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Low-profile, lightweight, hooded escape respirators with simple, one-control operation that provides fast, simple escape from IDLH atmospheres. Respirator carriers are made of highly visible, color-coded nylon for quick differentiation.
Hoods are designed to reduce fogging by flowing air directly onto the lens and fit easily over glasses and facial hair. TransAire models provide standard flow air (40 LPM) and come in a choice of 5- or 10-min cylinders. No special storage required – it can withstand temperatures from (-40? to 210?) (-40? to 99?). 13Ft Emergency escape ladder, for two storey buildings, to be used when other exits become blocked or unavailable. Emergency Escape LadderOT0037213Ft Emergency escape ladder, for two storey buildings, to be used when other exits become blocked or unavailable.

Available hoods consist of a urethane version for most industrial applications or a TeflonA® hood for certain chemical environments.
In a nice package, ideal for gift Description:A peace of mind safety tool for escaping your vehicle in case of emergency First of all, we hope that you will never never need to use this tool. Coast Guard Approved No Oxygen Transfer (In other words, no chance of bacterial contamination).
Both TransAire and Custom Air V come complete with cylinder, carrier, hood tube and hood assembly. But imagine you or your love one get trapped in a vehicle under water or fire, the powered windows are not functioning, or the seat belt cannot be released. A high-density, polyethylene carrying case is available, as well as single-unit and 2-unit ABS plastic, wall-mounted storage cases. With a tiny fraction of your auto insurance, it can make a big difference between life and death.

Our product is in high quality but our price is less than many similar products on the market. But if for any reason you are not satisfied with the item, simply return it for a full refund or exchange. For easy accessibility, please unwrap the package and place the hammer to a convenient location of your car. Consult a certified technician before using screws to install this hammer as it may damage your vehicle's electrical wiring.

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