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Provisioning four full-sized adults for up to three full days, this kit offers truly comprehensive preparedness for the whole family. For large volume orders, feel free to contact us for possible discounts or better shipping rates! This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser.
Preparing for disasters can mean the difference between life and death, but putting together plans and kits can be overwhelming. Most relief agencies recommend people put together a 72 hour emergency kit – enough food, water, and medical supplies to keep each person in a household supplied for three days. This 2 page list from PG Ward includes visuals on what you should include in your 72 hour kit as well as lists for additional things you should include in a car kit, a child kit, and a pet kit. While not exactly a printable, Top Spec US has put together a nice, simple graphic showing what to pack in a bug out bag.
Urban survival gear emergency preparedness urban survival life - Equipped to survive® is the most comprehensive online resource for independent reviews of survival equipment and outdoors gear, as well as survival and search andMy passion our mission.
Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! You know, as I sit down to write my 500th article about preparedness, I stop and look at the recent entries and realize that it’s been a LONG time since I got back to the beginning, to the core of the most basic foundation of self-reliance.
Some might be surprised to hear that my idea of preparedness doesn’t even acknowledge the word “emergency.” Instead, I look at preparedness as a state of independence and effort to be independent of providing for myself, my family, and those others I love in the event we’re in the path of one of Life’s Curveballs. Independence—being able to rely on one’s own resources rather than grovel at the mercy and circumstances of others. Perhaps it’s a mental or emotional coping system that causes us to hope that honor will direct the actions of the persons who are responsible for stabilizing our nation’s currency. Heart disease and cancer are no longer the most common killers of this nation; medical malpractice is.
How many have become homeless through no financial dereliction of their own—instead becoming punching bags for greed-filled corporate executives or a justice system that fell asleep at the wheel? We’ve seen firsthand that the sun doesn’t always shine like we need it, and the heavens don’t always open as we need them in order for abundant and healthy crops to grow.
How many of us have had our financial security compromised because someone in authority paid little or no regard to the sanctity of our privacy and safety? Have we not seen that even the most rehearsed and seasoned of aid-workers are no match for the wrath of Mother Nature or a determined enemy of our nation?
Ask any parent who’s witnessed their child suffer inexplicably as the result of an “approved vaccination” or an errant prescription whether they will remain silent and apathetic with the advice of medical officials again?
Even our nation’s military is not beyond reproach; periodically manifesting that despite best efforts, some will fail to uphold their honor and remain true to their responsibility.
While it may seem daunting to even begin to think of how one can protect him or  herself from all of these vulnerabilities, experience has taught me that there is much that an individual can do to ensure they always have a “Plan B.”  While I believe that each of these instances might give cause for fear and concern in some, I have to say that to me they are teaching moments. What lies around the corner that has the potential to threaten the solidarity of our family? The list of circumstances is agonizing to consider but so compelling to understand that "stuff happens". Teresa - the most important thing to remember is that the family is the most important thing.
For those of us who have friends and acquaintances in circumstances similar to Teresa's, this is a mighty wake up call to look for ways to serve and share. Well written Kelleen, the only thing I would add is that even though we don't all have the same religious, political beliefs, economic back grounds.

