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The Emergency Alert System is a national public warning system that requires broadcasters, cable television systems, wireless cable systems, satellite digital audio radio service providers, and direct broadcast satellite providers to provide the communications capability to the President to address the American public during a national emergency.
They are also working on a Next Generation Emergency Alert System that will become operational soon. The Emergency Alert should have been activated in January 2008 during the inauguration and simply left running since then. While trying not to drag this into bashing, I will say that I am of the opinion that both major political parties are of the same DNA. October 26, 2012 By Barb Leave a Comment Trash cans can serve many purposes in prepping supplies.
Have two near your water heater with a garden hose, flat-head screwdriver and the printed instructions for how to drain your water heater in case you are in a situation where your potable water supplies are running low. Top 10 Oils For PreppingIf you don't yet have a stash (or a hoard) of essential oils, now is the time to start stocking up. I find that I worry less about the big "what if's" out there the more emergency planning my family does to deal with the unexpected.

It will complement other public alert and warning systems and will enable consumers to receive alerts through a variety of multi-media platforms on their smart-phones, blackberries and other mobile broadband devices. We can recover from natural disasters but I am less confident in our ability to recover from this President and his nincompoop minions.
If a situation arises where you have exhausted your water supplies and drained your water heater, you can then turn the trash cans into rain barrels. With recent and predicted events like Hurricane Sandy, The Colorado Wildfires, Fiscal Cliffs, and rising food and gas costs just in 2012 there is no denying that things are changing in our world. I will share the survival tips and tricks I have learned while on this preparedness journey and hope that you join in with lots of comments.
Whether or not you believe "The End of the World As We Know It" is near there are plenty of everyday things to worry about: loss of a job, health emergency, local weather events to name a few.
At the end of every post the blog randomly selects three more survival posts for you to check out.
I make sure to buy the ones that are the thicker rubber, not the cheaper flimsy plastic ones.

Watch the video below and as always, write down the instructions and store them in a safe place. I suggest storing the instructions in a ziploc bag with the needed supplies and taping it inside one of the barrels. I want to stress they are not food grade and not meant to store open bags of food and are not recommended for long term food storage. I know this, yet I do keep large unopened packages in them until I can get things properly stored. However, using calcium hypochlorite (pool shock) is the best prepper plan for chemically treating drinking water.

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