse safe from injury. This information is written for the horseman to better understand and cope with the variety of disease and injury that can occur during the course of horse ownership. Gaited Horses and MulesFun informative interview on gaited horses with long time trainer and author Burl Brooks aka Moose. Tracy Norman attended an advanced equine cardiology course in Las Vegas offered by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine that was only open to internal medicine and veterinary cardiology specialists. Your love and concern for the horses is so apparent, and whatever the circumstances, I always know they’re in good hands.
Not only does she take wonderful care of my beloved horses and truly cares about them and is so extremely competent.
Although I came to you with a heavy heart, you quickly reassured me that this was a situation that you could handle and I was impressed through every step of the surgery and recovery process with your professionalism and kindness. At first, I wasn’t too sure the procedure would be successful, but Whiskey is much better than what he was a month ago!
Julia Hecking) for all its help and encouragement  in getting this young horse to the ring and being successful in his yearling year.
I appreciate your consistent attention to offering the latest diagnostic techniques and equipment yet the friendly staff remains largely the same and attentive.
Willie and I are also back to taking dressage lessons, and hope to enter Dressage With a View at the Horse Center on June 30th! It will provide you with the skills required to pursue a place at university in related healthcare and nursing programmes. Examples of training opportunities are: nursing, children’s healthcare, adult healthcare, mental health, special needs, midwifery, audiology and social work. You must have a wide variety of life experience, a professional outlook and will be ambitious, focussed and resilient. Our team are always happy to advise students on career and study paths, please contact us for free advice. Many people think that becoming a vet is the most obvious choice for a career working with animals.However, whilst this may be a popular idea, this is an extremely tough option as the university degree entrance requirements are high and the number of applications far exceeds the number of available university placements.
This is the best way of being able to apply theory knowledge into practice and of getting a thorough understanding of what a particular veterinary role involves.
The Government has introduced new standards and also as you enter the workplace, employers will be looking for these skills too.
I will be there to demo and talk about Equipilates™ and also applied equine podiatry. The object of the case studies is to assess and improve a person while using what was learnt in our training.
If the eye(s) dona€™t clear within a couple of days or worsen or you suspect something more serious, get your horse to the vet. New research regarding the importance of heart rhythm disturbances  on performance and safety was presented, as well as advanced techniques in echocardiography (heart ultrasound) and cardiac diagnostics for horses with poor athletic performance. I know she spent far more time with my gang than she had intended but that did not deter her one bit to stay with me to make sure all was well.
Everyone understood and did everything possible to accomodate me to ensure a positive outcome and minimize my concern for my horse.
Changing yet the same ?? Thank you for years of excellent care for a long list of Johnson horses!

Amazingly no toys were swapped or lost, they all happily carried and played with their own toys for the whole walk Happy dogs = Happy me! Thank you to every single one of my clients for supporting me and entrusting me with your beloved animals, I've met and made friends with so many wonderful people, horses, dogs, cats, guinea pigs and chickens! You must be able to demonstrate the potential to study at Level 3, through our Quick Skills Test at interview.
Employers in the veterinary care sector include: Private Veterinary Practices - this usually entails 2 or more vets working in partnership (with associated veterinary care staff). Here at BMC, we are committed to ensuring our students leave us with everything they need to reach their goals and meet the expectations of the industry. Places are strictly limited to ensure individual attention and the class will cover exercises to correct pelvic biomechanical dysfunction, mobilise the spine and teach you how to achieve correct alignment, breathing and centring. I have been really pleased with the measured pelvic screening results for both of my case studies so far but had not had the opportunity to watch either case study ride over the 5 week period.
This course will help me to thoroughly diagnose heart murmurs, rhythm disturbances, and performance limitations, to formulate a prognosis for horses with heart problems, and aid owners and riders in making informed decisions about the safety and suitability of horses for different kinds of work. I adore him dearly and hope that we will have many happy years together thanks to you and your staff!! None of this would be possible without all of your hard work, expert care and belief in us. Thank you also to all my friends, family and particularly my husband for supporting me, putting up with my constant dog chat and understanding my absence during busy work periods.
Most practices offer emergency and weekend services and staff may be required to be on-call. I saw such a big difference yesterday, a much straighter rider and graceful rider who was able to sit comfortable on her horse. You continue to take the time to educate, encourage and care about the horses after all these years. Fouse that Alzine was peacefully laid to rest on Sunday afternoon in the field behind the barn that she was born in. Usually urban practices deal mainly with companion animals and rural practices additionally may deal with livestock, horses and wildlife.Animal Welfare Charities - there are a great many charities that employ veterinary staff. Kate has told me that "I am no longer in pain after a riding session" and "Before I started I would feel like my left leg was not effective and felt like it just hung down, now I feel it wraps around the horses side and is effective." but to see it was much better than hearing about it. Please let all of them know how much I appreciate their utmost efforts and care of her during her stay there. Cowles was a long distance participant in DD’s NC prepurchase exam, so it was a bonus to have them finally meet in person! The People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) and the RSPCA, are examples of the larger charities offer veterinary services and employing vet staff. Finally I got ahold of and Tabby who recognized that it was EPM and we started him on medication right away.
Even though the outcome was not what we had hoped, I would not have done anything different. I needed to know that everything possible was done to save her, and the professionalism and knowledge of the team at BREC helped me come to the ultimate conclusion that letting her go was the best thing for her. Many tears were shed when we came to pick her up on Sunday, and I truly appreciated the empathy felt by Dr.

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