Please note that the name you use in the "Name" field above will be the name displayed on your comment. A 4-person, 72-hour survival kit packaged in a durable nylon backpack and designed for the car. With our money-back guarantee, you can rest assured that you have purchased the most reliable survival kit on the market. You need to keep a survival kit in your car in case you are on the road when a disaster strikes. ER™ Car Survival Kits are designed to contain everything your family needs to survive for 3 days when forced into an emergency disaster situation on the road. Mom of 10 offers tips for raising children, saving money, homeschooling and living a Christian life.
Having been through our own emergency, when Tawny, from Tawny’s Thriving Home offered to guest post on emergency preparedness, I thought it was a great idea.
Since you do not know where you will be when an emergency occurs, prepare supplies for home, work, and vehicles. Your disaster supplies kit should contain essential food, water, and supplies for at least three days.Keep this kit in a desig­nated place and have it ready in case you have to leave your home quickly.
This kit should be in one container, and ready to “grab and go” in case you are evacuated from your workplace.Make sure you have food and water in the kit. In case you are strand­ed, keep a kit of emer­gency supplies in your car.This kit should contain food, water, first aid supplies, flares, jumper cables, and seasonal supplies. During many events (Hurricane Sandy comes to mind) it can take much more time for Aid groups to respond. You may also want to have the option to NOT rely on FEMA and other government organizations.
We lost electricity power in our area 5 times last year, so we are quite prepared for that. Derica Rice, Lilly executive vice president, global services and chief financial officer, commented on the company’s mid term financial guidance through 2014.
Dissenting comments are welcome only in the spirit of "iron sharpening iron"; hateful or angry responses will be removed at my discretion. Affiliate Disclaimer: As required by the FTC, this is to let you know if you buy something as a result of clicking through any of the links within this site, I may be paid money as part of an affiliate program.
Packed into our sturdiest bag with room from shoes, medication, and other individual households need, nothing else comes close to the readiness of the 4 Person Kit. Those are simply activities that in which someone might be engaged as a result of their convictions of preparedness. They teach me where I may be too complacent, or too naive in my expectations of organizations and even humans with the best of intentions. This survival kit contains the most critical emergency preparedness supplies including the emergency food, water, lighting, radio, first-aid, sanitation, and shelter supplies to prepare for any disaster. If you find a kit of equal or greater value advertised for less, we will refund you the difference.
With our government going in more in debt by the day, our family likes to talk about practical strategies in the case of a real economic crisis. FEMA recommends your plan include Family meeting places, emergency contacts and phone numbers, first-aid, care of pets, safely shutting off utilities and emergency preparedness in your day-to-day activities such as daycare, school, and work environments.
Make sure all family members know where the kit is kept.Additionally, you may want to consider having supplies for sheltering for up to two weeks. Also, be sure to have com­fortable walking shoes at your workplace in case an evacuation requires walking long distances.

In this case, you will likely want to start building up some food storage and other preparedness supplies. If possible, have emergency kits in your church to be used by members or as a charity in the event of a local emergency. With a whopping 60 antiseptic Towelettes, individually wrapped food and water, and the most comprehensive First Aid of any Grab-N-Go Kit available, this kit can either be used to sustain a family of four for three days or to sustain a smaller number of people for four, six, or even twelve days of self-sufficiency.
But when we find ourselves watching the months and then the years go by without finding gainful employment after unexpectedly being ousted from a job of 20 years, the feelings of despair color our lives in a very real sense; yet would anyone call this scenario an “emergency?”  As the victims of corporate tom-foolery, the unemployed person may find himself numbingly working his way through the third garage sale in a month, ridding himself of all that he’s held dear just to keep a roof over his family's head and food on the table, does anyone label this mournful moment an “emergency?” And yet, these are the very type of real-life circumstances for which I believe we should all try to be prepared. Likewise, do we not somewhat blindly rely on our employers to wisely spend, invest, and direct the company for which we work so that we can meet our own financial obligations?
As such they indicate to me that there is room for my proactive self-reliant approach to help ensure that no guilt, regret, “shoulda, woulda, shoulda” clouds my life.  As such, it’s my intent to prepare for the worst as best that I can—now, in a time of relative comfort and peace—and pray for the best.
It is really hard to remember, when you up to your butt in aligators, the idea was to just drain the swamp. Keep with it it will be nasty, tough but I hope you will come out of this fire stronger and better. You may be forced to travel great distances and endure extreme weather conditions as you walk to a safe location or to meet up with loved ones. Each family member needs to know where fire extinguishers are located, how to use an extinguisher, how to get out of the house in various situations, how to reach the fire department, and where to meet up.
Have an emergency kit in your vehicles, your home, your office, and a mini-kit with your children at school. Be informed on the possible emergencies in your area and what you can do to minimize the impact. My mom did a great job at making sure we knew from a young age what to do in all sorts of emergency situations.
It can be very simple,containing the bare essentials, or it can be very detailed containing all sorts of survival tools and essentials. And their website is full of useful information, But my family personally believes aid is best handles by the community and other volunteer organizations. We complacently expect the value of our home to keep pace with the rising prices so that we can relocate if need be. I personally hold to the philosophy that if my family must stand inline for basics such as food and water, I have failed to adequately prepare us. We would rarely think to second-guess the emergency room doctor’s care—it’s just got to be accurate.
We are at the mercy of the faithful preparations our nation’s military has undergone that we might be protected from enemies, foreign and domestic.  We expect privacy and security in our homes and the lives of our family.
Some people can't imagine the fights that are hard to avoid when resources run out, and that between two people who love each other and are committed to the future! And we trust that the food we purchase from the store is of reasonable quality at a reasonable cost.  And yet in all of these instances are we not truly vulnerable?
Sometimes when there is this much frustration and stress we strike out at the people we love the most.
The best advice I can give is pray to God to put his arm around your shoulder and His hand over your mouth.

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