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Let’s consider some of the best survival vehicles you can buy that help you get out of dodge when SHTF during TEOTWAWKI. The SUV is often a good choice for a survival vehicle; it can carry a lot of supplies, is available in a 4X4, can tow, and can carry 7-8 people. An enduro motorcycle is designed to take on the streets, the gravel, and everything else you can throw at it. Don’t forget that you can also travel on foot which is why we always encourage our readers to maintain good physical fitness in the event they have to bug out. In the show this week Lisa and I went over some overlooked areas of preparedness, and how even the smallest thing could become a game changer.
This might not be “overlooked” but it is something that deserves more consideration than it gets. We take for granted how easily we can get support when we need it these days, but what would you do if there were no police to intervene?
Being honest with yourself means leaving your ego at the front door, knowing there is always someone better than us, and knowing there is always more we can learn.
Without our trash being taken away on a weekly basis, sanitation is bound to become an issue. Like it or not all of our preparedness supplies are going to run out at one point or another. We need to think about all the supplies and food we have stored as a buffer to get us through until we can figure out a long term solution. Most of us have a hammer and a couple of screwdrivers, but do you have something as simple as nails and screws? Having manual tools like saws, hammers and drills are important, but not having the little things can make life pretty difficult. We all like to believe that we could do what it takes when push comes to shove (I do anyway) but in reality, the situation will play our far different in real life than it does in our heads. While life after SHTF is going to require more manual labor and work, there is bound to be down time…especially after the sun goes down.
Having books, board games, musical instruments and even getting outside and doing some hard work are good ways of curing boredom.
In a post SHTF situation cellphones might become non existent, or an unaffordable luxury, but we will still need a way to communicate when the family is separated. Also included in communication is talking to your family and educating them about safety and planning.
We talked about a couple of articles in the podcast from Urban Survival Site that tie into life after SHTF & some overlooked problems pretty well. In a total grid down event, the credit card companies may not come knocking on your door, but eventually they probably will. Also, when the food closet is bare, you will not be able to run to the store to buy dinner, you will need to have enough food to get through whatever situation you may have to face.
Once you begin to amass large quantities of food, it is easy to get complacent about your food storage. These are all possibilities, so think through and plan what you would do, and come up with what if’s for every area of your preparedness. Filed Under: Featured Posts, Prepping Skills, Prepping Techniques, Survivalist Prepper Podcast About DaleSurvival and being prepared should not only be a passion, it should be a lifestyle. I don't believe that the end of the world will be the "end of the world" I believe it will be the end of the world as we know it now. Enter your email address to subscribe to Survivalist Prepper and receive notifications of new posts by email.
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Do you have the survival skills to survive in a post-collapse world with no police, no laws, and no government? Connor Mollison is a former elite swimmer, having been ranked within the top 20 in the UK and training partner with current 2016 Olympic swimmers. The Navy SEALS are known for their combat swimming stroke, which they deem as one of the most efficient ways of swimming for long periods of time without wasting too much energy.
But you need to know this: A 'Combat Swim' stroke isn't just an advanced tactic of the Navy SEALS for staying afloat or swimming long distances.
With 71% of the Earth's surface being covered in water, it is no wonder why swimming is viewed as an essential life skill. Many of you reading this are avid survivalists and consider yourself well prepared for all types of survival situations, like being stuck in the desert or what may happen in a terrorist attack. Does it make sense now why being a strong swimmer and able to handle oneself in the water is one of the key factors in being chosen for the Navy SEALs? A rip current can form when the sand beneath the ocean floor is pushed apart by incoming waves (only visible underneath the water), creating a "lane" pointing from the beach to the ocean, and now after the waves have crashed against the beach nearby water finds a backflow within that lane of sand, now flowing in the direction of the open ocean. Of course, your first move should be avoiding rip currents, which is why you should learn how to identify one.
It doesn't have to be stormy for there to be a rip current; it can be relatively calm around and they will happen close to shore.
If you aren't strong enough to do so, let the current pull you out to where it naturally calms just past the surf zone.
