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The big day is slowly approaching – the day when you and your soul mate say “I do” and start your new life together as husband and wife. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
This past weekend I headed out of town to celebrate my soon to be sister-in-law’s bridal shower and bachelorette party. I boxed everything up in a little tub which I of course had to customize with a little vinyl.
I know this is a couple months old, but the only thing I’ve experienced that was needed that isn’t on this list is white-out!
I would add dramamine for nausea and motion sickness and neosporin for minor cuts n scrapes.
If you need to hold up strapless gowns or keep parts tucked where they are supposed to stay, use carpet tape, not Hollywood tape.
I would add extra pair of underwear just in case your cycle becomes heavy unexpectedly and messes up the current pair your wearing and feminine wipes just to always feel fresh even in crunch time. From mouthwash to makeup remover, these personal hygiene items are essential to have in your wedding day emergency kit so that you can fight bad breath and zits and tame flyaways and running makeup.
You are the star of the day and ideally being the center of attention only brings positivity to your day. When gathering items for your wedding day emergency kit, be sure to include anything that you know you will need, like an epi pen or any other medications you routinely rely on. Hopefully this means that no matter what might be thrown at us the day of the wedding, we can handle it.

I knew this bride would have plenty of mirrors so it wasn’t an issue, but in the case where that’s not an option a hand mirror would be great! You can use them for the obvious, but you can also use them as insoles in shoes that are too large.
This wedding took place with snow on the ground so luckily no bugs or sunshine were a problem!
Luckily they got married in the winter with snow on the ground…so no need for allergy worries!!!
If they still make those serious pads in individual hygenic plastic wraps, they might come in handy in an emergency.
Make sure you cover all the bases so that you’re ready for anything that comes your way. However, headaches and other unforeseen medical mini-emergencies like blisters and minor cuts can occur without any warning and you’ll want to be prepared to get rid of them in a snap. Your hairstylist and makeup artist have made you look like the beautiful princess that you are, but 12+ hours on your wedding day can cause your hair and makeup to slowly slip.
Initially, your maid of honor or bridesmaid may think it’s a little odd when they open up your emergency kit to discover these items, but on a day like your wedding day you definitely want to be prepared for any kind of unexpected situation. So, as the bride or the helpful bridesmaid, be prepared even for those accidents, with the help of these Top 10 wedding emergency kits. When it came time to decide what I wanted to give as a gift at the shower I decided that my Wedding Day Emergency Kit was a must.
I created A Diamond in the Stuff to share my creative ideas and gain some inspiration along the way.

These things may present a mild roadblock on your otherwise perfect wedding day, so it’s a good idea to prepare a wedding day emergency kit filled with items that will help you take care of these unplanned emergencies in a snap. Be prepared to retouch anything that needs to be retouched and pin down anything that needs to be pinned with these items.
For example, if you don’t wear lipstick but will use lip gloss on your big day, throw in a tube of your favorite lip gloss as a backup. We all know men don’t think about these things, and I want to make sure all the guys have everything they might need the day of too. Delegate your maid of honor or someone else important to be in charge of the emergency kit on your wedding day. You never know when a zipper will fail, a heal will break, something gets spilled, or someone forgot deodorant! Another use for these little wonders is as dress shields to keep perspiration from soaking through your sleeve. Nothing more uncomfortabl than a rip in your hose rubbing its way into a blister on your big toe.
When creating your emergency kit, ask those who are close to you and will be there for you on your wedding day what they think you’re missing and ask them to put it into the kit. Also, I used this tip when one of my preschoolers got a bloody nose while wearing a white dress.

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