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This medium-sized ER™ EMERGENCY READY First Aid Kit is perfect for the car or home for up to 4 people.
The ER™ Medium Sized First Aid Kit is designed for the home and car for 2-4 people. Packaged in convenient size plastic case that stores anywhere and providing quick access to a variety of emergency first aid supplies. ER™ First Aid Kits are recommended by health care professionals and approved by a Medical Advisory Board. Most people don't realize that certain items contained in first aid kits expire every 4 years and need to be replaced. Be sure to also buy our Water Preserver Concentrate to preserve emergency water for up to 5 years! Mayday Emergency Drinking Water Pouch contains 4.22oz of water, and has a 5 year shelf life.
The people who are just getting started or are interested in the basic necessities are the people Ms.
The Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends that households have a minimum of three days’ worth of supplies on hand in the event of an emergency or natural disaster. Mountain House freeze dried macaroni and cheese in bulk form available for sale at the Ohio Family Survival Store.
She recognized how unprepared people were during the water crisis as thousands of people made mad dashes to local stores, buying cases of bottled water and depleting shelves of food.

Mary Tyson, owner of the Ohio Family Survival Store, demonstrates some survival items in her shop in Sylvania. Families with children should go over emergency plans every season, and if a particular season lasts several months, have a refresher midway through.
December 11, 2015 by SeattleRDY Leave a Comment Awesome, you have a disaster kit ready to go with food, water, first aid supplies and all the important things you need to survive a few days on your own. Cash: Even in a minor power outage cash and credit card machines may not be available at stores. Bleach: Unscented household bleach is a great tool for disinfecting things and sanitizing drinking water. Tools: Adding some basic tools like a wrench, crowbar, and screwdriver will come in handy if you need to shut off utilities, get your car unstuck, or remove debris from a passage way. Check out Building a Kit on Seattle Office of Emergency Management’s website for a full list of what to include in your kit. All our water drums and water drum kits now include a Drum Fill Date & Instruction Tag! Tyson decided she wanted the community to have easy access to basic preparedness items and information, and she opened the Ohio Family Survival Store. Alexis Rd., next to Sylvania Diner in Sylvania, offers water purification items, freeze-dried and canned foods (some with shelf lives of up to 30 years), personal safety tools, lighting, first-aid kits and extras, and, really, anything to help a family survive in case of an emergency.
Tyson sells nearly all of these things in her store; however, she said some of these things can be purchased elsewhere, like big box stores or the grocery store.

There should be plans on where to meet outside the home and a separate plan on where to meet inside the home, depending on the type of emergency situation, Ms.
Now that the essentials are covered let’s talk about those understated yet nice-to-have (when you need them) items that can go far in boosting the quality of your kit.
If you can, set just a little cash aside to be able to buy what you need in an outage pinch.
We provide easy tips, tricks and information about free events to help you be better prepared. That is why we have designed the ER™ Easy Replacement First Aid Packs to save you time and money when restocking your emergency first aid kit. If a comment violates these standards or our privacy statement or visitor's agreement, click the "X" in the upper right corner of the comment box to report abuse. Items like plastic freezer bags, money and a phone charger can save you time, money and get you out of a bind. Simply purchase a replacement pack every 4 years to replace the expired items first aid supplies in your kit.
To help you out, here are the three top items people often don’t think to add to their kits, but always regret not having.

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