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When I first saw the Peepoo bag I thought it was a joke, but after reading about it I realized it's quite a novel idea. We have the technology to solve this problem, we have for ages, but the problem is that traditional wastewater treatment and sanitation systems are very expensive and difficult to install. The Peepoo bag is a long thin bag (14 x 38 cm) with a guaze liner, and coated on the inside by a thin film of Urea. The Peepoo bags are biodegradable (currently made from 45% renewable materials but they aim to up that to 100%), and when the bags degrade in the soil, the ammonia byproduct acts as a harmless fertiliser taken up by the plants.
An added benefit is that the Peepoo bags provide a sanitation while conserving one of their most valuable resources, water. Energy and Environment News RoA daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. Most snakes in Colorado are not poisonous but look up the list of venomous snakes snakes in Colorado and you will note they all have one thing in common. Be blessed and like us on Facebook for more valuable and potentially life saving information. We have been using Duty Free for about a year now and have been very happy with the service. We have been using this service since spring 2014 and have been pleased with the reliable service and convenient days and times they come.
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Prevents spread of disease with no spills, splashbacks, or waste contact — the bag comes complete complete with toilet paper and hand sanitizer.
This kit controls odors, traps and encapsulates, and breaks down waste with a NASA-developed gelling agent.

I couldna€™t focus on anything else but the bag, and I cringed and recoiled at the feeling of touch on my body,' she says.Sara's ostomy was only temporary, and she now uses a J-pouch, which is a surgically implanted pouch that sits where the rectum would normally be so that she can control when she goes to the bathroom. You can do all sorts of things with an ostomy like go swimming, participate in sports and fitness and lead a really fun and active lifeA She concludes her piece by asking readers not to 'judge' anyone who has had an ostomy because it is a necessary - and sometimes life-saving - medical procedure that was not their choice.
However, there are some areas to avoid if you are trying to reduce your likelihood of seeing rattlers.
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As a busy pet owner I would rather spend my time playing with my dog instead of cleaning up after him. They communicate well if there is a missed meeting or reschedule and they do a great job at a really reasonable rate.
F Energy and Environment News RoA daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world. By taking small steps you can start to incorporate eco-friendly options into your life that will both reduce your impact on the earth and improve the quality of your life. The four types of rattlesnakes in Colorado are the prairie, midget faded, massasauga, and western diamondback.
For most this is impossible because what is the fun of being outdoors on your favorite hike with your dog on a leash? We feature sustainable products, ideas and news to help you to help you on your journey to a greener lifestyle.
Venomous snake bites can kill your pet, destroy its skin and muscle, and can cause permanent damage to the liver, kidney, heart, neurological, and joints costing thousands of dollars in professional care. I know whether you are the avid outdoorsy type or just the weekend hiker this is Colorado and these areas are everywhere.
Remember, if your dog senses fear most dogs will switch into resource guarding mode and try to protect you from the snake.

If your activities bring you and your dog out to snake country frequently it may be beneficial to invest in a snake bite vaccination kit. But if you stay on wide paths and in shorter grass areas you are more likely to see a snake sunning itself at a safe distance before a possibly deadly encounter. Often, when a dog is in this mode they are hard to control as their natural instinct tells them to protect you at all costs. If you are not by your home, car, and cannot carry your pet out let them walk slowly and calmly to your destination.
Snakes bask in the sun whether that is on rocks, trails, and other warm areas to raise their blood temperature. If there is a field with tall grass keep your dogs out as it is harder for them to see the snake before it is too late. Snakebite suction kits generally will not work effectively as the fur on the skin prevents a suction from being made and also waste valuable time.
Avoid baby rattlesnakes while adult snakes tend to avoid striking and often reserve their venom baby snakes will generally strike and drop their venom. If they are paying to much attention to an area or continues to jump back they may be an encounter with a snake. If you have Benedryl administer it this will lower the swelling but remember a small dog needs less than a child’s dose.

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