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Any major disaster could temporarily overwhelm Police, Fire and Ambulance and First Responders. There are many daily conveniences that we all take for granted; running water, electricity, gas, telephones, getting cash from an ATM machine, or even running to the grocery store to pick up milk and bread. All of us face the possibility of natural disasters, accidents, power outages or intentional acts to disrupt our daily lives. Preparedness is a continuous cycle of planning, organizing, training, equipping, exercising, evaluation and improvement activities to ensure effective coordination and the enhancement of capabilities to prevent, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate the effects of natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and other man-made disasters. In the preparedness phase, emergency managers develop plans of action to manage and counter their risks and take action to build the necessary capabilities needed to implement such plans. Proper maintenance and training of emergency services, including mass human resources such as Community Emergency Response Teams.
Learn how to prepare for your family and at your workplace, explore many links to resources and see what to do for your pets.
With multiple zombie cannibal attacks happing in this country and across the world, people are starting to take the “Zombie Apocalypse” seriously. Some enterprising retailers are setting up special sections in their stores to help people stock up the supplies they need to defend themselves against hungry flesh-eating zombies. One company in particular has taken the zombie bullets to another level and the promise that their bullets will make the dead permanent!
Explosive Hornady® performance comes in every Z-Max™ bullet specifically designed to vaporize zombie varmints.
Combined with AMP™ jacket technology, the Z-Max™ bullet is built to…MAKE DEAD PERMANENT! Hornady, the manufacterer of the Z-Max Zombie Bullets, even made a video about the bullets and their effectiveness. Medications and written instructions on how you give them, especially if your routine varies at all from what is on the prescription label. Written information about feeding schedules and medical conditions that could be left with a boarding facility if necessary. Current photos and descriptions of pets to use in case you are separated from them during a disaster.
Keep in mind that when there is a disaster that causes an evacuation, lodging fills up fast. We all hope that disaster won’t strike us, but it’s best to be prepared and not need the plan than need a plan and have no idea what to do! What wonderful information and for sure living on the East Coast we have to aware of weather this time of year. That tropical whatever brewing off of our coast right now is a definite reminder that anyone who has weather related woes (and who of us doesn’t?) needs to be ready.
I try to schedule all of my cats for their annual at the same time, that way I stay in practice to get them out of the house in a hurry if need be.
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Health bulletin board ideas are very important, especially in schools, for emphasizing the role of health in everyone’s life. Health teachers may be able to incorporate several different bulletin board ideas on health and nutrition into their classroom at one time. A bulletin board focusing on the role of doctors in the health process helps the elementary students feel more comfortable with these practitioners. These survival matches are the best available, and issued by the British Military to all their service components. Designed for the military, these new 3 year shelf life water purification tablets are lightweight but powerful. Stronger: built upon a woven fabric matrix with a high thread count, where each thread is connected to the others through the weave. Adhesive is more stable over time, keeps its adhesive longer, and comes off cleaner than regular duct tape. Two layers of protection: the top layer, and the opaque layer in the adhesive, unlike regular duct tape.
More flexible fabric, more contact with adhesive: conforms around rough surfaces much better than regular duct tape. An extremely powerful light for its size, the red lens allows for stealth, as well as maintaining night vision.

This high quality compass has a clear base plate with inch, millimeter and 1:24,000 scales, making it easy to read a map and set bearings.
Survivor Dry Box Case: Large enough to contain all of the above contents, but small enough for the space conscious operator. Both the Red Cross and FEMA recommend that you try to be self-sufficient for at least 72 hours (3 days) following a disaster.
Power outages can close grocery stores, put ATM machines out of order and prevent you from doing simple things like putting gasoline in your car. We cannot control the weather or prevent disasters from happening, but there are steps you can take to minimize risks from known hazards. Professional emergency workers are rapidly overwhelmed in mass emergencies so trained, organized, responsible volunteers are extremely valuable. Today we’re sharing an updated version of the information we previously published about disaster preparedness. Collar with tag and registered microchip both give the maximum ability to get pets back who go astray during a disaster.
Disaster kits are good to have on hand if you need to evacuate, and they are also filled with handy things in case disaster strikes and you are at home with local stores or delivery services not operating.
If you use dry food, package it in something airtight and rotate it every six months so it doesn’t go bad.
It’s a good idea to also have a photo of yourself with your pets for a quick proof of ownership. You may only take one or two cats to the vet at a time, but if you have more cats than that, make sure you have enough carriers to go around in case of evacuation. Not everyone is pet friendly, so it’s a good idea to ask around before you need to find a place to go in an emergency.
It’s always better to ask now rather than showing up in their driveway in an emergency! Talk to a trusted friend or neighbor in advance about helping evacuate and meet you with your pets in a safe location away from the disaster.
She says that she and Dad have lived in the same six block radius for 40 years and house for 30 years without anything ever happening. Please contact me if you are interested in reprinting or in having me write something unique for you. All health-related posts are the result of research and observation, but please do not use this site as a substitute for advice from your own veterinarian.
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Some great ideas include the food pyramid themed bulletin board, the physical fitness bulletin board, nutrition themed bulletin board, as well as the anti-drug themed bulletin board.
While the traditional food pyramid was divided into horizontal sections, the current version has vertical lines.
It could also list how many calories are burned from doing different activities or it could simply act to encourage children to get active.
The Tactical Vehicle Survival Kit is loaded with survival and medical tools and equipment, yet manages to keep a small profile so that it does not take up all the space in your vehicle. You can hear the JetScream amazing 122Db ear-piercing shriek above most natural or man-made noises.
Its self-cleaning cutting teeth and custom carrying case make this a must for emergency preparedness. Provides emergency protection in all weather, and is most useful to help prevent or treat hypothermia. Each waterproof sealed sachet contains 10 matches that burn for about 12 seconds each - even if wet! Each tablet purifies one liter (32oz.) of water and is conveniently sealed in an individual child resistant foil pouch. The 1 liter capacity of these bags make them great for purifying water (using the Aquamira tablets, for example, which are able to purify one liter of water each).
QuikClot is a chemically inert material in a mesh bag that speeds coagulation of blood, resulting in a stable clot that stops bleeding. The covert nose attachment restricts side scatter illumination to avoid detection from oblique angles.
Uses include shelter building, repairs, tool making, and improvisational equipment, such as snowshoe lashing.
Features 2 degree graduation lines with large numerals at every 20 degrees for easy reading of bearings.

