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How iphone apps programming experience, Updated: oct 2, 2015 article series teach people build iphone ipad applications programming experience.
English Communication Skills for Android is one of the must have applications available for smart phones.
At Spoken English India in Bangalore, we are constantly innovating and evolving newer ways concerning how to improve communication skills in the most effective manner regardless of whatever level the aspirant stands at as and when she or he joins us for the purpose.
Communication skills as they stand for the spoken English in India have many facets that need to be taken care of at various different levels of various different aspects not only of the language but also of the psychological and the biological factors aimed at supporting those skills in the most effective way. You know English as a language, are well familiar with its grammar and you can frame fairly correct sentences in English when asked to do so. You studied English language in your school, practiced speaking it a bit in your college and then got busy with other things in life. After your personal needs are singled out, we intensively work with you at a personalized level.
With all these tools at our disposal along with the knowledge and insight into how to improve communication skills the most effectively, we at Spoken English India make an ideal place in Bangalore for the aspirants to flock up to and do what they can, the best! Our assessment and consultancy package provides HR managers, team leaders, employees and job seekers with a one-of-a-kind evaluation and benchmarking tool. Detailed evaluation on a selection of the most essential business communication skills (e.g. A written report containing the results in the form of an easy-to-read table based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) standard. Identifying the potential of the individuals operating in English-speaking work environments and optimally supporting their progress.
Objective evaluation of the English communication skills of high-potential employees in succession planning and the promotion of the next generation of talents.
In order to get the most out of the assessment results, we recommend that you make use of our HR Development consultancy service. Developed by Springz, the app has fetched a rating of 3.8 out of 5 on the Google Play Store and brings incredible lessons on the board which not only boost one’s communication skills but enhances the personality and confidence.
Once after successful installation, launch of the app begins with a screen full of articles heading like types of communication, tips for developing good communication skills, different styles of communication and many more to let a user to choose and begin as per the level and individual requirement. The outstanding article of the app is the understanding body language and nonverbal communication which is amazing and scintillating for everyone.
But you are not able to speak the language fluently without first translating each and every sentence inside your head and then speaking it out. Your speech sounds more like reading a newspaper than speaking something in a passionate way that really means what it says.
You never learned English properly in the past or you ignored it in the school as a language as well as a subject. Free Association Technique: addresses your basic hesitation, diffidence, shyness and other complexes. Guided Association Technique: addresses your capacity to streamline your thought patterns and speak them out effectively. Non-stop Nonsense: addresses your hesitation to face a new person as well as it addresses your fluency. Resonance Building Technique: addresses the quality of the sound of your voice and your capacity to keep it resonating for a longer duration whenever needed.
Listening sessions: address your capacity to listen to the neutral English accent and enjoy it. Accent Practice: addresses your capacity to practice the neutral English accent in an effective way while enjoying it too. Tongue Twisting Technique: addresses your capacity to speak out lengthy and complicated sentences in a flow while enjoying mastering your English fluency too. Flow Technique: addresses your basic psyche instilling in you a feeling that the person in front is a friend and not a competitor or a challenge to deal with, which in turn makes you less hesitant and more confident while speaking. Group Discussions: address your interest as well as your capacity to get involved in healthy discussions in the presence of a facilitator who takes care of your grammar, expression, pronunciation, vocabulary, voice quality, accent, body language and content development while you are discussing. Description: addresses your capacity to describe things and events non-stop in a flow, in front of an audience to improve spoken English skills. Grilling a Person: addresses your capacity to face challenges as far as personally experiencing how to improve communication skills at Spoken English India! Answering a Question: addresses your capacity to listen and frame precise answers based on the language of the questions, express effectively and speak out with the right accent. Story Building Technique: addresses your capacity to be spontaneous, creative and imaginative while speaking in English.
Going beyond Rules: addresses your spontaneity while speaking fluently because if you have become so much at home with the rules of the language that you no longer need remembering them as you speak, you will also stop translating sentences inside your head before you speak. Harnessing Energy and Enjoying Speaking: Conversation, if done wrongly, gets degraded to a tiring process that wastes energy.
The app unveils all the important information regarding effective communication under different headings one need to follow and implement in order to succeed. The other majestic topics it unveils include sweet talking tips, team communication tip and techniques & skills for therapeutic communication etc.

