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Lose Your Accent in 28 Days: This accent reduction book and CD system has helped thousands of people around the world reduce their foreign accents. In this site I can’t forget children, so in this article I suggest you books for kids.
Hear words sounded out, spoken and spelled to improve word-blending skills and reinforce spelling skills. We seek your support to meet the expenses relating to the formatting of articles and books, maintaining and running the journal through hosting, correspondences, etc. A LINGUISTIC STUDY OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE CURRICULUM AT THE SECONDARY LEVEL IN BANGLADESH - A COMMUNICATIVE APPROACH TO CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT by Kamrul Hasan, Ph.D.
Bringing Order to Linguistic Diversity - Language Planning in the British Raj by Ranjit Singh Rangila, M. Your articles and book-length reports should be written following the APA, MLA, LSA, or IJDL Stylesheet.
The Editorial Board has the right to accept, reject, or suggest modifications to the articles submitted for publication, and to make suitable stylistic adjustments. The blurb of the book declares that it "has been prepared for use as a course book for undergraduate students, the book provides students with adequate and challenging material to practice and work on their English skills through a variety of exercises in listening, speaking, reading and writing." The authors have taken the needs of the student community and prepared the materials with care and commitment as they have given the learners enough space and matter for improvement.
Please ensure that your name, academic degrees, institutional affiliation and institutional address, and your e-mail address are all given in the first page of your article.
Learn phrasal verbs and useful vocabulary with our English language book and audio CD to help you improve your advanced English conversation.
You will never find a better series of books on phrasal verbs, idioms and advanced vocabulary. Practical Everyday English is a self-study book with audio CD that focuses on advanced vocabulary, phrasal verbs and idioms. Advanced Everyday English with audio CD is the second book in the Practical Everyday series. High-level Everyday English is book 3 in the Practical Everyday English series, and is designed for students who have reached a very advanced stage in their English studies but still need a little help with difficult everyday vocabulary.

A Self-Study Course in Essential English ConstructionsThis upper-intermediate level handbook of 25 essential English constructions will provide you with a much deeper understanding of things you may already know, but are not quite sure how to use.
Mr Collins's books cover exactly the gap that foreigners still have to cross in order to pass from just grammatically correct English to real daily English conversation. Learn the 356 phrases in this book - with a fun cartoon to help you remember all 356 expressions!
But If you want to buy this book from Amazon, you must know that currently, it can be shipped only within the U.S.
High quality, academic integrity, ethics and morals are expected from the authors and discussants. The book offers a comprehensive body of knowledge and practice in English for students whose careers in various fields these days depend also on their level of competence in English. Also include a declaration that your article or work submitted for publication in LANGUAGE IN INDIA is an original work by you and that you have duly acknowledged the work or works of others you either cited or used in writing your articles, etc. It teaches students words and expressions which are often not learnt at schools or in other books.
Like the first book, it is designed to improve the vocabulary of advanced students of English and contains advanced vocabulary, phrasal verbs and idioms. If your English grammar is already very good, but you would like to become more fluent in British English conversation and feel more comfortable with phrasal verbs, Practical Everyday English will really help you. The large selection of grammar points in the Intermediate book is suitable for students of all levels above elementary, either to learn more or to review. Jobs are available all around the world and in places far beyond their place of birth, upbringing and study. Remember that by maintaining academic integrity we not only do the right thing but also help the growth, development and recognition of Indian scholarship. Learning English will be fun again and all your friends and colleagues will want to learn English conversation so that their spoken English is as good as yours. And English appears to be a good passport to such places facilitating easier communication both at work and outside the places of work.

Some of them give complex explanations of grammar (I use this if I need to explain something in great detail, for example). Some of them give grammar points or exercises designed to be used in a group, or in a class setting.
Textbooks used in classes aren’t meant for self-study, and usually need a teacher to guide you.
This book, however, is clear, to the point, and gives simple exercises suitable for individual learners.
You do not, for instance, have to read large blocks of text to understand how the grammar works.What makes it the best English grammar bookEnglish Grammar in Use is clear and concise.
Each page is a lesson on its own – I often use a single page from this book as part of an English lesson.
This makes it effective for me as a teacher and for students who would like to use it on their own. However, the best grammar book in general is the Intermediate version, available here, as students of all levels can use it. Even advanced learners can use the book for practice, as the English grammar exercises are a good method for revision.The books are also available in other languages, though you will have to check locally for availability. I am aware of Spanish (pictured left) and Japanese editions, for instance.As a teacher, I find this English grammar book invaluable. Advanced English tenses: Get a deep and flexible understanding of English tenses today - find out more here.
Master word order: Learn excellent sentence structure fundamentals - available in print and eBook formats.

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