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This is an accessory kit that you can add to any of our great Survival Kits, it contains additional emergency supplies specifically designed for family hygiene following a disaster.
Following a disaster, there may not be any running water available and structures such as your home may be unsafe to occupy. September 29, 2014 by Shannon 2 Comments As we’ve discussed in previous installments of Dare to Prepare, every family needs to assemble a basic disaster preparedness kit and create a family emergency plan. What additional preparedness topics would you recommend families with special needs consider? If this is your first time commenting or if something in your text triggers a spam filter, then your comment will be held for moderation and will not be visible immediately.
Originally designed by NASA for space exploration, these insulating mylar sleeping bags provide compact emergency protection in all weather conditions by reflecting back and retaining 90% of a survival victim's body heat. Following a disaster when at home, school, or work; structures may suffer damage and be unsafe to occupy. Filled with the same very powerful OC pepper spray that you've come to expect from Mace products, this little baby will still immobilize an assailant as quickly as any of it's bigger cousins. This mini pepper spray also features a hinged safety cap that flips open to reveal the actuator button, and an orientation tab that allows you to feel when the unit is properly aimed. The Mace Keyguard® is a 4 gram unit that contains approximately 6 short bursts with an effective range up to 5 feet. This comprehensive accessory kit contains all of the personal hygiene supplies needed to maintain healthy, sanitary conditions for you and your family following a disaster.

If your family is like mine and has a member with special needs, then it is important that you consider some additional topics. A disaster can prevent you from contacting your doctor and interrupt the distribution of medications and supplies to local pharmacies. If you use an electric wheelchair, a dialysis unit, or any number of other pieces of medical or mobility equipment that require electricity, then you need to consider what you’ll do if the power goes out. Family members with mental impairments and children (with or without special needs) may be unable to understand your family emergency plan. If no one in your family has a driver’s license or no one owns a vehicle, then it is critical to get in contact with your local government to find out its plans for evacuating residents without private transportation. If someone in your family utilizes a service animal, be sure to include food, water, and other supplies for the animal in your preparedness kit and go bag. The mini pepper spray is one of the smallest available but it's not small on stopping power.
Your cart is secured using an SSL Web Server Certificate which encrypts all data to and from the site. To avoid spreading diseases and causing infections at a time when medical assistance may not be available, it is important to ensure that you have an emergency kit with adequate emergency hygiene and sanitation supplies. It is important to have what you need on hand so you can make it until the communication and transportation infrastructures are in working order.
Make sure neighbors, school teachers, personal care attendants, and other individuals who have regular contact with these loved ones are aware of your family emergency plan so they can help your family member get to your meeting place.

If someone in your family may need special assistance coping with a disaster, then you may want to consider what, if anything, can be done to help facilitate this coping. Please see the About tab on the menu for details about the site, including privacy, advertisement, affiliate link, and comment policy information.
When on the road during a disaster, you may be forced to travel by foot in extreme weather conditions.
If your medication requires refrigeration, consider how to store it if the electricity goes out. Would it be beneficial to have a “rehearsal” where you practice the things that might occur during a disaster? So be sure to have the proper emergency shelter supplies such as emergency thermal sleeping bags. If you have advanced warning for a disaster that could knock out the electricity for days or weeks, sometimes the best course of action is to evacuate. Are there security items (a blanket, a stuffed animal, a trinket, etc.) that need to be kept on hand because they might calm your family member? Make sure each family member knows something he or she can do to help this loved one cope if a disaster strikes.

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