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Made with super durable and soft Hemp material for cozy warmth and stylish strength, this dog bed gives snuggling a whole new meaning! We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Datsun mi-do – wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, The datsun mi-do is a subcompact car manufactured specifically for the russian market under the datsun brand of nissan motor company.
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A network of such drones could significantly increase the chance of survival following a cardiac arrest: from 8% to 80%!DroneAlec Momont of TU Delft's Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering designed his prototype for an ambulance drone together with the Living Tomorrow innovation platform as part of his graduation programme.
The popular Tuckered Out dog bed now features a new two-pillow design that provides even more comfort and support for petite puppies and large dogs.

Earth-friendly hemp is grown without chemicals, pesticides, irrigation or harvesting machines. When the emergency services receive a cardiac arrest call, this unmanned, autonomously navigating aeroplane can quickly deliver a defibrillator to the emergency scene.
Via a livestream video and audio connection, the drone can also provide direct feedback to the emergency services and the persons on site can be instructed how to treat the patient.
The drone finds the patient's location via the caller's mobile phone signal and makes its way there using GPS.
The ambulance drone can get a defibrillator to a patient inside a 12 km2 zone within one minute. This allows the emergency operators to see what is going on and provide instructions to the person applying the defibrillator, who in their turn can also ask the emergency operator questions.

Moreover, the presence of the emergency operator via the drone's loudspeaker helps to reduce the panic of the situation.'Five yearsMomont proposes expanding the existing emergency medical infrastructure with a network of fast and compact drones that have communication capabilities and can carry medical auxiliary equipment.
Moreover, the drone has not yet been tested on 'real' patients, and the object avoidance system for avoiding obstacles in the drone's path needs improvement.
A number of parties in the medical sector have already registered their interest in the project.Momont developed the ambulance drone in collaboration with the Belgian innovation platform Living Tomorrow, which helped to fund the project.

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