Drownings and capsizing can also happen in tidal currents that occur in those harbor inlets, where the water flows between two sections of land.
From the coast line, it's even possible for spectators to see a lane of water that is crossing the Puget Sound, carrying a Native group in a hand carved canoe. If you have a book of tidal charts, you can know what time of the day the water is flowing, and use the tides in your favor.
Rivers are fantastic places for setting up camps, gathering water, washing in or to cool off. Even though a river may look safe, there can be incredibly strong undercurrents and flash floods which will not only sweep strong swimmers away, but also move big logs and rocks. Other times, you might actually be able to see the water under the surface moving or rippling, dragging along debris.
If you simply aren't able to do this, lie on your back, keeping your face out the water and wait for you to be pulled to calmer water. We've talked a lot about how to swim in certain situations and making sure you are able to get out of danger. First, as well as being able to help yourself, you are a much greater asset to a team if you are a strong swimmer because you will also be able to help others if they get into danger. Another fantastic way to use swimming as a survival tool, rather than skill, is to use it to catch food. Being a strong swimmer will mean that you have the confidence and know-how to complete a successful hunting mission in water.

Although you can't drink sea water, fish contain valuable liquid in their eyes, flesh and spine, which can be obtained by cutting them open and sucking it out. The single biggest way to become a stronger swimmer is to work on your technique, before worrying about any sort of distance traveled. Due to the fact humans are not naturally fantastic swimmers, it does take regular practice.
Working on your breathing will also help you if you get into danger because it will keep you calm under a stressful situation.
Specialized "adult swim vests" help aid beginner adult swimmers swim safely and develop correct technique. EMP & Solar Protection Technologies specializes in products that offer EMP Protection from solar storms, electromagnetic disturbances, and wireless identity theft. Our products are designed to protect electronics from the effects of a Coronal Mass Ejection or a Nuclear EMP attack. O ur products have proven extremely effective at blocking Electronic Surveillance, Illegal Electronic Interrogation and Data Theft. We can KEEP IT SECRET with our proven selection of Electronic Counter Surveillance bags & sleeves.
As an added benefit, many of our products significantly extend the lifespan of electronics. Every minute of every day the electronics you rely on to function in your home or business are assaulted by fluctuations in the electrical current supplied by your local power grid. Our products not only provide protection from the effects of solar flares and electromagnetic pulse, many of our products can double the useful life of your electronics. Here's what you can learn from both law enforcement and the special forces about taking out attackers -- even attackers with weapons. In addition to martial arts, being physically fit can make the difference between escaping harm and getting away without a scratch, or giving up, and letting an attacker either seriously harm you, or possibly kill you.
In the previous fictional excerpt, Theresa was able to defend herself from her own back using Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills. Be wary about martial arts schools that are really only "black-belt factories"; their main interest is to build your confidence by helping you master moves, thus you move up in ranks, achieving higher belts. Please note that some disciplines known for ground fighting are Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Catch Wrestling, and Russian Sambo. If you're in a situation where an attacker seems intent on stealing from you, are there things you can say or ways you can act that might help?
Relying solely on "skills" can cost you your life, as Teanis Tillmon of Street Defense Research advises.Instead, "strategic thinking" is what can save the day. Sometimes a bold first strike (and continued strikes) may be just what's needed to make an assailant turn up his heels and run, rather than attack, or simply send him to the hospital.In other words, you attack the attacker. A haymaker is easily blocked and deflected though with a forearm motion that pushes his fist and throwing arm to the outside as it comes in, leaving your attacker wide open for a counter-strike, which -- if you've been training in self-defense or stand-up fighting -- should follow a split-second after your forearm block that deflects his punch. Your best defense may be to avoid conflict as much as possible, using psychological tactics to mitigate conflict, avoid situations and locations where conflict is most likely to occur, and even choosing to learn non-lethal defensive tactics such as those taught to bouncers, security guards, and various levels of law enforcement and corrections officers.Why take a person's life if you don't have to? A study of concepts and tactics in regards to combat and self-defense can go a long ways, especially for those who don't have the time for on-going training in a gym that teaches self-defense. This auto inspection light can be used in the dark to inspect an engine or other part of the car. For the most part this vehicle can get you anywhere you need, paved or unpaved and can also be used every day. In this same respect it can’t exactly carry as many supplies or people in the event you need to bring a lot of passengers or gear with you. Just type in the words “Enduro Motorcycle” into Google and you will see articles on the BMW R 1200 GS. After all, a sailboat requires limited fuel, can carry multiple passengers, the ability to make its own fresh water and offer the freshest food all the time. A mountain bike is also a good means of self-propulsion that you can use to go off-roading or on the pavement. By Dale Leave a Comment As preppers we are always looking for ways to improve our situation, and think about what live would be like after a SHTF event. While these might be the most important, there are a number of smaller situations that we don’t give a second thought to that could cause big problems when it comes to life after SHTF if we don’t know how to handle them. Without police, the fire department and EMT’s we will be completely on our own when it comes to solving major problems.
