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Emsisoft Emergency Kit is the only free, fully portable dual-engine cleaning toolkit that scans for and removes Malware and Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) from your PC. Run: Simply double-click the Emsisoft Emergency Kit shortcut that appears on your Desktop to launch the scanner.
We recommend that you run an online update each time you start a new scan, to ensure all the latest malware signatures are included. If you’re opening the program for the first time, it will automatically prompt you to do so. Once the update process has completed successfully, the color in the first menu block will change from orange to green. The Malware Scan is the best choice for most users because it’s optimized to scan locations where malware typically infects.
If the scan detects any malware or PUPs on your computer, it will display and preselect all findings.
If you opt to delete files instead, you will irreversibly delete the detected files – so only do this if you are absolutely certain the files are malicious. Very rarely, a scan detects a rootkit that cannot be automatically removed without a significant risk of damaging your system. In this section you can also opt-out of using SSL encryption for all server communications which will allow you to analyze all the information that is being sent and received from Emsisoft webservers. A Quarantine Re-Scan is by default performed every time new signature updates are downloaded. Enable Beta Updates only if you are an advanced user and want to take advantage of the latest untested software updates. Emsisoft Commandline Scanner makes it easy to run repeated scans, perfect for use in automated batch scripts. Up to 250 cleaned PCs per year: Higher packages for 500, 1000, 2000 and 4000 PCs available too.

Warnung: Microsoft hat eine ungepatchte Zero-Day-Schwachstelle, die mehrere Versionen von Microsoft Word betrifft, bestatigt. Uberlegen Sie sich, ob Sie den von Microsoft temporaren Workaround umsetzen wollen, damit MS Word keine .RTF -Dateien mehr automatisch offnet.
Fur erhohten Schutz gegen diese und zukunftige Bedrohungen per E-Mail, sollten Sie Ihre Outlook- Einstellungen umstellen, sodass Standardnachrichten nur als Text angezeigt werden.
Die Emsisoft Anti -Malware Behavior Blocking -Technologie schutzt Benutzer automatisch von diesem Zero-Day- Bedrohung. Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010, and 2013 sind auch, zumindest teilweise, betroffen, weil MS Word als Standardprogramm fur die Anzeige von  .RTF-Anhangen genutzt wird. It’s the tool of choice for a second opinion scan and works well in combination with any other antivirus- and anti-malware programs. If Windows issues an alert and asks for your permission to run the program, allow it to run with elevated rights.
While online updates are not possible in that case, the software itself remains fully functional for scanning and cleaning, without risking an accidential infection of the plugged in drive or disk. We recommend you quarantine objects in most cases, as this option will completely disable the malware by wrapping it in an encrypted container. If this occurs, you will get a notification to contact one of our malware removal experts in the Emsisoft support forum. By opting in you give the program permission to collect anonymous information about malware it finds on your computer, which helps improve our products’ overall malware detection capabilities.
If it ever happens that you have a wrongly detected object in quarantine, a re-scan with corrected detection signatures would ask you to restore the quarantined objects back to its original place.
Its features are nearly identical to those of the graphical Emsisoft Emergency Kit scanner, and many professionals have called its latest incarnation “one of the most sophisticated command line scanners around”.

It can easily be integrated in multi-engine scanning toolkits and its created log files are easy to parse. RTF-Dateien die in Microsoft Word geoffnet oder in Microsoft Outlook mit der MS Word-Vorschau angesehen werden. Diese Einstellung verhindert, dass die automatische Ausfuhrung von angehangten HTML-Inhalten und .RTF-Malware.
Microsoft Outlook 2003 ist nur dann  verwundbar, wenn  (von den Standardeinstellungen abweichend) ebenfalls  MS Word fur die .RTF-Vorschau eingestellt wird. Use it if you suspect your computer is infected, but other protection and cleaning software fails to get you out of your misery.
It will only scan active programs and perform a quick search for known malware traces in file system and registry.
It will render the malware harmless, while allowing it to be analyzed by one of our technicians if needed or restored in the off chance that it is a false positive. Sobald die Datei geoffnet oder in der Vorschau angezeigt wird, konnen Angreifer mittels Fernzugriff auf Ihren Computer zugreifen, Sie uberwachen, Dateien stehlen oder schadlichen Code ausfuhren.
This scan is also useful if you wish to configure your own scan settings, scan additional drives for malware or exclude certain folders. A rootkit virus, trojan, spyware and worm is a malware program that has administrator level access to all the network system. What it does is it burrows itself deep into the system and hides itself, making it almost invisible and hard to be removed and detected by antivirus.

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