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Changing my ileostomy, if you have any questions post below and I'll do my best to answer them!
Some people with a descending or sigmoid colostomy are able to irrigate, which allows them to regulate their bowel movements by emptying their colon on a scheduled routine.
Colostomy surgery and ileostomy surgery introduce changes to the body by diverting the fecal stream. This video demonstrates a Colostomy Take Down with Laparoscopic EEA Colo Rectal Anastomosis. A Colostomy is a surgical procedure that connects the large intestine to an incision on the abdomen. Any third party products, brands or trademarks listed above are the sole property of their respective owner.No affiliation or endorsement is intended or implied. Your health care provider showed you how to change your pouch in the hospital soon after your surgery. Starting at the upper edge of the skin barrier, carefully push the skin away from the barrier with one hand.
If using a pouch with a clamp at the base, it may be easier to apply the clamp to the pouch first.

The aim of the case study is to show how to manage a stoma near by an open abdominal fistula, not only successfully, but also cost-effectively.
MethodThis was the point when we called for help – the Eakin extra large fistula managing pouch with bung closure and access window for horizontal fistulas up to 245 x 160mm.
Her treatment continued on the ICU where she developed paralyticus ileus after some days, resulting from the perforation of ileum, thus bowel resection was done on the 6th day of the treatment.
The upper fistula was stuffed with Kaltostat Cavity calcium-alginate ribbon dressing, in this case the hyrdocolloid adhesive surface of the wound managing pouch played the role of a secondary dressing. As these devices are expensive, hospitals can not afford to purchase them and for the patients they are unreachable, as well.
On the second day after the surgery, heavy bleeding started from the digestive system which resulted in a right-sided hemicolectomy with jejuno-transversostomy on the 11th day of the treatment (on the 4th post-surgery day).On the surgery department on the 22nd day of the treatment, 11 days after the second operation an inadequacy of the seam occurred on the site of the first surgery, so another operation was necessary, leading to the creation of a transversostoma.
Medical reforms nowadays also add to the difficult situation of both the hospitals and the patients. Then partial splits appeared on the fistulas, which made it extremely difficult to apply an ostomy pouch and provide a secure adhesion to the skin. Owing to the application and use of the fistula managing pouch, the skin started to heal in 4 days time and fistula healing started in a good pace.

With the above indicated table I would like to make it visible why it is more economical to use a seemingly more expensive device rather than a traditional one.ConclusionThe fistula healing lasted 2 months. The upper fistula had a size of 20 times 8cms, approximately 2cms in depth, in the case of the lower fistula the output of the stoma flowed from the place of the seams as well. It is simple to use wound managing pouches, with the help of the samples enveloped with the pouches it is easy to cut an appropriate size of the area in question. We used the pouch with access window which promoted the appropriate cleaning of exposed skin areas and the application of skin protection products.
In the beginning bung closure enabled easy emptying of the pouch, even when there was a bigger quantity of stomal output.

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