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Nowadays prepping isn’t just a trending hot topic but a reality that many people are starting to put time and energy into. If you are interested in survival techniques and being prepared for natural disasters, you are probably already aware that you should have a 3-day supply of items in your home that will help see you through the worst. That’s all well and good, but what happens in a situation where your home is right in the line of fire or you are asked to evacuate? Essentially, a bug out bag is a pack that is filled with all the essentials that you need to see you through a 72-hour period.
At this point you are probably wondering what types of items should be in your bug out bag, but it’s actually quite a tricky question to answer. You also need to take time to think about the specific types of disaster that are possible in your area, as that too can have an impact on what goes in the bag. There are a couple of different approaches you can take when putting together your own bug out bag. This project is a fun new trend we’ve been seeing lately, the Bridesmaid Survival Kit. As with all our DIY tutorials, if you create one of our projects please send us a picture or a trackback a€“ We Love Seeing Your Creativity! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Everyone should have an urban survival kit- even if they don’t believe that the world as we know it is going to end soon.
You should include flashlights and a radio which can run on batteries in your urban survival kit. Towelettes, personal hygiene items, paper towels, hand sanitizers and disinfectants should be in your urban survival kit. If you have a baby or a toddler, make sure you have the supplies needed by this young person. There are some miscellaneous items that are also good to have in a survival kit: duct tape, multi-tool scissors, a can opener, a good knife and a dust mask (a gas mask would be better but then that would make you a pepper). Probably the most important aspect of an urban survival kit is your mindset.  You need to have the mental strength necessary to live!
When disaster strikes you do need some things to survive and these things are often not difficult to gather. You can get a dust mask from a regular hardware, just ask for a mask that will protect you while you are sanding and painting your walls.
An urban survival kit is a good thing to collect and keep on hand because when disasters happen, having one could mean the difference between life and death.
Sold in a case of 144 These food bars maximize the physiological efficiency of water usage by including low sodium levels.
This filtration bottle is great for emergencies or to just take with you to enjoy fresh water anywhere!
Emergency Survival Kit Information: This survival kit was designed using advice from experts in the emergency preparedness industry.

A reusable canvas shopping bag is a great way to store your welcome gifts – not only are they useful and kind to the environment, you can also get them personalised to reflect your theme or to include the name of each guest. It’s a good idea to let guests know the order of play for your ceremony and reception.
Tissues, lip balm, mints, plasters and painkillers will all come in handy during the course of the day.
Take time a few days before your wedding day to write a quick thank you note to pop in the bag.
The morning of your wedding is most going likely to be a bit stressful, very exciting and mainly hassle-free. For more information about us and what we do, or to arrange a booking, call Hazel on 07841159818. We figure that you value your time like most people, so prepping the right way the first time is extremely important.
You will still want to have a 72-hour stash of supplies, albeit in a scaled down version from what you might have in the basement of your home. If that number seems a little random, it really isn’t, as that is the amount of time that the government believes would be required to get utilities and other services back on the grid after a natural disaster of some kind. There are of course essentials such as food, water, clean clothing, and first aid items that are an absolute must, but there are also things that would be unique to your situation.
Someone that lives in California and has earthquakes to deal with may have a different set of criteria than someone sitting smack bang in the middle of tornado alley. You can very easily purchase a bag that comes fully loaded with everything that you might need, after which you can add items as needed. Store it in a place where it won’t be blocked by furniture or difficult to get out in the extreme case that damage has affected your residence.
Today officially marks my 3 year anniversary of making, shooting and writing DIY tutorials.
Make and give your bridesmaids a sweet gift box full of inexpensive items that will help them personally survive your long and wonderful wedding day. Keep all your girls informed of the days activities and your timeline by including this important information inside the box… also include helpful phone numbers for them to have, just in case. Everyday we share new and unique wedding inspiration that is carefully curated for the DIY bride. Here are our guidelines: 1-2 images in their original format may be used with a direct link provided that full and clear credit is given to Something Turquoise along with the credited photographer and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. An affiliate link means that we may receive a commission on sales of some of the products that are linked in our posts; it costs you nothing and we are rewarded for the introduction. This collection of emergency items need not include guns, grenades and bullet proof vests but they should be sufficient to meet your survival needs for at least three to five days. Each person needs about a liter of water daily so you need to have five liters of water if you intend to be ready for five days of isolation. The assumption here is that it is not yet Armageddon or the Crunch so there won’t be electricity but your phones will still work.

Again these have to be replaced regularly especially if you are storing things for a baby who is less than a year old. For example, for years homeless people have been making makeshift tents out of extra large heavy duty garbage bags so there you have your makeshift shelter material. For a good multi-tool knife, read reviews of knives, check out which one is the best then order one on line.
A miniture alcoholic beverage is also a nice idea – try choosing one that reflects your theme or personality, such as Malibu for tropical-themed affairs or a small bottle of your favourite wine. Some well chosen snacks will help to keep hunger pangs at bay – try nuts, sweets, fun-sized chocolates bars etc.
A small card detailing will help them know what’s happening at what time and where they need to be. You could also include seasonal items such as sunscreen and insect repellent for summertime, and a miniature umbrella and hand warmers for winter. If you’re looking for the perfect Lake District wedding venue, come and take a look at what we offer at New House Farm. Yes, sometimes it’s longer and other times it’s sooner, but generally, 3 days is the recommended amount of time that you should be prepared to be in survival mode. For example, if you take prescription medication or have allergies that need to be taken care of, you would have items in your bag that other people wouldn’t have in theirs. This is why you need to put some time and thought into what items you will place in your bag, as one small little thing may end up being the difference between life and death when you are placed in a survival situation. Ideally it would be no more than 10 feet from where you sleep and easy to pull out and run with. Resources vary on the specific amount you need to store because the Red Cross, for example, suggests a gallon of water per person per day. The best type of food to set aside for this purpose would be canned goods, freeze-dried meals and energy bars.
Remember that there might not be any electricity at all so flashlights and batteries are serious necessities. At that age they outgrow clothes and diapers very quickly so make sure what you store is the right size. You could also tailor items to suit each gender, such as bobby pins and hair ties for the ladies and deodorant wipes and a comb for men.
If doing that, make sure that you are heavy on the essentials and light on comfort items that you can very easily do without for a few days. Your kit should contain good plaster and gauze, wound disinfectant, materials for slings, antibiotic creams, disposable gloves and medicines such as aspirin, antihistamines, the medication you regularly take plus those you seem too need often. Make the bag as easy to carry as possible and put it in a place where you can grab it and go on a moments notice.

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