As such in this shrinking world that is getting united with advancement in technology and communication, English oral communication skills play an important role. The result is that your professional growth is stuck whether you are in business, marketing, management or administration. You don’t need trying to imitate any specific accent like the US accent, the British accent, the Australian accent or any other for that matter. Besides this, the app permits a user to share the information via Gmail or message as it clearly knows communication as an inherent social interaction. You are expected to be able to converse in this language if you wish to take part actively in all the happenings in this advanced and globalised world. You feel you can never win over the language and make it an integral part of your personality. You perform an experiment with us in the laboratory and then immediately take it out in the real life to test it on the grounds of reality until it becomes your second nature.
The same process, if learnt as an art at the level of producing the sound of the spoken word rightly, conserves energy and you can go on speaking non-stop for hours without getting tired. This means that you are on the job for 24 hours and not only for the duration of the session as far as how to improve communication skills at Spoken English India is concerned! However, many people lack the ability to communicate in English and hence, often, suffer from inferiority complex. You become your own leader exploring how to improve communication skills at Spoken English India in Bangalore! They fall back and lag behind others in this competitive world and often fail to reach the pinnacle of their career owing to the lack of oral communication skills. They often retreat from important conversations and events and fail to establish career growth. How to Start improving Oral Communication Skills?Oral communication skills start with understanding, reading, writing and then presenting.
If you keep a safe distance from English conversation or stay away from articulate English speaking person, then you should improve your oral communication skills now.
Do not let the inability to converse in English become your major barrier in your career improvement. Understanding the fundamentals of oral communication: Before you step into the reality and advance your oral communication skills, it is quite essential to understand the basics of communication skills. Do not refrain from practicing oral communication in English in the fear of making mistakes and getting embarrassed. Initially, you might face difficulty, yet with practice and proper guidance, you will definitely improve.2. Kick off your hesitance: Hesitation and thinking about how people perceive you if you commit mistakes while speaking is the greatest fear that almost everyone, especially non-native English speakers experience. However, this fear will haunt you till the last day of your life, until and unless you start giving a damn to it. On the journey of developing exceptional oral communication skills, these kinds of thinking should not create hindrances.4. In order to bring out your skills and fluency in speaking, you should practice speaking with your families, colleagues and friends in English!Effective Techniques to Improve Oral Communication Skills:Certainly, you cannot become skillful in communicating in English in a single day. The learning process should be started from the scratch and must be completed successfully. Overcome all your fears and worries by practicing English speaking and participating in conversations spontaneously.1. Read as much as you can: Reading is considered to be the best practice that can enhance basic oral communication skills. Also, this will aid you in developing your thinking process and enhance your sharpness in gathering ideas and expressing them in English.2. Check out the dictionaries: Dictionary is a wizard of new words with its synonyms, meanings, adjective and noun forms. Also, dictionary explains the word with in-depth explanation and example, helping the readers to learn the worda€™s usage.
In your spare time, you can always look for some uncommon words and their meaning with pronunciation in the dictionaries.3.
Listen to learn: Listening is another practice that will help you to train yourself for oral communication. Initially, you will be diverted from the listening as most of the words will appear to be unfamiliar and you might not be able to comprehend everything in one go. Also, the accent of a native English speaker might also be non-understandable as you might find difficulty in understanding the tone and accent of the spoken words and sentences. However, gradually you will learn, but for that you need to have lot of patience and perseverance. Listening to slow English songs, speech, presentations, news, debate or watching movies will help you a lot. Writing the necessary points: While you read, you generally come across some specific words that are tough to spell out. Also, writing helps you to become familiar with sentence construction, which will later help you in conversation.5.

However, murmuring will certainly not help you in getting over your oral communication lags. Read loud so that you can clearly hear your own voice and make out the mistakes while reading. The golden tips for making your communication skills better are to pronounce each and every word clearly and loudly. Read whatever you get in your hand, whether a torn out page from old book or a column from news paper .6. Ask your guide or teacher: The communication issues or errors can be corrected at the bud if you approach your teacher or guide who holds expertise in English. Clearing the doubts related to both grammatical and sentence construction issues will significantly help you become skilled at oral communication.7.
Take help from Google Translator: Google, being the best option for the e-learners, can help you in clearing your doubts. If a particular pronunciation is bothering you, enter the word in Google Translator and click the audio version to listen to the actual accent.8. Look out for Online Dictionary: Other than Google Translator, you can take the assistance of Oxford online dictionary or other renowned dictionaries. These dictionaries, not only have wide range of words and their meanings, but there is an audio version available. Moreover, you would find the phonetic transcription of each and every word which will give you a clear idea of the accent and intonation of the given word.9. Enhance your vocabulary skills: A good orator has new words in his or her vocabulary and uses them intelligently while speaking. So, when you are on the way to becoming a good oral communicator, you should augment your vocabulary skills as well.
Watch movies for learning more: If watching English movies during leisure is your favorite pass time, then you are a lucky one. Attend English-activities going around you: How about spending an evening in debate or discussion sessions in your locality? You may find many activities going on especially during the weekends in local community halls or auditoriums. Enroll yourself in conversation clubs: You may find ample of conversation clubs all around the city, where special classes for improving oral communications are held.
Engaging in debates and discussions: If you have few willing friends who also want to boost up their English oral communication skills, then plan a debate or discussion session with them.
A healthy and interactive session once or twice a week will definitely help you in learning and sharing.14. Find out helping materials from the market: Better to avoid books quoting a€?learn to speak English in five daysa€™ or similar to this! There are some really inspirational English learning books available in the market that will empower your oral communication skills.15. Inquisitiveness- the pillar to success: How inquisitiveness helps in improving English oral communication skills is not new to anyone.
Curiosity brings in the urge to learn new words, accept the challenges and develop smooth communication skills. Unless you are curious to learn new, you will never develop confidence and knowledge.How to Apply the oral Communication Skills You Have Learnt?Now, after you came to know about the techniques, you need to find out how to apply the skills that you learnt.
Become friendly and approachable while speaking: Communication made in friendly tone always gets an upper hand compared to communication done in a formal manner.
Be brief and highlight on the points as often too lengthy and enlarged speech becomes monotonous and moves out of track.3. Apply gestures while speaking: While you speak, try making your point clear by including some gestures with the help of your hands and face. Confident body language: While you are engaged in oral communication, your body posture is a factor that will speak more than your words. A decent and approachable body language engages the audiences, while hunched shoulders and crossed arms reflect your unwillingness in speaking.5. A calm and composed attitude shows your patience, sincerity, respect, honesty and value for the work.6. Stick to any one accent: While speaking you should apply your skills intelligently and shouldna€™t mix up the accents. Speak with humbleness: Besides patience, you should also work on improving your modesty while speaking. This enhances your oral communication skills in English.By now, you have got the ways to improve the oral communication skills.
As a newbie, you might come across various hurdles, but keep your calm, dedication and patience and carry on! By practicing hard, you can reach greater heights and might end up becoming an English orator one day!

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