Water and weather resistant, this case features: built-in compass, reflective bottom signaling swatch, water resistant, tongue and groove O-ring design, triple latched for best possible seal, lockable, rugged construction, floats. The Tactical Survival Revolution Has Begun – At Last, A Breathable Survival Sleeping Bag in Tactical!! Organizations like Community Emergency Response Teams and the Red Cross are ready sources of trained volunteers. Woman Bites Man’s Arm And Spits flesh Back In His FaceZombie Apocalypse Survival TipsZombie Apocalypse – Are Bath Salts Sparking The Cannibal Epidemic?
With hurricane season just around the corner in our part of the country, National Pet Disaster Preparedness Day is a good time to check and see if you’re prepared in case of emergency. If you have changed telephone numbers recently, verify that you have updated the number on tags and with the chip registry. Tip: You can put all of the photos and other documentation on a thumb drive to make it compact rather than carrying it all on paper. More of them are including this in their contingency planning, but you should check before assuming that they do. Shirts have the Olympus Offroad logo on the back and the team slogan " Dream it Live it" on the the front! While you should promote good health at all times, it helps to occasionally focus on issues like nutrition, learning about the body and how to prevent colds. The advantage of using a food pyramid instead of simply separating foods by food groups is that students can see how much importance they should place on each of the food groups.
Use the bulletin board to teach the kids what typically happens at a doctor’s appointment. All of the equipment fits into a water and weather resistant hard shelled dry box manufactured in an ammunition case style, and lockable. When filled, the gusset on the bottom flattens out and enables the bag to stand on its own. When stretched and wrapped on any surface, it bonds instantly and forms a watertight, airtight seal, even when applied underwater or exposed to or submerged in solvents.
QuikClot stops bleeding quicker than conventional methods and is safe to leave on wounds until more advanced medical help arrives.
Able to be seen over a mile away, and has built-in beacon modes, such as the SOS signal, for getting the attention of rescue personnel, as well as providing needed illumination.
Paper bowls are a good idea since they are lightweight and you don’t have to worry about cleaning them. If you plan ahead, you can sometimes find those on sale after the holidays when everyone is done turkey for the year.
Cut heart shapes out of red and pink construction paper and make enough to completely fill in the heart that you’ve drawn on the bulletin board. The dry box is triple latched for security, with a tongue and groove O-ring design, and contains a built-in compass and reflective bottom for use as a signaling device. Controls an Unbelievable 700 PSI, tolerates 500 deg F temps, flexibility maintained to -85 deg F, and insulated to 8000 volts. Variable power, which means you can conserve the battery life and use just the light you need, when you need it. The components of the kit address the fundamentals of survival: shelter, water collection and purification, first aid and traumatic bleeding treatment, signaling, and fire starting. Around the heart, write ways to maintain a healthy heart, for example, exercise, eat right, don’t smoke, maintain a healthy weight and visit the doctor. Fruit smoothies, frozen bananas covered with peanut butter and trail mix are just a few examples to add to the snack bulletin board.
So, if you are on mission and moving through not necessarily friendly territory, this is your kit.
Perfect for repairs, improvisation, and can even be used as a tourniquet (with proper training). Instructions explain how to find yourself on a map given known landmarks and how to set a bearing across the land using a map.

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