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The Lexus of bug out bags, the 4.0 packs the best and most utilitarian of outdoor and survivalist gear into a 5,200 cubic inch Teton Explorer backpack.
It features many upgrades from the 3.0, like the Leatherman Wave multi-tool, SOG Entrenching Shovel, SOG Seal Pup Knife, MSR Miniworks EX Water Filter, and the 3 Liter Hydrapak Water Bladder, with room left over for one of our compact sleeping bags and tents, and your personal effects like clothing, meds, etc. And, unlike most emergency kits out there, your investment in our gear won’t just sit idle waiting to be used in an emergency. The Teton Scout 3400 has a fully adjustable torso to fit men, women, and youth [it works for our 9 yr old]. The Scout features plenty of pockets, rainfly, sturdy zippers, mesh lumbar support, thickly padded waist and shoulder straps, and bendable aluminum stays that conform to your shape for maximum comfort. Because we live in an archipelago often frequented by cyclones and quakes, preparedness should be part of our lifestyle.
A Bug Out Bag (BOB) is a handy survival kit that contains our necessities in times of emergency.
When choosing BOB food, go for the non-perishable, lightweight, less salty and ready-to-eat food items. Important items also include a can opener, Swiss knife, tumbler, plastic container and enough number of sporks. It’s best to create a list indicating the product’s use, expiry date, and other necessary instructions. Wet wipes, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, toothpaste and toothbrush, hypoallergenic soap, towels and other bathing needs should be put in a separate pouch. The basic set of clothing includes long sleeves, pants, shorts, socks, underwear, shirts, handkerchiefs and raincoats. Other important things to put inside your BOB are flashlights with extra batteries, power bank, whistle, sleeping bag, rope, plastic bags and extra money.
George GamayoSenior Producer at Panahon TVBeing the Partners Management Officer and Senior Producer of Panahon TV, George Gamayo actively participates in talking engagements with students, teachers and Local Government Units.
Before you head out on that summer camping trip, keep these safety tips from a wilderness emergency medicine expert in mind.

Summer is in full swing, which means you might be packing up the car and heading to the woods for a leisurely — or perhaps adventurous — camping trip. Before you set up the tent and unroll your sleeping bag, it’s important to be prepared for trekking into the wilderness.
Stay connected: Charge a cell phone in advance, turn it off and store it in your vehicle (don’t forget a power cord that works with your car, too).
Anticipate the elements: Skin cancer is on the rise and melanoma has been associated with frequency of sunburned skin.
Block out bugs: Insect repellent will help deflect mosquito, fly and tick bites, all of which can carry disease. Pack enough provisions: It never hurts to have extra food and water on hand in case of an emergency or if you find you need to extend your trip. Don’t start a campfire with gasoline: Vapors from gasoline and similar fluids are flammable.
With enough equipment and food to support 1 person for 3+ days, depending on how you ration the food.
OuttaGEAR bug out bags have the contents and quality to also be used for camping, backpacking or hunting. We think it's the best inner-frame pack in its class on the market you won't find as good a quality inner-frame for the money–we promise! That’s why it’s wise to devote a few hours of assembling Bug Out Bags with the family on a laidback weekend.
Having a detailed supply list, including their expiration dates, will be helpful as you quarterly check the contents of your BOB. He is also the writer and director of PROJECT DINA or Disaster Information for Nationwide Awareness, a flagship project of the government in 2013, which teaches the public what to do before, during and after certain calamities. Don’t assume, though, that your phone will have coverage; purchase a map of the area and keep it with you at all times in case you get lost. Take extra caution when swimming in waters with currents, rip tides or heavy boating traffic, and avoid alcohol, as it can affect judgment and increase risk of injury or drowning.

Always bring water when hiking or participating in another outdoor activity away from your campsite.
Emergency departments see several people each summer who have sustained severe burns from starting bonfires with gasoline — and you don’t want to start a forest fire.
You are free to copy, distribute, adapt, transmit, or make commercial use of this work as long as you attribute the University of Michigan Health System as the original creator and include a link to this article. But maybe the best part--it is extremely comfortable and durable, and when properly fit, its load lift straps and overall design distribute the weight so effectively that even when fully loaded, it feels pounds lighter than it actually is. It has gear loops to attach an axe, shovel or firearm, and also features a top carry–loop which makes it easy to load into a car or carry one-handed. This usually consists of supplies that will help you survive the first three days when trapped in a building or moved to an evacuation site, especially when problems occur during rescue and relief operations.
In 2015, the United Nations gave him accreditation to cover the third World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction and the ABU Global News Forum in Sendai, Japan.
It’s also a good idea to bring a portable battery charger if you won’t have access to electricity.
Consider lightweight insect masks and bug-repellant clothing if you’re in a particularly infested area. Afterward, be sure to shower in order to avoid swimmer’s itch, an allergic reaction the skin may have to animal parasites in the water.
In addition, the gear is great for bug-in situations if you need to hunker down in your house.

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