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An Emergency Phone unit is typically used in a high traffic area as an additional security measure for pedestrians. The wall mounted emergency phone series incorporates everything that has made our stand alone towers so successful -- powder-coated noncorroding #316 stainless steel, million candlepower blue strobe, touch carbon fiber speaker, along with an advanced unidirectional intercom system -- all assembled into a compact & sturdy wall mounted body built to survive and thrive for years.
When the call button is pressed, the unit engages its primary relay, activating the emergency strobe light.
Response Assurance - Unit cannot be disabled by pressing call button after Emergency Mode operation sequence is started. Available Cellular Wireless - Allows emergency call box to be placed in areas where traditional telephone lines cannot be used. Emergency Wall Phone Koontech Public Lift Emergency Telephone What's the Subway Auto Dial Telephone selling points?

A brightly visible, white on red, Handset Label displays oversized text that reads "EMERGENCY" vertically down the front of the phone. By having these wall-mounted call boxes, people are constantly reassured that police assistence is just a push of a button away. If the number is busy or does not answer, the call box will hang up and dial up to nine 'backup' numbers. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. They are easily visible from long distances, and unlike cell phones give the dispatch center your exact location for a faster response. A call progress lamp is provided on the front of the unit for the benefit of the hearing impaired, and flashes to indicate a call is being placed.

Certainly worse things could have happened, but this is not a good time to have an unexpected expense. When the call is answered, and the unit recognizes that someone is speaking to the unit, and the lamp glows continuously.

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