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Posts may contain affiliate links, which allow me to earn a commission to support the site at no extra cost to you. We have plenty of exterior methods of heating food (a couple of campstoves, a firepit and a grill) and have done a lot of cooking on them as we love the outdoors but we don’t have anything for indoors yet and I would like to get something since if we lose our power in a blizzard it might not be very fun to go cook outdoors or even in the garage with the windows open. This summer when camping the stove we were using acted up and my inlaws bought what you have as option 2 for us to use. Very few people have open fireplaces anymore because of building codes and such, but that’s certainly a good option if you have one available. Cindy, I read about the Wonder Oven, and saw some concerns about it not maintaining a high enough temperature to avoid breeding bacteria. I spent a summer working in Alaska a few years ago, installing satellite internet at remote schools.
We had to carry everything with us, including food and implements, and I was pleasantly surprised at how tasty the freeze dried food from Mountain House was.
When the storm hits and you are without power for a few days, how will you heat water and cook food? I think it’s fun when the power goes out and we have a chance to pull out the camp stove and use it.
Even though we almost always use this as our emergency cooking source, it’s always a good idea to plan for more than one way to cook in an emergency.

BETTER: Download this Food Equipment List for emergency cooking and see how many you have on hand. We will be building a new home, Lord willing, next year and were thinking of putting a fireplace in (as we like that look) but what you have is also very pretty but I am sure quite a bit more practical.
I carried it during a trek on the Appellation trail when I got out of the USMC back in 1977.
These have been around since the Great Depression and it was our “go to” cooking source when I was a Girl Scout! Even those who live in the city can purchase patio fire pits that can be put to use in an emergency cooking situation. With some advance planning, a large cardboard box and aluminum foil you will be cooking in no time!
At no additional charge to you, I receive a small commission whenever a product is purchased through these links.
Maybe we didn’t use it right but it always wanted to burn right in the middle of the pan and then do practically nothing at all anywhere else.
They do involve open flame, but as long as they are attended to, and put on a stable heat proof surface they do work well. It doesn’t take much to make them, so save a #10 can and a few tuna cans, and store it in your garage for the future.

This type of emergency cooking does take some practice, and supplies, so read up if you are going to use this as one of your main types of cooking without power.
Make sure you have plenty of fuel (wood or charcoal) for the type of cooking you want to do. Ripper November 1, 2012 at 2:11 pmLooks like they edited the article to clarify THIS coming Saturday, Nov. At least she recommended that I move my bras out-of-the-way!Since they haven’t found anyone else to do the alternative cooking booth (because they’re all in hiding) I get to help out with the emergency fair again!
I really do have fun and appreciate the opportunity,  it gives me a chance to dust off all my cooking gadgets and play with fire!
So whatever is on your schedule for next Saturday, cross it off, and come play with fire too!There will be lots of other booths with great information on getting you prepared, so come take their handouts, eat their samples, and pretend to care!
Make sure to come hang out at the alternative cooking booth (aka cool booth), and take as long as you need learning everything you can!!!
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