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If you’re like most pet parents, the health and safety of your furry, scaly or feathered family members is a priority to you. Living in Brevard, there is always a chance that at some time between the months of June and November your home may be under a mandatory evacuation order when a storm strikes.  Do you know what you would do to keep your pets safe if you were ordered to leave? In addition to knowing where your pets will go in an emergency, you should also pack a pet survival kit along with your family’s disaster kit.
All it takes to keep your entire family safe and healthy during and after the storm is a little bit of planning. This article contributed by Susan Naylor, media specialist for the SPCA of North Brevard in Titusville. About BHWe are the digital magazine that's your go-to source for everything happening in Brevard County, FL. If you love to doodle and always wanted to learn a new craft, ClayZ offers a series of classes that will turn your drawings into a finished piece. KUNG FU CLASSES TO BE OFFERED AT INDIAN HARBOUR BEACH Beginning July 2nd, Authentic Kung Fu of Florida (AKFF) will be offering Beginner and Advanced classes in Kung Fu at the Irene H. The Divorce Recovery Workshop (DR) is a place to find friends, support and resources to overcome anger and to heal from pain.
The following list of 21 popular preparedness products is an interesting cross-section of supplies that were most chosen from people who happened to visit any one of the many product links embedded throughout our blog.
Note: The supplies in this list do not include what people may have chosen from any of our vendor sponsors listed along the right side of this page. It looks like people were most concerned about their drinking water, as evidenced by the Berkey water filter being #1.
Our blog contains a number of articles relating to First Aid, and the First Aid Kit listed here (Made in the USA) is a reflection of people’s interest. A ‘space blanket’ or Mylar thermal blanket is a tidy and important add-on for one’s emergency survival kit. Again, water is high on most lists of preparedness concerns, and lots of people looked at this 55-gallon water storage ‘kit’. The ‘Wonder Junior’ by Wondermill is a popular item among preparedness supplies for those who are looking for a means to mill (grind) wheat into flour (without electricity).

Preparedness for a nuclear event (nuke power plant event or nuke attack) nearly always involves Potassium Iodide tablets for thyroid protection.
Mine has never let me down, and the light will shine a long time before needing to recharge the batteries. I also did a review on this ‘best flashlight’ (given my particular requirements) and it is evidently quite popular given the number of those who have checked it out.
These ‘Gamma Seal’ lids are perfect for easy access of dry goods stored in 5-gallon buckets.
If the sun is out, this Sun Oven will do the cooking and it has been a popular alternative choice for those who have browsed here. Although it requires muscle power, it will get the job done (albeit much slower than a chain saw!). Given the popularity of this Excalibur food dehydrator, food preservation is among the higher callings of preparedness. Calorie dense food bars are perfect for emergency survival kits as is evidenced by the popularity of the Datrex food bars. You can rest assured that this transaction is secured by the same 256 bit encrypted methods that big sites like Amazon, E-bay and the major banks use.
The One Month Emergency Food Variety Pack from Augason Farms includes 559 servings of survival meals packed into 48 #2.5 cans. With over 21 different food varieties, the One Month Food Pack is capable of feeding up to 5 people for 30 days, or can last longer for less people. If you have any questions about the Augason Farms One Month Emergency Food Variety Pack, give us a call at 800-693-0279.
Of course, the key to keeping your pets healthy and safe is being prepared… especially during hurricane season.
Items like crates and carriers, food, bedding, toys and enough medication (if your pet’s on a prescription) to last at least two weeks should be included in this kit. A Brevard County native, Susan graduated from Titusville High School and Brevard Community College, and she is currently pursuing a degree in digital media at UCF.
Enjoy our local coverage of area dining, events, entertainment and other things-to-do in Brevard.

This completes the security of your payment information from A to Z keeping your private information secured and private all the way through the transaction. This kit has a shelf life of up to 30 years, making it ideal to keep on hand for future emergencies. Each kit weighs roughly 57 lbs, but is broken up into 48 cans which weight just over a pound each. There are only three pet-friendly evacuation shelters in Brevard County: Heritage High School, Port St.
Also be sure to have your pet’s medical and vaccination records on-hand along with identification and your contact information that will remain with your pet in case you are separated. For more information and to download a brochure with information on local hurricane preparedness resources, visit the SPCA of North Brevard.
An avid animal lover with too many full-time and foster pets to count, she has a soft spot for older and difficult-to-train dogs. You can confirm this by looking at the top left of your browser in the menu bar – where you will see the GREEN lock.
We look forward to answering all of your questions and providing you with all of your preparedness needs! When Susan isn’t promoting the shelter’s Facebook page or designing ads for adoption promotions, she enjoys spending time with her own dogs at the park or at the beach.
They are only open to people in the mandatory evacuation areas and you must have current county tags and proof of vaccinations for each pet to be allowed in. Some hotels will allow pets, but it is important that you confirm the pet policy in advance as part of your preparation planning.
You can also check with your veterinarian’s office and boarding facilities to see if they offer boarding services during mandatory evacuations (like Young’s Animal Hospital in Titusville offers for established clients).

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