But if we are not honest about how prepared we are, or how skilled we are, we are setting ourselves up to fail.
Not only will the trash be building up, but cleaning the house will not be as easy as turning on the faucet, plugging in the vacuum, or even something as simple as flushing the toilet. Taking a hot shower will be a thing of the past unless you have a solar shower, and washing clothes means using an old school washboard, or using something like the Wonder Wash. If we need to do repairs on the home, or build something, there will be no hardware store to go to, what we have will be our hardware store. Making sure we have tapes and adhesives, enough screws and nails, automotive fluids, wrenches and sockets and maybe even some scrap wool laying around is a good idea. In today’s society we have a million distractions, but in a SHTF event that all goes away. This is especially important for anyone with children, because a bored child can make your life miserable. Make sure everyone knows what to do in different situations, and make use of the down time by making sure everyone is on the same page. But there are modern conveniences that may not be available, like running water in your house, or electronic banking, or even your job.
This is why it is important to not only continually add to our supplies, but also our skills.
The definition of a prepper is "An individual or group that prepares or makes preparations in advance of, or prior to, any change in normal circumstances, without substantial resources from outside sources" Like the Government, police etc. Now retired, Connor teaches children and adults how to swim and runs his own outdoors website over at Sniff Outdoors.
Navy SEALS, being able to swim is a necessary survival skill and it can also be used as a weapon of war. They make sure that every SEAL can not only swim, but swim under intense situations like cold and fast moving water and even underwater for a long duration of time. This stroke is swum on your side with a single-armed breaststroke action and a scissor kick. You're about to learn how swimming can safe your life in a variety of life-threatening situations. As a child, you likely would have been dragged to swimming lessons without question and we'd turn up and learn what we have to learn.

This statistic doesn't even include drownings related to boating accidents; that would bring the overall number closer to 4000 drownings per year.
This is largely due to the fact that it is colder, the water is moving (think waves and rip currents) and it is far easier to suddenly find yourself in rougher waters with strong currents. Anyone swimming adjacent to it or within it can find themselves suddenly in the "rip current" and now being pulled toward the ocean. Although rip currents can sometimes be easily spotted, often it is very hard to tell if it's just choppy water or potentially lethal. Rather than thinking about fighting the force and swimming in the opposite direction to the moving water, you should attempt to swim parallel to the shore until you are out of the current. Native American tribes who canoe paddle the Puget Sound (where the Pacific Ocean flows past the San Juan Islands and into a large natural bay with additional islands and near Seattle, Washington), take advantage of the rip tides "conveyor belt effect" by simply paddling into the current, and then letting the current (conveyor belt lane of water) pull them several miles in whatever direction the tide is moving at that particular time of the day and where they intend to travel to. They also come with their dangers because they can be fast moving and potentially be home to deadly creatures in certain regions of the world such as alligators and venomous water snakes.
This is why you need to weigh up your options before you attempt to cross or swim in a river.
Usually, the water by an undercurrent appears calmer and there will be gaps in waves because of the movement underneath. This can also cause it to appear a slightly different color than other types of water in the river.
