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The perfect retrofit kit for 2D fittings in stairways, corridors this twin output LED lamp provides functional illumination equivalent to a 38 watt 2D CFL Lamp on mains and a reduced output on Emergency, from the intergral lithium battery.
Physics Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for active researchers, academics and students of physics. For a typical flourescent light available in the United States on a a standard 120V 60Hz line, is there information available on the decay time of the light?
The common household circuit lighting up a tube usually has a large transformer with a big magnetic field to step up the voltage and resonate the gas to force the plates to conduct through the ionized gas and light up. For comparison here is an 120V 60Hz ballast design and you'll see there are similar issues.
If you want to look at just the gas decay rate then you might have to excite it with a laser for more precise measurements.

Where $k_f$ is the rate of fluorescence, $k_i$ the rate of internal conversion and vibrational relaxation, $k_x$ the rate of intersystem crossing, $k_{ET}$ the rate of inter-molecular energy transfer and $k_{nr}$ is the sum of rates of radiationless de-excitation pathways.
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This LED downlight is ideal for anywhere in which emergency lighting is required, including retail spaces, office and corridors. This downlight uses a NiMH battery pack to provide a 3 hour duration of emergency lighting should the power be cut and requires 24 hours to fully charge.

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