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Remember that in cases when you know the problem is minor, it's best to contact your child's doctor, go to an urgent care center, or handle it at home. Sometimes an injury or an illness isn't life threatening but needs medical attention on the same day. Urgent care centers usually allow you to walk in without an appointment, just as you would in an ER. Most of these clinics offer extended hours on evenings and on weekends for patients to receive treatment when the family doctor is not available.
The doctors who work at freestanding urgent care centers often are ER doctors or family physicians who focus on treating adult and pediatric diseases. Find out about the urgent care centers near you — before a situation comes up where you need to go to one. Talk with your doctor before your child gets sick about how to handle emergencies and ask about the doctor's policy on addressing medical needs outside of office hours. ID On Me Medical ID Bracelets are a comfortable, convenient, water resistent product containing emergency identification, medical and family contact information.
The unique design of the ID On Me Medical ID makes family contact, medical conditions, allergies, and other vital information available without delay and critical medical decisions can be made in an emergency situation. Many Medical ID users prefer the ID On Me to traditional engraved bracelets or tags to communicate their medical conditions.

In some cases, you will know that you need to head straight to the emergency room (ER) at the nearest hospital.
Many minor injuries and illnesses, including some cuts, certain types of rashes, coughs, colds, scrapes, and bruises, can be handled with home care and over-the-counter (OTC) treatments. An urgent care center can be a good option for non-emergencies at night and on weekends when your doctor may not be in the office. Some situations are so serious that you need the help of trained medical personnel on the way to the hospital. You don't want to rush to the ER if it isn't really an emergency and can wait until a doctor's appointment. ERs can be crowded and it can take a long time for minor problems to be treated.continueShould I Go to the ER?
Even if the doctor isn't available, the office nurse can talk with you and determine whether you should go to the ER.
If that's the case, and your doctor doesn't have office hours at the time, consider going to an urgent care center. In other cases, it's harder to determine whether an injury or illness needs the attention of a medical professional or can be treated at home. At these centers, you can usually get things like X-rays, stitches, and care for minor injuries that aren't life threatening yet require medical attention on the same day.

These might include if your child: has been in a car accident, has a head or neck injury, has ingested too much medication and is now hard to rouse, or is not breathing or is turning blue. On the other hand, you don't want to hesitate to get medical attention if your child needs treatment right away.
Patients usually will be seen by a doctor and also might be able to get X-rays or blood drawn. The ERs in many children's hospitals have special sections similar to an urgent care center for treatment of minor injuries and illnesses. In general, you should find a clinic that meets the state licensing requirements and is staffed by doctors who are board certified in their specialties, such as pediatrics, family medicine, or emergency medicine.
Complete emergency information is immediately available without engraving, 800 numbers, computer scans or membership fees and can be changed whenever info changes. Seniors and their families may also feel more secure with vital medical and contact information conveniently at hand.

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