If you are capable, you should always attempt to swim at a 45-degree angle towards the river bank. The other main benefit of being able to swim properly is being able to use it as a tool to complement your current situation, rather than depending upon it when needed. SEALS and military swimmers also need to be confident at treading water for a long time, while holding a weight.
The smoother and more streamlined your swimming technique is, the more efficient you will be, thus wasting less energy.
If you are serious about improving your swimming, it is recommended to take up some lessons as a professional coach or teacher will know exactly how to help you out. It is possible to swim with a life vest on; when it's all said and done, packing a life vest may be the smartest way to get yourself across a body of water. Few of us stop to consider what would happen if there were a sudden failure of all personal electronics and a collapse of the power grid. External influences such as solar flares, natural disasters and cyber warfare may cause interruptions in power service that can only worsen the corrosive effects of fluctuating electric current on modern electronic devices. Workouts that build fast, explosive strength can help you overpower an attacker that lacks the same level of strength you've developed from your specialized training.
Your attacker goes down hard as your counter-strike connects with his chin, nose, or throat. You'll find it in military combat styles like Israeli Krav Maga and others like Russian Combat Sambo.It sounds cruel.
These are generally considered great for quick get-a-ways where limited protection from the elements and limited number of passengers is not a prerequisite. This bike is designed to be easy-handling off-road and on, is able for touring, and can carry one passenger as well as moderate cargo. You may also consider a bug out truck, camper truck, RV, Humvee, or tank, whatever floats your boat.
Even if we have our food storage covered, our water storage covered and have plenty of guns and ammo, all it takes is one kink in the hose to mess up our preparedness plan. Even if nothing like this happens, eventually our food, our ammo, our supplies, and medication are going to run out.
If you prep for a year or longer, it is easy to think you are better off than your neighbors. We have an excellent opportunity right now to add to our skill set because we have practically everything at our finger tips. However, unless you have a vested interest in swimming as a sport, it's likely you have never really tried to harness swimming as a survival skill. This is because of flash floods, quick sand and sand storms (you can literally drown in a sand storm). Even the strongest swimmers can be shocked at the sheer force of the ocean, or powerless to fight the downward flow of a fast moving river.
You will waste valuable energy trying to fight the strong moving water and will find it much harder to get yourself out of the situation. In other words, because of the river flow, you won't be able to swim across it in a straight line (not unless it's moving slowly) and will end up moving in a diagonal line pointing toward the bank from your entrance point. This realistic style training will mean that they are well prepared for any kind of rescue mission they will have to do. So, working on that breathing and then perfecting the combat swim stroke used by Navy SEALS can help you be a strong, long distance swimmer, if the opportunity or need ever presents itself. Though it may take more time than swimming without a life vest on, it can keep your head above the water even after you've exerted all your energy, helping ensure that you don't drown and live to see another day.
Many people freeze in the face of danger -- and die -- or are simply beaten, (women can be raped) and left for dead. Note: These workouts are a far cry from body building workouts of past years and more on the level of workouts currently used by NFL players, professional MMA fighters, and sometimes military special forces.
Sail boats can be equipped with battery powered desalination devices, solar power, full kitchens, private quarters, and an endless range provided the wind is blowing. But remember people are greedy, they will figure out a way to get what they feel is owed to them, this includes your mortgage company.
If the ability to swim is in your toolbox, you can proactively go out to hunt for food in the sea, lakes, or rivers and you can use it as a means to get fitter and stronger.
Those bigger waves pound against the shore, making it easier for sand "lanes" to be pushed apart creating the conditions for a rip current as described earlier.
If you are gradually exhaling while swimming, this will allow a more natural breath to occur. This of course is an extreme measure of self-defense, similar to carrying a firearm and actually using it one day to take an attacker's life.
If you have, be prepared that if things get really bad, they are going to think of coming to your house as their salvation. Sometimes a homeowner has to do this to protect their life and property from a burglar and is often justified in the eyes of the law in doing so.Sometimes the police have to take a life as well. The fitness will come in time; getting the technique down on the other hand is more likely to be the life saver.

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