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PI1000 SVAT Covert DVR Spy Surveillance Camera Kit JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. After first hearing about these on Every Day Carry, I decided I needed to see one in person. From L to R: Smith & Wesson Tactical Pen, Emergency Survival Covert Spy Ventilator Pen (carbon fiber), County Comm Embassy Elite Pen (stainless), Pilot Easy Touch (fine point), Sharpie (standard).
Right away I will tell you that the best thing about this pen, and the thing that made tactical pens suddenly make perfect sense to me is the pocket clip. I played with a few others before I got to what is by far my favorite and the one I haven't put down since getting it, the Embassy Elite Pen by County Comm. This looks like it could come in handy – the Jackery Jewel is a MFU-certified Lightning-to-USB charging cable with a built-in 450 mAh battery. Whether you’re trying to start a quirky news blog, open a local Irish pub, or sell handmade furniture out of your garage, one thing’s for sure: your business is not going to succeed if you don’t build it a professional-looking website. If you’ve ever tried to quickly share a file with someone, you know there’s nothing actually quick about it. Actually, the first tactical pen I can remember was actually a Sharpie, but made with fiberglass, and with a screw on cap. I own 2 County Comm Embassy pens (1 of the elites pictured and a red-ano aluminum version). You have to know what writing with the Fisher pen fills are like (I’ve been using them in my Retro 51 pens forever) and if you can deal with them, the pens are solid, feel good in the hand and are quite substantial pens (especially in the case of the stainless).
The aluminum version feels like any high-quality pen you might find in terms of weight, the balance is good though slightly heavy on the rear end. I highly recommend these pens as writing instruments, and the stainless version as a collectors piece. But do you also carry a metallic silver Sharpie, in case you need to scribble down some vital information on a beer bottle? Our tactical ring binders are covered with hard-wearing ballistic nylon (colors available: black, battleship gray and olive drab) and feature steel-reinforced edges for close combat advantage. Having just spent a while browsing through all that stuff, I returned to this page, read your comment, and feel suitably brought back to earth.
I was going to suggest a tactical decleater to accompany your tactical stapler — and then realized all decleaters likely qualify as weapons.
A sufficiently robust pen could probably be used as a substitute for the kind of miniature batons (which really are pen-sized) that some cops use. A court-officer friend said that the mini-baton was actually his favorite of the various batons he was allowed to carry.
If all else fails, the stainless version will hurt like all get out if you use it as a striking weapon, it’s that heavy.
As for going all stabby on someone, if the need arose, I’d probably just uncap my silver Parker 75 fountain pen and use that to do a nice Joe Pesci impersonation. Someone now needs to create a Tactical Pocket Protector to hold these pens, which is positioned over your heart and is constructed from triple-weave Kevlar. I hereby declare this idea Creative Commons, but it would be common courtesy to send me a copy of the prototype.
Stitch the kevlar together with some fishing line, which you can pull out and attach to the included fishing hook. Wacko-tactical company, Cold Steel, markets their Pocket Shark, which looks like a ‘roided up Sharpie.

I reached for the Tactical Post-It Notes(tm) I have on my desk, but I couldn’t find them. I recently got into the whole pen and paper thing and thus was given a reason to contemplate the world of tactical pens. They note that was done on purpose, to make sure you get your pen back if you lend it to someone (you keep the cap in your hand).
I remember the book Shibumi by Trevanian, where the hero, Nicholai Hel, ends the life of his Go teacher with a pencil to the temple. Ed Parker, the founder of American Kenpo, is said to have stated that an ordinary ball-point pen, such as a Bic, was a perfectly serviceable weapon, if properly handled. I get catalogs with pages of ooh-spooky-black-ops-wannabe crap like this, for no really plausable reason. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
I figured they make guns and bullets and stuff so they probably could make a pretty bad-ass tactical pen, right? Since this pen costs a whopping $23 on Amazon I really wanted to do my research before buying it, and that research told me that the cartridge that goes in it kind of sucks so and people "in the know" generally advise buying a Fisher Space Pen Refill to go in it instead. I carry a pen everywhere and damn if I'm not always snapping off pocket clips and then losing the pen.
This is easily the shittiest pen in the bunch simply because it's not a pen at all, despite the deceptive name.
The idea being: you can carry a pen some places where you can't carry a more obvious weapon, and these allow you to defend yourself in such situations, should the need arise. This pen is not a tactical pen at all, but it writes nicely and has a squishy grip to make it comfortable in your hand while writing. Between permissions, log-in credentials, size limitations, and download issues, it’s a miracle if you’re ever able to share the document at all. For a start, there’s my Tactical Stapler, in milled aircraft aluminum, with rapid reload functionality and an extended magazine. The deluxe model also includes a pocket that accepts ceramic plates for personal protection.
If you have that kind of training and skills, poking someone with a finger sized stick is way down the list of action plans. Rather than stabbing or thumping people, these batons are used to apply pressure to specific pressure points as part of a hold. The idea is to have easy access to the tape, not to improve the grip of the pen or anything. Also included is a tiny magnetized rod which is engineered to float in water, so it can be used as a compass. However, I am reading up on how to cut threads on my lathe and hope to remedy that problem soonish. They have a ton of versions of it, but I’m preferential to the one with the carbide tip for breaking windows for $130.
Tactical pens mostly seem to fill a need for weeaboos to feel all special and tough: they’re covertly armed and dangerous, so look out mall ninjas! I especially love the oogy-scary-looking special fighting knives that have so many sticky-out bits, I bet that anyone who tries to pull one in a hurry ends up giving himself a wedgie.
And I don't just mean it's "a kick-ass pen," I mean: this pen could literally kick your ass.

This writes better and also lets you write easily in zero gravity or underwater, should that need arise. These things have solid metal clips that are literally bolted on to the pen, making them really solid and reliable. That said, it's definitely the most aggressive given that It's really just a Bic pen sized hypodermic needle made out of carbon fiber that "presumably" should you stab someone with it, would allow for easy blood flow. But really, the suggestion that you need a "tactical" pen for that is just stupid marketing. It's got a crappy plastic pocket clip that easy snaps off and may cause you to lose it, but with a price point hovering around a buck, that's no big deal at all.
The body is much more solid than the Pilot, the clip doesn't snap off as easily, the ink is permanent and getting hit with one would hurt like crap. Silver sharpie on black gaffer’s tape not only looks cool, but is very readable and will stick firmly to most anything (unlike the classic masking tape with black sharpie solution).
One of the guys I worked with commented to our ex Navy SEAL boss, something about wishing he had a weapon.
But this pen is really thick, wider than a Sharpie which makes it feel a little weird to hold in your hand while writing. Machined out of solid stainless steel and shipped with a Fisher Space Pen cartridge, this thing is solid and heavy and feels really amazing as a pen, which is important for obvious reasons.
And in a pinch you could poke someones eye out just as quickly and easily as one of the above pens that cost 50x as much. I bet some dudes were sitting around a table one day talking about how cool the Sharpie is and one of them suggested making a sharpie out of metal and the tactical pen revolution was started.
The really bad thing, and I'll be honest here, is that this pen is covered with Smith & Wesson branding and logos.
No definitive answer on how mighty a tactical pen is in comparison to a sword, but the tactical pen is definitely mightier than the regular pen. I've had a Sharpie in my pocket or bag every day since high school and they've never let me down. It's not cheap coming it at close to $50, but assuming I don't lose, it may last a lifetime.
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