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The following list of 21 popular preparedness products is an interesting cross-section of supplies that were most chosen from people who happened to visit any one of the many product links embedded throughout our blog. Note: The supplies in this list do not include what people may have chosen from any of our vendor sponsors listed along the right side of this page. It looks like people were most concerned about their drinking water, as evidenced by the Berkey water filter being #1.
Our blog contains a number of articles relating to First Aid, and the First Aid Kit listed here (Made in the USA) is a reflection of people’s interest. A ‘space blanket’ or Mylar thermal blanket is a tidy and important add-on for one’s emergency survival kit.
Again, water is high on most lists of preparedness concerns, and lots of people looked at this 55-gallon water storage ‘kit’.
The ‘Wonder Junior’ by Wondermill is a popular item among preparedness supplies for those who are looking for a means to mill (grind) wheat into flour (without electricity). Preparedness for a nuclear event (nuke power plant event or nuke attack) nearly always involves Potassium Iodide tablets for thyroid protection.
Mine has never let me down, and the light will shine a long time before needing to recharge the batteries. I also did a review on this ‘best flashlight’ (given my particular requirements) and it is evidently quite popular given the number of those who have checked it out.
These ‘Gamma Seal’ lids are perfect for easy access of dry goods stored in 5-gallon buckets. If the sun is out, this Sun Oven will do the cooking and it has been a popular alternative choice for those who have browsed here. Although it requires muscle power, it will get the job done (albeit much slower than a chain saw!).

Given the popularity of this Excalibur food dehydrator, food preservation is among the higher callings of preparedness. Calorie dense food bars are perfect for emergency survival kits as is evidenced by the popularity of the Datrex food bars. You can rest assured that this transaction is secured by the same 256 bit encrypted methods that big sites like Amazon, E-bay and the major banks use. The ER™ Search and Rescue Kit is a 4 person emergency kit containing the recommended emergency tools and supplies in the event of a partial or complete collapse of a structure. This emergency kit is an emergency response solution for any disaster or emergency situation. Hard hats, Safety Goggles, Dust Masks, Safety Vests, and Work Gloves are some of the items included for the protection of rescuers. Supplies are included to provide medical assistance to injured victims and rescuers including Triage Tags to prioritize the level of medical care required by victims.
Tarps and Duct Tape can be used to construct emergency shelter and ground cover, providing an area to treat injured victims.
Aides in Search & Rescue following earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, winter storms, terrorist attacks, floods, etc.
The survival rule of thumb is that you can survive 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food.
While shelter is often taken care of except in wilderness survival situations, fresh drinking water can be a serious concern. Middle term – After bottled water supplies run out, you can start filtering water using a common hiking water filter. Long term – After filtration ceases to work, whether by lack of filters or when water sources dry up or become too dangerous, you need to find a long term source for drinking water.
A lack of drinking water can be deadly, as can be drinking unsafe water full of bacteria or other toxins.

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This completes the security of your payment information from A to Z keeping your private information secured and private all the way through the transaction. Most people advise to have 2 gallons per day per person, but half of that is probably the minimum.
Water can be taken from pools, ponds, rivers and lakes if you have containers to carry it in. Digging a well now is the most feasible option, as they will be difficult to construct without modern technology and tools.
Put a plan in place now to ensure that you have enough drinking water to survive for a week, month, or if needed, a year without modern infrastructure.
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You can always depend on these to work endless hours without the need to continue to replace batteries. By buying a few cases of bottled water, 2.5 gallon jugs, or ideally, burying 35 or 55 gallon drums of water, you can ensure you have a week or two supply.
This is will until the life of your filters has run out, so having multiple filters on hand is a good idea. After an emergency strikes, batteries can be difficult to find plus you must remember to replace them on a regular basis since their shelf life is limited.

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