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This resource was part of AHRQ's Public Health Emergency Preparedness program, which was discontinued on June 30, 2011, in a realignment of Federal efforts. Here is a reasonable collection of Free Plan Templates to help you in day to day planning tasks and activities.
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The current edition of this plan supersedes and replaces all older versions which should be destroyed.Holders of the Provincial Nuclear Emergency Response Plan Implementing Plan for the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station are responsible for keeping it updated by incorporating amendments, which may be issued from time to time. We have designed an attractive and professional looking marketing plan template that will better serve you for your needs.
Here we design plan template that teachers can use for their preparation of lesson plans in the classrooms. You will find this wedding template much better for its professional like look and best design elements. Catering Business Plant Template is designed using different design elements like graphics, images, text boxes and others. This public document is administered by the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services of Ontario. We prepared this lesson plan template quite suitable to your needs for well drafted lesson plan. Province of Ontario Nuclear and Radiological Emergency Response Planning Structure The structure for nuclear and radiological emergency response planning in Ontario, which is illustrated in the diagram on the previous page, consists of the following components: The Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (EMCPA) requires and authorizes the formulation of the plan. The Major Organization Plans (as per Figure I on page ii) should be consistent with the requirements under these implementing plans. These plans are based on, and should be consistent with the PNERP and with the Provincial Implementing Plans.
Procedures : Based on all of the above plans, procedures are developed for the various emergency centres to be set up and for the various operational functions required.
The terminology contained in the Glossary, Annex K, should be used for this purpose by all concerned.
The Province may issue operational directives1 and emergency orders (in the event of a declared emergency), where warranted and appropriate, as further detailed in this Plan. Such a hazard will usually be caused by an accident, malfunction, or loss of control involving radioactive material.
Such action will be taken in order to protect public health and safety and the environment. These are combined in one document since many of the features will be the same for all such potential emergencies.iii) Response Plan for Other Radiological EmergenciesThis Plan provides generic guidance on dealing with radiological emergencies caused by sources not covered by the other Implementing Plans. It would be applicable to accidents at nuclear establishments, transportation (of radioactive goods) accidents, satellite (containing radioactive material) re-entry, radiological dispersal devices (RDD), radiological devices (RD) and nuclear weapon detonation.
In the event of a radiological or nuclear emergency, the CNSC will monitor and evaluate the on-site response of the licensee, or in the case of an event with no identified licensee, the CNSC will oversee and regulate the response activities of the responding organizations to ensure compliance with the Nuclear Safety and Control Act and Regulations, and ensure the health, safety and security of the response staff, the public and the environment, as well as maintain compliance with Canadaa€™s international obligations.

In either case, the CNSC will implement the CNSC Emergency Response Plan CAN2-1 November 2001. In the event of a nuclear emergency, the federal government will liaise with the provinces and territories as well as with neighbouring countries and the international community as outlined in Appendix 19 to Annex I. The federal government will also manage nuclear liability issues and coordinate Canadaa€™s response, should Canadians be affected by a nuclear emergency in a foreign country.
Pursuant to section 14, the Governor in Council must consult the provinces that are affected by the emergency before issuing a declaration of public welfare emergency.
However, where the emergency is confined to one province, the Governor in Council may only issue a declaration of public welfare emergency or take other steps when the Lieutenant Governor of the province has indicated to the federal Governor in Council that the emergency exceeds the capacity of the province to deal with it.Pursuant to section 8, while a declaration of a public welfare emergency is in effect, the Governor in Council may make necessary orders or regulations that are necessary to deal with the emergency. The orders or regulations made by the Governor in Council should not unduly impair the ability of the province to take measures, under provincial legislation, for dealing with the emergency. 2007, c.15This act assigns responsibility to the Minister of Public Safety for the coordination of emergency management activities including the development and implementation of federal civil emergency plans in cooperation with other levels of government and the private sector. Federal authorities also coordinate or support the provision of assistance to a province during or after a provincial emergency. Assistance could include financial assistance where the emergency has been declared to be of concern to the federal government and the province has requested assistance. The Commission is given exceptional powers including the power to make any order in an emergency that it considers necessary to protect the environment or the health and safety of persons or to maintain national security and compliance with Canadaa€™s international obligations. The PNERP is formulated by the Lieutenant Governor in Council (LGIC) under section 8 of the EMCPA. Once a provincial declaration of emergency has been made (see section 1.3 above), the LGIC has the power to make emergency orders and may delegate these powers to a Minister or to the Commissioner of Emergency Management (CEM)2. All emergency orders must be consistent with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.ii. Emergency orders are made only if they are necessary and essential, and they would alleviate harm and damage and are a reasonable alternative to other measures.iv. Emergency orders must only apply to those areas where they are necessary and should be in effect only for as long as necessary.
During an emergency, the Premier or a minister (delegated) is required to regularly report to the public with respect to the emergency.ii. The Premier is required to submit a report in respect of the emergency to the Assembly within 120 days following the termination of the emergency. If the Assembly is not in session at that time, the Premier is required to submit a report within 7 days of the Assembly reconvening. Municipalities in close proximity to, or with nuclear establishments within their boundaries, should include in their emergency response plans the measures they may need to take to deal with the off-site consequences of a radiological accident. As required by section 8 of the EMCPA, municipal nuclear emergency response plans shall conform to the PNERP and be subject to the approval of the Solicitor General (this function is fulfilled by the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services).
The Solicitor General may make such alterations as considered necessary for the purpose of coordinating the plan with the Provincea€™s plan.As required by section 5 of the EMCPA, plans of lower-tier municipalities shall conform to the plans of their upper tier municipality.
RadiologicalPursuant to sections 2(3) and 3(4) of the EMCPA, every municipality, in developing their emergency management program, must identify and assess the various hazards and risks to public safety that could give rise to emergencies. Where a municipality identifies radiological risks (as per PNERP Implementing Plan for Other Radiological Emergencies), the emergency plan for that municipality must include provisions to deal with such an emergency. The time between the accident and any release of radioactivity may be generally limited.ii.
Radiation doses could be high (greater than 250 mSv [25 rem] for the most exposed person at the facility boundary).iii. Environmental contamination could be quantitatively significant in both extent and duration.v. Priority evacuations, if necessary, shall be undertaken within this area because of its proximity to the source of the potential hazard.
Primary ZoneThe zone around the nuclear installation within which detailed planning and preparedness shall be carried out for measures against exposure to a radioactive plume. Secondary ZoneA larger zone within which it is necessary to plan and prepare measures to prevent ingestion of radioactive material. Response Sectors will lie within up to three rings around the nuclear installation: an inner ring (which is the Contiguous Zone), a middle ring and an outer ring.
This is a group, which, by virtue of age, sex or dietary habits, is expected to receive the highest projected dose.

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